Illinous State Representative Mike Bost Urges Petition Support

Illinous State Representative Mike Bost Urges Petition Support

Illinous State Representative Mike Bost Urges Petition Support

Pro-gun IL senators and representatives continue to push for concealed carry in the last no-carry-whatsoever state left standing.  State Representative Mike Bost is urging citizens to sign a petition supporting the passage of HB 148 which would legalize concealed carry in the state.

Cook county area legislators, principally, have held off the rest of the state in passing the measure.  It does seem like only a matter of time before it gets passed.

“There has never been a better time to get conceal carry legislation on the books in Illinois.  I am hoping we can garner enough signatures to get the attention of leaders from the Chicago area to get a vote this spring,” said Bost.

Some counties, most recently Adams, have passed non-binding measures legalizing concealed carry in their counties.

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  • Jurisdictions like Illinois State, New York City, etc. that for all practical purposes don’t want anyone carrying a firearm “period”, should absolutely be petitioned directly by the citizens for change.  I’m glad there are “some” pro gun politicians to support our causes, but sadly there are just too few of them.

    I’ve personally given up on getting most of the worthless politicians to support such measures. It’s getting to the point in this country where the people themselves are simply going to have to take back our nation from the very politicians we elected to support what we value.   The very people we elected to preserve our rights are the very same people who are taking them!

  • tionico

    Does Illinois have a Citizen’s Initiative process? If so, why hasn’t someone put it to the use for which it was established? Never mind the stubborn and stupid “representatives”. Time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand your ground and get this dealt with. Rahm Emmanuel and his ilk need to be trumped.

  • HTS

    And how exactlly are u gonna take back ur rights…by walking around with guns and having people shot…or are u just gonna start shooting every politician that takes ur rights away…what does the USA of the 21st century gonna represent with that…except of a great anarchism followed by guns…u give guns to the desperate people, and u think they won’t get criminals….doesn’t sound again like a plan…Democracy gave u the power to elect the best for u, and ur family…but u can’t represent it with guns, or with murders…Go beat them up, idc….but becoming a killer of someone that has a family of his own (not talking only about politicians) is not a plan!

    • NO! By Voting them out! Duh