Have Gun Will Travel – Carrying, Driving and Staying

Have Gun Will Travel - Carrying, Driving and Staying
Have Gun Will Travel - Carrying, Driving and Staying
Have Gun Will Travel - Carrying, Driving and Staying
Have Gun Will Travel – Carrying, Driving and Staying

This is the third part of the series Have Gun Will Travel by Gabby ArmedCandy.

Once I land, I will be renting a car and taking an extended drive to my destination. I am fortunate enough to be staying at a private residence where I know guns will be welcomed. I have checked that the destination state accepts my concealed carry permit using the link below.

In what states is my Georgia permit accepted?

  • Can I load, holster, and resume concealed carry once I have retrieved my check bag?
    I think it would be smart to wait until I have left the airport and am actually in my rental car, before I dig through my luggage. Also, I am studying up; Because, while GA allows special privileges, like open carry, my destination state has different rules for it’s permit holders. I will not be able to carry as if I were in my home state. Remember, ignorance toward the laws of a state I am visiting, will not keep me from being prosecuted, if I violating them.
  • If I didn’t fly my ammo, where can I buy it when I arrive?
    Mapquest Baby! Actually, I will attempt to include a few magazines worth, of defensive rounds (in the manufacturer’s box) in my luggage. However, for practice rounds, I will predetermine a Walmart or similar that is along the drive and program it into my gps.
  • What sort of paperwork should I bring? In GA we don’t register our weapons, might I have to show some proof of ownership in another state?
    On my IPad I will save the following PDFs:

    • receipt from the purchase of my gun
    • a scan of my GA carry permit
    • the TSA’s rules regarding flying a weapon
    • my airline’s rules regarding flying a weapon
    • the gun laws of my destination state
    • the gun laws of GA

This is my plan and I believe it to be thorough, but I will let you know how things go, upon my return!

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Gabby ArmedCandy is humbly honored to be the first female writer at USA Carry. Compared to the site's other writers, Gabby's interest in firearms began...um, yesterday, but once introduced, she fellinstantly in love with the gun world. With her new passion ignited, she began a female-focused blog and community called ArmedCandy. Gabby hopes to inspire others to learn and explore as she shares her growth and experiences. You can also find Armed Candy on Twitter and Facebook
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James Farrell

wheew , my goodness, the things we law abiding citizens have to go through to carry a firearm.Thanks for the articles on travel and carry,i recently took a short trip and used some of the advise tips you gave in the first article. safe journey


WoW! A most excellent series Gabby. I have left comments on all three in the series. Your advice just may save a number of people from a jail cell, a very expensive lawyer and a lot of embarrassment and headache. It is astounding what a law abiding person has to go through to simply travel from point A to point B within our own damn country while we exercise our 2nd Amendment rights granted to very one of us on 12/15/1791. THAT should be the ONLY permit we need.


Great series but it sure seems like an awful lot to go thru…I think I’ll just drive…


hey, even when driving from state to state you must still be mindful of the various laws; That said, I take the train or drive whenever possible, more peaceful; no drama.
ChristepherB. retired michigan L.E.


What are the rules for trains?


If you have any remaining “practice rounds” at the time of your return home, what is your plan/recommendation for handling/disposal of that ammunition?


As a native Texan, firearms are a birthright! Living in New York for 8 years, not so much! Even though federal laws state (if you fly, you know what it says) X, Y, Z, in certain states they do not care. So here are somoe words of wisdom to keep you out of jail.
I was flying home to Texas one Christmas eve from LaGuardia to Houston. I know that I must claim the firearm with the airline, check it in, etc. I wasn’t going to leave my pistol in NY, just in case someone broke in and stole it, so I decided to bring it home. Not to mention I wanted to shoot it while I was home. Long story short, that’s a no, no in NY. 1 of the 5 officers who showed up (I was shocked to see them in the first place) asked me where I was going and a series of questions. It felt very leading, and I didn’t want to lie to the guy…but it’s NY!
After a moment of realizing I might not make it home for another 3 years I mumbled through the conversation. He then pulled me to the side and told me that 2 days prior they had taken someone from VA; in a similar situation, to jail. He told me he knew I wasn’t a purp, but I should know the laws. I informed him, what they laws are…claim it with the airline, just as I had done. Well in NY, just as everything else…they have to be different!
In short, if you are flying and end up stuck or in a place like NY, DO NOT PICK UP YOUR LUGGAGE if you are on a layover! Leave your luggage, or have it sent to your final destination, otherwise you could end up in jail!

Rebecca J Hoffman

It is a lot to go through to fly with your weapon. Are there alternatives (other than driving)? Can you UPS or FedEx a handgun to your final destination? There are companies that pick up your luggage at your house and get it to your final destination. I wonder if they would accept luggage containing a handgun, assuming it is in a TSA approved container?