How I Spend my Sunday Afternoons

How I Spend my Sunday Afternoons
How I Spend my Sunday Afternoons
How I Spend my Sunday Afternoons
How I Spend my Sunday Afternoons

I realize that how I spend my Sunday afternoons may not sound like the most exciting topic, but trust me, you’ll likely find some valuable information in what I’m about to share with you. The fact is, I work 6 days a week because I love what I do. The only reason I take Sunday off is for religious reasons, otherwise I’d love to work on Sunday too.

So on Sunday, my wife, daughter, and I attend church in the morning, then after that we may go for a drive and go exploring (depending on where we’re staying at the time) or take a walk to a nearby park. But no matter what, we always do some type of family planning on Sunday, which I encourage everyone to do.

This past Sunday the family planning focused on our “survival” supplies for a disaster, whatever that disaster may be. We already have a year’s supply of food, we have plenty of water, and obviously, plenty of guns and ammo.

However, we focused on smaller miscellaneous items that often get overlooked, and we made a list of things we need to buy over the next week or so. For instance, we decided that we needed another fire extinguisher in the house because we felt it wasn’t smart to have just one under the kitchen sink.

We decided we needed more “regular” types of flashlights.

I have plenty of tactical flashlights but the batteries on those go quickly, so we’re going to pick up some cheaper, everyday lights. We decided we needed more dust masks. We already have these in our 72-hour kits, but dust masks are so inexpensive we figure we’ll pick up a few more.

Other items that we’re going to buy are:

A sleeping bag for my daughter, and a sharpening stone for my knives (the one I have now is from my Boy Scout days). We’re going to add some more cash to our emergency fund and we’re going to buy more contractor-grade trash bags, plus some new tarps.

I’m also going to pick up more gun cleaner and oil, and I did add another gun to the list. (Yes, I know I said earlier I already have plenty of guns, but of course that’s all relative, can you really ever own enough guns?)

Now you probably don’t need all the items I’ve listed or don’t want them, but maybe they’ll jog your memory of some miscellaneous items that you do need. If that’s the case, I hope you’ll sit down with your family one evening this week (or next Sunday) and make a list to help keep your family more prepared and safe in the event of an emergency.