Everything You Need To Know About The Hearing Protection Act

Everything You Need To Know About The Hearing Protection Act

Everything You Need To Know About The Hearing Protection Act

If you were wondering what the next big (non-literal) gunfight on Capitol Hill will be about, look no further than H.R. 367, otherwise known as The Hearing Protection Act of 2017. If signed into law, H.R. 367 would be a huge victory for gun owners who want to use suppressors and not go through the hassle and cost of navigating the NFA’s application process.

The purpose of H.R. 367 is short and sweet: amend section 5845(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to strike suppressors (wrongly labeled “silencers” in law and by ignorant members of the media) from having to meet the licensing and registration requirements of the NFA.

Suppressors would then be treated exactly like long guns.

Misinformation about the Act is already out there. Earlier this week the Washington Post wrote a hit piece whose title is sure to trigger (pun intended) the anti-gun thinkers: “The NRA wants to suppress one of guns’ most important safety features.”

The author of the piece, Robert J. Spitzer, knows exactly one thing about guns: they go ‘boom.’ The loud gunfire, Spitzer argues, is the most important safety feature of a firearm because it tells people you are firing at them.

“Absent some kind of cataclysmic hearing-loss crisis by America’s tens of millions of gun owners,” Spitzer writes, “this political push should be recognized for what it is: an effort to provide an extremely small benefit to gun owners that willfully ignores what can happen to others once a bullet leaves a gun barrel. The lifesaving safety benefits of gun noise should weigh far more in the silencer debate. Just ask anyone caught in the vicinity of a shooting.”

Protecting yourself from hearing loss, having less recoil, and generally being more neighborly are stupid reasons to argue for less regulation, according to Spitzer. The fact that criminals don’t use suppressors is simply mischaracterized as proof positive that this gun laws works. He also seems to believe that “silencers” make a gun silent—a common misconception of people who have seen plenty of spy movies but not YouTube videos of people actually using suppressors.

Suppressors do not silence guns, instead they act as a muffler does on a car. And in Europe, which is constantly held up by the Left as the perfect example of “common sense” gun laws (more gun laws, less gun rights) it’s encouraged to use a suppressor.

Bearing Arms wrote up an amazing rebuke of Spitzer’s article as well as a previous Washington Post article that spewed similar lies. One of the Post’s reporters who did know a thing or two about guns even contacted Bearing Arms to write up a retraction. Unfortunately the Post then refused to publish it.

Spitzer did get one thing right; The Hearing Protection Act has the strong support of the NRA-ILA.

“Gun owners and sportsmen should be able to enjoy their outdoor heritage with the tools necessary to do so safely. This bill makes it easier for them to do that,” stated NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox.

I would encourage you to contact your representative in Congress and tell them you support H.R. 367. A large Republican majority in the house and senate gives us an amazing opportunity to get good pro-gun legislation on the president’s desk. While President Trump’s views on the Second Amendment have always been a bit vague, he’s not yet given us a reason to doubt his support of gun rights.

Let us know in the comments what you think of making suppressors easier to obtain!

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Mike Doran is a writer and political junkie. He is a lifelong hunter and outdoor enthusiast who braves the south Georgia heat every day. You can follow Mike on Twitter at twitter.com/wmdoran.
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It’s not JUST “easier to obtain”. It’s other law-abiding (not prohibited from firearm possession) family members being LEGALLY able to use ‘your’ gun muffler. It’s being able to HEAR law enforcement officers commands when they respond to a shooting INSIDE your residence. It’s being able to LEGALLY move freely about the country with your gun muffler WITHOUT getting PRIOR PERMISSION to do so from the Feds. Then there’s the purported fact that it now COSTS the Feds MORE to do the presently required extensive background check and issue the Tax Stamp/authorization letter THAN THEY COLLECT ($200).

Steve Gwilt

More liberal ignorance from the left. Robert J. Spitzer cherry picks one, small, insignificant issue with having a suppressor. Suppressors can significantly lower decibel levels at shooting ranges, remove the “stun” element from a defense situation (something Hollow-wood totally ignores), reduces the recoil for better follow up shots. All very good attributes. Unfortunately, Spitzler’s article is without the proper due diligence. He skims over all the major benefits for suppressors to the law abiding citizen and places his bets on something completely stupid. Anybody with an once of experience, knows that, although significantly quieter, a suppressed shot fired inside a mall or airport would still be well heard. It’s not “pa-tute” like in the movies. Saying the loud bang is a safety feature is moronic. Typical liberal mush. But that is all that is required to reach his liberal pants-wetting audience.


Yeah, so now I can no longer enjoy my shooting range because my guns don’t accept suppressors. I’m a gun owner too. This legislation also negatively effects the majority ‘noisy’ gun owners. Additionally, I can see potential future legislation restricting my ‘noisy’ collection in its entirety. I can also see fellow gun enthusiasts causing restriction on my enjoyment of my guns.
Suppressors are a good thing, but, pushing this bill will have lasting negative consequences.

For everyone’s information, we now have three corners of government on our side and will have the fourth very soon. So why are we pushing a flawed dangerous piece of legislation instead of a correct bill that simply does away with the silliness the current law and regulation are based in.

The idea of this bill is dangerous in any administration and may be disastrous in an upcoming left admin. Has anyone thought of the consequence of a left administration agreeing with this bill and thereby having the clout to then outlaw every other ‘noisy’ gun in the country?

I’m ok with wearing hearing protection and ok with suppressors, but, not at the risk of losing the enjoyment of my current gun collection.
This is a good fight, but, must be a smart fight as well.

Alan Lynn

Legalize suppressors. Work on suppressors being a part of the gun which would make it more accurate than an add on part. Repeal all laws based on fiction, movie, book myths. You know, switchblades. so called assault weapons, military style weapons, an oldie, Saturday night specials. Can you think of any others?

L.L. Smith

I suggest we remove all mufflers from all vehicles. Then we could heart them coming and get out of the road.


This is the wrong way to legalize suppressors and it’s a friggin lie. Remember, actions have consequences. I can see this law if passed leading the way to delegitimize every other firearm I own. I appreciate and hope to freely own suppressors, but, lets do it smartly and not give fuel to the anti-gunners so they can make the very same arguement in reverse to confiscate my noisy collection. If you haven’t heard, we live in regulation nation created for the ‘safety’ of our citizens, achieved commonly through ‘fear’ tactics. Trump today may be Elizabeth Warren in 2020. The whirlwind today may have the same opposite effect down the road.
We need to legalize suppressors by showing how silly the existing laws and regulations are in conflict to the second amendment and not set ourselves up for more damaging future legislation. In other words, lets not cut off our noses in spite of our face! In the mean time I suggest wearing hearing protection until we can present strong and correct legislation.
Today this can easily be done without this flawed phony “Hearing Protection Act”. Damn, I mean, we do have all four corners of our government on our side since November 8, 2016.
Wake up America, lets use what God has given us and leave the phony tactics to the phony left!!!


Too bad Trump’s too busy stripping everyone of their rights rather than expanding gun rights…