How to Survive the Ammo Shortage

How to Survive the Ammo Shortage

How to Survive the Ammo Shortage

For the past two weeks the most frequent question I’ve been asked is “why can’t I find any ammo in my town and what should I do about it?” Well, there’s plenty of conspiracy theories out there, among them is that the government is buying up all the ammunition so the people can’t have it.

Other folks are saying that the ammunition manufacturers are purposely depressing the market to increase prices and make themselves more money (like the diamond industry.) But in my opinion, the ammo shortage is based on just one thing: fear.

When you have over 100 million gun owners run out and start stocking up on ammo because they’re afraid of the government, then ammo will quickly be in short supply. In fact, in the small town I’m in right now, not a single store has any rifle ammunition and you can’t find any popular handgun ammo such as 9mm or .380.

So what should you do about this?

Well, as I say anytime there’s a shortage, you should always stock up on items during the “calm” times so you have them when you need them. But if you need ammo right now and can’t find it anywhere you live, the best thing you can do now is to order it online.

A lot of sites are sold out but there are still plenty of them that have ammo. is one of those sites and they seem to have a good supply. The problem is that they don’t have the lowest prices and all of the “cheap stuff” you would use for training is sold out.

But if you’re in dire need of ammo then obviously don’t be foolish and definitely pay a few extra bucks to order some ammo online today. Also, another site you may want to check out is It’s a search engine for ammo and will give you a list of all of the places that have the caliber you’re looking for.

Another place to find ammo is your local gun show.

In many towns there’s a gun show going on every month and the vendors have plenty of ammo to sell. Again, the problem is that they’ve jacked up the prices so if you really need ammo you may only want to buy a few boxes instead of 500 or 1,000 rounds.

The good news is (I hope) that when none of the anti-gun bills get passed then things will calm back down and people won’t be in “hysteria” mode anymore and ammo will once again be easy to find.

And when that time comes, if you don’t already have a large supply of ammo, please stock up then. We only get so many chances to prepare for the truly dangerous times before it’s too late.

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  • Sig fan

    I find it odd that you make no mention of reloading your own ammo. Although supplies maybe short from time to time its by far the cheapest way to go.

    • Reloading is economical, but I’m finding supplies are hard or getting hard to come by. Primers, powder and bullets are all fairly slim pickings in all the calibers I load.

  • Huskerplinker

    I think you are right on the money. I bought my first handgun around Christmas and decided to get into reloading but ran into problems finding all of the supplies So I kept buying ammo in the meantime to have something to shoot at the range, now ammo is hard to find, I call stores almost daily but as soon as it comes in it goes out, some stores won’t even take calls about gun, ammo, or reloading supply availability

  • jlm

    I think, with deeper research that you will find the major, underlying problem is that G. Soros has been buying up gun and ammo companies and will restrict the sale to his liberal government bedfellows. Think about it, gun control, no ammo, Fema just graduated their first class of 18 to 24 yr olds, supplied them with armored vehicles and just drastically cut our national military. Now the president wants to be able to pinpoint and bomb Americans he feels are dangerous to his form of rule in our Republic, not his!

    I am an avid upland game hunter, trap and sporting clay competitor and have been unable to order Herco or Red Dot powder and primers for three months and they have no idea when they will be able to supply the public.Wake up America!
    PS: will try ammoseek for the first time. Thank you


    • I don’t think so

      You are an avid hunter and a big nut!

    • Nobody

      Do you really hear what you are saying? Directly from the manual on how to become schizophrenic.

  • AlphaFactor

    From the research I’ve done, I find no conspiracy. It’s just the simple physics of lack of manufacturing capability. Both the gun and ammunition manufacturers simply have not been able to keep up with the increasing demand . Most dealers who have anything to sell will tell you that they are selling what normally would be a years worth of product every month or two. I have spoken to two smaller ammo manufacturers, including one that sells both reloads and new, and they both have stopped taking orders because they are at least 6 months behind in filling existing orders. One of them told me they can’t even get the raw materials fast enough.

    The other problem – people buying mass quantities of ammunition to resell at gun shows. One of my local gun dealers had someone come in and buy $25,000 worth of stuff and all they did was turn around and take it to gun shows to sell it at marked up prices.

