Have Gun Will Travel – Carrying, Driving and Staying

Have Gun Will Travel - Carrying, Driving and Staying

Have Gun Will Travel – Carrying, Driving and Staying

This is the third part of the series Have Gun Will Travel by Gabby ArmedCandy.

Once I land, I will be renting a car and taking an extended drive to my destination. I am fortunate enough to be staying at a private residence where I know guns will be welcomed. I have checked that the destination state accepts my concealed carry permit using the link below.

In what states is my Georgia permit accepted?

  • Can I load, holster, and resume concealed carry once I have retrieved my check bag?
    I think it would be smart to wait until I have left the airport and am actually in my rental car, before I dig through my luggage. Also, I am studying up; Because, while GA allows special privileges, like open carry, my destination state has different rules for it’s permit holders. I will not be able to carry as if I were in my home state. Remember, ignorance toward the laws of a state I am visiting, will not keep me from being prosecuted, if I violating them.
  • If I didn’t fly my ammo, where can I buy it when I arrive?
    Mapquest Baby! Actually, I will attempt to include a few magazines worth, of defensive rounds (in the manufacturer’s box) in my luggage. However, for practice rounds, I will predetermine a Walmart or similar that is along the drive and program it into my gps.
  • What sort of paperwork should I bring? In GA we don’t register our weapons, might I have to show some proof of ownership in another state?
    On my IPad I will save the following PDFs:

    • receipt from the purchase of my gun
    • a scan of my GA carry permit
    • the TSA’s rules regarding flying a weapon
    • my airline’s rules regarding flying a weapon
    • the gun laws of my destination state
    • the gun laws of GA

This is my plan and I believe it to be thorough, but I will let you know how things go, upon my return!

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