Florida Woman Threatens to Shoot Everyone After CCW Permit is Denied

Florida Woman Threatens to Shoot Everyone After CCW Permit is Denied

We all know that stories that start with, “A Florida man…” will be pretty interesting. Well, this one starts off with:

A Florida woman, Carole Prevost, threatened to shoot everyone at the Florida Department of Agriculture. Why? Well, they are the issuing authority for Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm Licenses, and Prevost has just learned that they denied her application and would not be receiving a refund.

“During the call, officers with the Florida Department of Agriculture were told Cesaire became “angered and stated she was going to shoot the DOL employee she was speaking to.” Documents say she also stated she was going to “shoot everyone at the office.” via WTLX.

Prevost clearly didn’t read our article, What To Do If Your Concealed Carry Permit Application Is Denied. The one thing you shouldn’t do is threaten to shoot everyone at the office.

Another thing you might want to do is actually read the guidelines and application before you apply. Florida even has a section that is clear as day with the statutes and how to determine if you are eligible.

Florida Concealed Carry Perimt: Before You Buy
Screenshot from Florida’s CCW Website

I’m pretty sure it asks these questions on the actual application as well, which she obviously overlooked. I can’t confirm that as I am getting a maintenance notice when I try to view their application. I’ll update this article once I am able to confirm.

It was reported that she was also upset over the fact that she would not be receiving a refund. This is usually stated on the application or during the application process itself. She even told one employee, “you will die before I lose my money.”

Well, how did that work out for you?

As of this past Wednesday, she is being held without bond on a threat to bomb or use explosive charge.

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