    • Ah, the American way, supply and demand and price. Guy at Cabellas told me local Sheriff came in and bought 10,000 rounds of 9mm. He said that started the problem at that store. He also said they opened two new stores in the south and those stores got stock first. He was expecting more this week in fact. Wish I had 25k to go on a shopping spree! Couple weeks ago one of the reload companies was up here at a monthly show and was doing well, surprisingly it was nuts as they had plenty.

  • Chuck Siefert

    I reload and find that it the least expensive, fun, and sure way to go. When supplies are plentiful I make sure I “stock” up so I usually have enough to get me through the lean times.

  • tizwicky2009

    People seem to forget that this problem didn’t suddenly happen overnight.
    These persistent “shortages” have occurred with alarming frequency over
    the past four years. This recent experience demonstrates that the
    current market demand is almost unlimited and the product demand is NOT
    being met. My question to all the ammunition and firearms manufactures is a simple
    one, why don’t you make additional capital investments into expanding
    your production capacities? Given the automated manufacturing methods
    that are used by almost all the big names in the industry, why not?
    It’s not like they can’t reduce production when not needed. It’s not
    like they would be laying off people during slow periods. It’s literally
    a matter of turning off automated machines when full production
    capacity is not required.

  • Tugboat

    Thanks for the information about ammoseek I will give them a try.
    Something the government is not yet regulating is black powder and muzzleloaders. I would suggest getting a black powder rifle or two and a black powder revolver for when there is no ammo at all.

  • Best time to think about reloading in the future! 🙂

    • Reloading components are just as difficult to obtain as loaded ammunition. I reload every caliber I shoot except .22LR. I hate the shortage of .22LR because my grandchildren enjoy shooting it so much. Just going to hunker down and conserve for a while, just hope it doesn’t las too long.

  • Hal

    Do not dismiss the fact that various US government agencies are buying and stockpiling ammo also and manufacturers are ppreferentially supplying them, paid for by statedly non existent government funds. This a second front of the war on the 2nd amendment. Curtailing the supply will achieve the same end as a ban – making for a bunch of expensive paperweights.

  • Fortunately, I always have extra ammo on hand. Unfortunately, I don’t go to the range often enough to fire my guns, use up old ammo and improve my aim.

    • BenArnoldJr

      Don’t feel bad about the ammo. I have some .38 reloads from probably 45 years ago. I’ve used some and some were duds, but now I’ve seen at least one range that does not allow reloads, even though these were done professionally, not by my dad. I’ve GOT hundreds of .22 longs equally as old, but haven’t fired the only .22 rifle I have in about as many years. I keep telling myself to get to the range, but just never manage it.

      • PoppaBear

        Any range that will not allow reloads at the range, is likely selling ammo themselves and require that you purchase from them. It’s a range I would avoid.
        Ranges are where people go frequently to test a new handload for accuracy, for reliability and for getting the exact results you want. Not just shooting factory crap that varies on quality, price and availability. I only shoot reloads.. I got tired of buying crap for overly exaggerated prices, having bullet setbacks, random powder and velocities and simply trust my own handloads much more than I trust the manufacturer. I would avoid that range like the plague, file a complaint with them, then simply find yourself public land, private property or a new range.
        Feel sorry for you ben. that sucks.

        • Thanks, PoppaBear. Of course, I still haven’t been to a range. Here in South Florida, we used to have open, unused gravel pits where we could go, but with the horrendous growth of So. Fla., one almost has to go to a range. Comments from this site make me want more than ever to become more proficient with my various weapons. Perhaps I’ll manage it before too long.


    The evil Obama Regime is responsible for the shortages, to drive prices so high guns and ammo is not affordable. Conspiracy theory you say ? I believe its fact. This regime has done things over the last 5 years no one would have believed if this was 1985. Marshall law to justify confiscations are coming next, just like Ray Nagan piloted in New Orleans after Hurricans Katrina. Its time to bury or hide your “stuff” but keep a self defense weapon, and hide your big stuff and sustinence supplies. Remember- preppers are considered domestic terrorists acording to the Obama regime.

    • anon

      Ok Rush…

  • john

    ammoseek has great prices because they have no common ammo at all. should i contact DHS or the freedom group for ammo?

    • Monte

      When you call 1-800-DHS-AMMO, you’ll get a prompt where you can choose 1 to purchase from the DHS dept., or 2 to purchase from the Lack of Freedom dept.

