Florida Tampa City Council Still Trying to Ban Guns at RNC

Florida Tampa City Council Still Trying to Ban Guns at RNC

Florida Tampa City Council Still Trying to Ban Guns at RNC

Having been rebuffed by Gov. Scott, Tampa is now appealing directly to Congress and the Secret Service to get a federal crackdown on gun possession near the convention.

Currently the Secret Service has a security perimeter around the immediate convention venue where weapons are prohibited except for on-duty law enforcement.  The city is urging the Secret Service to expand the perimeter to include the entire Event Zone, including downtown, Ybor City, Hyde Park and the northern tip of Harbour Island.

The Event Zone restricts people from carrying everything from gas masks to rope to water pistols. But state law prohibits local governments from regulating concealed weapons, a rule that has opened the city to national ridicule.

“It’s almost unnerving that the Legislature and governor have put us in this position,” Capin said.

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  • Abctrucksales

    I have always been deadly scared of all the law obiding citizens carrying guns by events.

    • xxx

      learn to spell before you comment on anything you do not know what your talking about

  • Jcmoffitt

    Law abiding citizens are people who carry concealed weapons (with a permit) for their personal protection.  The people you need to be afraid of are nut jobs that carry weapons and have no regard for the law or the sanctity of life.  Guns do not kill people, idiots kill people.  

    • AKgunguy

      I realize my reply is quite “after the fact”, but I can’t help but respond to your post.
      “Law abiding citizens are people who carry concealed weapons (with a permit)”
      Maybe I’m reading into this a bit too far, but it seems to me you’re saying that to carry a concealed firearm, one should be required to go through a permitting process.
      I absolutley disagree with that notion. I live in the Last Frontier, where anyhone (who is legally allowed to possess firearms) is leagally allowed to carry concealed without any Permit. When I read your words, it’s like you think a CCW permit is all that and a bag of chips.
      I and many others view a CCW Permit more like a permission slip. This is a really offensive idea in that the firearm is nothing more than property, right. Well that being said, if it’s my property, why would I ask Govt (at any level) for permission to do with my property whatever I want. Now, before you go thinking I am some crazed wonder, please stop and consider what I am saying. Understand also that the 2nd Amendment clearly states, “shall not be infringed”. I license or pernitt is 100% an infringement of my right to keep and bare arms.
      Also take note that my excersize of 2nd Amend Right to arms is voided when I use that firearm to violate anothers Rights in any way.
      The idea of a permit is just another Govt control system, and sadly many Americans
      have bought into them as some kind of qualification. They are not! the practical shooting requirements of an alarmingly high % of state CCW classes is pitiful.
      I regularly attend firearms training, DEF Handgun 1,2, & 3, In home defense
      Low light fighting, and many others, the training I receive in those classes is much more valuable than any CCW Class, which by the way I have gone through two of those. One very good, one pretty lousy.
      “A well regulated militia, being necessary to a free state, The Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall Not be infringed.”
      When Americans understand what is there for them to read and defend we will then and only then once again be a nation of Free People.

  • talgus

    law abiding citizens are scary to Politicians.  The Founders knew this.  Time to undo the Political class and get into congress ordinary citizens.

  • Pmb61

    WAIT!! What would happen if some crazy person goes on a rant and the person who goes to stop it normally carries but is now defenseless? Sorry , never mind it happened in Az but the citizen was armed.

  • @Pmb61 I think the same thing every time I fly, oh and every day I go to work on a military post and i’m reminded that firearms are prohibited, and then I think about what happened at Ft. Hood and think to myself: gee… how many lives would have been saved if there had been another soldier carrying that day, instead of having to wait for the MP’s to get there?? The government likes to place restrictions on where we can carry and even what we can carry, without realizing that those who wish to do harm to others don’t care about the governments “rules”, they’re going to carry and shoot who they want and since our hands are tied we can’t do anything about it!