Galloway Precision LC-9 Trigger Mod Review

Galloway Precision LC-9 Trigger Mod Review
Galloway Precision LC-9 Trigger Mod Review
Galloway Precision LC-9 Trigger Mod Review
Galloway Precision LC-9 Trigger Mod Review

I bought the Ruger LC-9 a couple of years ago. I thought it to be the ideal concealed carry gun for me in the summer. It’s diminutive dimensions and light weight allow me to slip it into my pocket and carry it just about everywhere.

Back in March we published my overall review of the Ruger LC9-CT. You’ll note that I wasn’t very kind about the trigger on this gun. It seems I’m not the only one who thought the trigger was a bit stout. The folks at Galloway Precision set out to remedy this travesty.

Galloway Precision now offers this as a kit, rather than individual parts and will send you the kit to install yourself, or they can install it for you for a fee. I opted to send them my gun and have the pros do it. The part number for the kit, in case you’d like to do it yourself is GP-140-RED. The end of the part number indicates the color of the trigger. They offer it in several different finishes including red, brite, milled, grey and black.


The biggest improvement this kit offers is a 35% shorter swing for the trigger to fire. A side benefit is the removal of the magazine disconnect. Another is a lighter trigger pull. In our review of the original LC-9 the pull came in at 6 pounds even. Our scale came in at 5 pounds 9 ounces measuring the new trigger.


While not entirely a scientific approach, I wanted to take the gun down to the range and just fire it. I wanted to know if it felt any different. In short, it did. The change is noticeable. There is a very short, perhaps ¼” of freeplay and notchy initial pull to the engagement point. From there, the trigger feels even lighter than what it came in at, and it is smooth all the way to the break point. The reset is a little deceptive. Letting the trigger back out, there is a noticeable click about 10% from the bottom. This, however, is not the reset. The actual reset point is about 60% out from the bottom of the swing. Not a big deal, in fact, I didn’t really notice it until I was attempting to swing the trigger to find the reset point. At the first “click”, there is no resistance on the trigger making you think you can now pull the trigger. With hearing protection on, it’s almost impossible to detect.

I had no issues with FTF’s or light strikes as have been reported by some with other mods. The gun performed flawlessly. There were no performance issues, my shot grouping was the same or better than what I experienced with the stock set up.

Galloway Precision LC-9 Trigger Mod
Galloway Precision LC-9 Trigger Mod


Overall, this kit resurrected my LC-9. Prior to installing this, I was ready to sell this gun and move on. The people at GP were great to work with. They were easy to get in touch with, they answered all of my question and the fact is, the gun works better, just as advertised. In my humble opinion, this is the way should have been designed by Ruger right from the start. If you have an LC-9 and want a better trigger system, go check out the Galloway website. I’m now planning to keep my previously for sale LC-9.

$599.99 (Reg.$ 799.99)
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Rob is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and firearms enthusiast. He spent 3 years in the U.S. Army during the Reagan years. He travels the world as a technical consultant working in the field of aviation. When at home he can be found at the range, on his Harley or somewhere off road in his Jeep.
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Same trigger kit for the LC380?

Sheryl Ksenich

The website says it works for both. 🙂

Jason Donovan

Great Idea but in an area which forbids you from tampering or “modifying” your carry weapon in any way…its a useless idea. I’m not sure how it is in other states, but it is heavily frowned upon to modify you pistol because if you ever were forced to use it, you’d most certainly get some negative attention because you chose to modify it as opposed to leaving it stock. Grips, laser, sights, etc aren’t a big issue, but any internal modifications and you’ll be facing off in court to explain yourself.


Especially since this modification removes the magazine safety. Deactivating a safety feature is sure to bring up issues in a self-defense court case.

Buddy Pappypappy Ruck

trigger set is way over priced-

mule man

I solved by getting an LC9S—huge improvement

Thomas Kling

The kit is way over priced and not easy to install yourself. I got mine installed and was pleased with the improved trigger. However, after firing about 200 rounds I began to experience failure to fire (FTF) problems. I removed all of the Galloway trigger kit and returned to the factory parts. I have gotten use to the poor factory trigger and prefer reliability over feel. I do not recommend the trigger kit, but have kept the stainless steel recoil spring guide and 20# spring from Galloway. Ruger now shows a chart that compares the new LC-9s trigger to the original LC-9, what a difference. Ruger should offer a trade-in for LC-9 owners who want the better trigger of the LC-9s


This ^ , but mine went more like 120 rounds before beginning to fail. It indeed was amazingly improved, but then it began to quit working. At first it was intermittent, and then it became a constant problem. (Either of which, on a CCW weapon, can get you killed. It has to go Bang when required. Any “maybe” is unacceptable. Be aware.)

Since the adventure of roundtrip UPS-ing a handgun in ‘post 9/11 America’, and paying Galloway to fix an issue with their own trigger kit, was going to scrape $200 .. on top of the already $100 for the kit, I’d also elected to just eat the Galloway kit and reinstall the factory parts, which are atrocious but at least they function when asked.

Completely agree .. Ruger should provide a trade-in path for upgrading to the much better LC9s.

Gregory Tbd

I picked the taurus tcp over this. My First taurus, love it for conceiled in summer over my Glock 26 too bulky in shorts. L C 9 didn’t cut it.


I have an LC( as does my wife and my friend. We have all had major problems with Jamming (especially with hallow points as well as ball ammo). We sent them to Ruger, but they still are unreliable. I don’t recommend this gun at all.


Based on all of the comments on this article, I would encourage anyone thinking about purchasing a Ruger LC-9 to instead purchase a Glock.