Georgia Woman Shoots Home Invader

Georgia Woman Shoots Home Invader
Georgia Woman Shoots Home Invader

The crying woman told a 911 operator she “shot him as much as I could” and moments later police found her would-be attacker dead in the backyard of her Gwinnett County home.

Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Dept. Gwinnett authorities say Israel Perez Puentes, 34, was killed when he entered a Duluth home and tried to sexually assault a woman.

The woman was getting out of the shower when 34-year-old Israel Perez Puentes, armed with a knife, dragged her to the bedroom where he planned to rape her, police said. Her fear was evident in the recording of her call for help – obtained by AM 750 and now 95.5FM News/Talk WSB.
“I was in the shower and the lights cut out in my house,” the sobbing woman said moments after she shot and killed Puentes  on May 11.“This man came at me with a hood on. And he had a knife in his hand.”  He forced her into her bedroom, she later told police, and that is where she retrieved her gun.

“I shot him as much as I could,” said the woman. “I shot him with a .22 but he just kept running.

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