What Gun Makes the Best Gift?

What Gun Makes the Best Gift?
What Gun Makes the Best Gift?
What Gun Makes the Best Gift?
What Gun Makes the Best Gift?

After Thanksgiving, millions of Americans will participate in the mad rush of Black Friday. I’ll be buying stuff online… There’s not a chance you’ll find me out at the stores waiting in those crazy long lines.

If you’re lucky, one of the items you’ll be buying this Christmas season is a gun for a loved one, or for yourself. (I had a friend over this weekend show me the newest gun he bought his wife… his wife sure owns a lot of guns.)

If you’re getting a new gun for yourself or a loved one, the questions that always come up are, “What gun is best for me as a new shooter?” Or, “What gun would be best for my daughter who just got her first apartment and is living alone?”

Well… if you get on the internet to try and find the best gun you’ll no doubt come across forum after forum about why “Glock’s suck” or “why 1911’s are the worst concealed carry gun” or why “Ruger is the only gun to buy.”

My point is, people love to debate which gun is the best and they’ll be doing it until the end of time.

The thing to remember is that all of us are different, with different heights, and different sized hands, which is why folks like all different types of handguns. And, if you’re a gun guy like me, you probably own several guns and just feel like carrying different guns at different times.

For instance, over the years I’ve carried a 1911, Glock 19, Sig Sauer P226, Ruger LCP, Smith & Wesson M&P, Smith & Wesson snubby Revolver… and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a gun or two.

But, the bottom line is, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you MUST carry a 1911 or MUST carry a Glock. Go to the shooting range and try several different guns and find the gun that works best for you. Pay no mind to what your friends say or what the gun store guy says because you’re the one who’s going to use it.

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Sig Sauer P365 9mm Pistol 12 Rd RTT Tacpac, Coyote

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Smith & Wesson M&p Shield Ez 9mm Pistol With Manual Safety, Black - 12436

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm Pistol With Manual Safety, Black

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3 Pack Of Blem Psa Stealth Ar-15 Lowers

3 Pack Of BLEM PSA Stealth AR-15 Lowers

These forged lowers are quality made using material is 7075-T6 and are marked "CAL MULTI" to accommodate most builds. The finish is Black Hardcoat Anodize per MIL-8625 Type 3 class 2.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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james lagnese

Why? Are you buying?


My friend i love you to death and i love the 2nd Amendment but i must caution there are libs out there that would say buying a gun for a loved one constitutes a straw purchase. Of course i dont subscribe to that but with liberals going totally insane we all must be careful


The best gun for a gift is one that goes bang. It can always be traded for one that is more to your liking.

James Boyles

Don’t presume to know the other persons preferences, take them with you. Let the gunshop owner work with them to eliminate your prejuidices.

Sky Soldier vet

Worthless article. It says nothing.

Van Phillips

Thank you for pointing out the firearm is a personal choice. As I say in my training classes, if you don’t like the gun you won’t practice and then it is better NOT TO HAVE. Find the one right for YOU and then become as familiar with it and its functions as you have your cell phone!


Holiday warning….

There is no such thing as a GIFT of a gun.

The SCOTUS has ruled it is considered a straw purchase and the 4473 that you complete you must answer if you are the intended buyer, blah blah blah…

Buy someone a gun as a gift and you risk going to jail and forever forfeiting your second amendment rights.

Instead… if you know the make and model, get a GIFT CARD for the amount of the purchase. Buy a zippered fabric gun case, place a toy gun and the gift card in the case, wrap it and enjoy their face when you give them the opportunity to go buy their own gun.

Like I said; SCOTUS ruled that buying a gun as a gift is against the law and you can go to jail.


Actually SCOTUS did not rule that. SCOTUS ruled that if your friend or relative gives you money to purchase a gun for him (or her) and you do so that is against the law. On the other hand, if you buy the gun as a gift or buy it and then immediately decide to sell it, both of those acts/transactions are legal. In most cases the former (buying the gun for someone) is going to be almost impossible for the prosecution to prove specifically because the latter acts listed above are legal. In the case that went to SCOTUS, the police were looking at the guy for something unrelated, they came across a record of the “illegal” purchase, and when they couldn’t make the original case they went after him on the “straw purchase”.


give a gift card at a gun shop – let them pick their own.

Army Vet 4444

That would work.


Best gun is the one YOU shoot best. After long search, what best suits me for handling, shooting and being on target almost always is Ruger 9C that is reasonably light, although not all that small but, fits my short fingered, bulky hand very well.


Got pulled over about at 11:00 pm in Pontiac, MI tonight by the State Police. I carry, so the first thing I did after bringing my car to a stop was pull my CPL and License out. Soon as the officer arrived at the window of my car I handed him my CPL and license. Told him I had my pistol in my right pocket and he said your carrying? I said yes it in my right pocket. He then asked for my registration, and insurance and walked back to his car. He came back about 10 minutes later and said you know why I pulled you over and I said yep. I had a tail light out that needs fixing. He said you also did not tell me you had a CPL for about 20 seconds. My children were in the back seat and heard me say I was carrying soon as he came to the car. What a liar. I hope he loses his job because I did what was required and he was being a prick for no reason to me. I have not had a ticket in over 20 years.


Try buying your wife or child a water pistol instead of an AK47. It would be a lot safer and more normal.

Kurt W

The best weapon is a Walther.

Jason Weinfurtner

The best gun is the one you choose yourself!!!

Army Vet 4444

Christmas shopping has been long since over with here. If you are just now starting to shop, you have already waited WAY too long!!!