  • I think the problem is over. In the last three days I purchased 2500 9mm rounds from online as well local sources. Streicher’s delivered 500 Federal today and local gun shop has 1000 round Remington bulk in stock with more varieties coming in. It was nothing more than panic buying that sent the market into a “shortage”. I think the supply side is finally catching up with the demand. Oh, price same as before, one purchase was actually less.

  • Fortiss

    It is a little suspicious, but I agree I think it’s due to fear. But what a great way for the government to control guns, control ammunition! Maybe we need to NRA to become an ammunition manufacturer and supplier to protect our supply into the future. Our guns aren’t worth much without ammo.

  • MyGotfeeling

    I think we should have a NRA sponsored association to by bulk ammo from Mexico & Serbia.
    Training is more important for CPL holders to get in that type of trouble.

  • Texas Eagle

    I’m just pissed about the price gouging. Went to the gun show in San Antonio last week-end (father-daughter day once a month) and there were ammo guys selling 5.56 for more than a dollar a round. There was a lot more available than last month, but the prices were higher. A lot of people there that had obviously bought a bunch from Walmart, Academy, etc. and charging three prices for it.

  • topdrake

    Another source that is also available is reloading your own brass. Cheeper than store bought and can be more accurate as you know what is in it. Casting your own rounds is also a possibility. There are ways!!!

    • Precisely what I did the first time Obobo got elected. Got enough to reload a few thousand rounds for my 357 magnum carry gun. I dont shoot a whole lot so it should last me for some time.

  • Personal opinion is that the gov is buying up all they can because they KNEW that Oboffo would be going for gun control and the supply would dry up. They got the first run on available ammo because they had insider info. Agencies that dont really need that much ammo used some of their funds to buy it up at the end of their fiscal cycle. Hoarding isnt just for civilians, apparently.

    • I don’t think so

      That’s bull about the agency’s buying ammo that isn’t used. Got any proof? I bet NO.

  • Clive M.

    I would recomend that all you people who are having a hard time getting ammo, move to America. If you have money you can buy more ammo than you’ll ever need. The same goes for guns. If your having trouble getting a car, boat, clothes or food, the same is true. The shortage stories are being used toi jack up prices. If you wan’t io see a good example pull into a gas station.

  • I have been to websites that show product to be out of stock till next January already. I really don’t think this is going to return to normal, till after the Feds & our elected representatives make some sort of ruling on the JOE & BO proposals. It could be another 6 to 9 months before things are back to normal. It lasted close to a year back in 2009. Some stuff started to come back now and then, but it didn’t get back to normal for quite some time. I was going to Cabela’s once a month to make an on-line pickup. The store kept getting emptier and emptier, even 22LR was all gone eventually. I heard there were people buying large quantities of it for the powder. $20 box of 525 going for $50 to $75 at gun shows by me last month. All the local stores are limiting purchases, even at ranges there is a limit.

  • pete

    To discount the possibility that the U.S gov does not have a hand in this is deny the way a socialist works from within to destroy freedom. Consider the facts.

  • FYI

    I agree with most of you and yes it seems that the government is buying up all the ammo. The fact is manufacturer’s are not increasing there work loads and its wrong. I know a company personally and they have the capability to catch up with all the others out there to and they choose not to cause they can make more money. All it would take is to increase the speed just a little on the machines maybe get a few more people in to work ( they can higher temps to help) and even start some of the machines they have sitting in limbo but they don’t want to. its all about money and the way there rapping us is just as bad as the oils companies out there. All we can do is be patient or you can raise fuss with the manufacturer’s about it ( don’t know what good that will do though).

  • Bob

    I took your advise and followed the links you had. Ordered a lot of ammo for all my handguns and carbine for the simple fact that the only place in town that had any 9mm were all reloads and they were selling them for $40+ for 50. Got some for every cal that I have. Thanks for the heads up on this.

    • Geez, I paid $299.00 for 1000 round bulk Federal, so that’s what $15 for 50. Remember the guys that are gauging, and take your business elsewhere, $40 for 50 that’s insane especially reloads.

  • Bob

    Oh yea I almost forgot, as I was comparing sites for the 9mm, one site sold out before I could place my order. Stole them right out of my cart.

  • Laurence L. Anderson

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  • Chris

    Great suggestions for websites!

  • jesse thurlow

    Just stop in every gun shop you pass each day , check out the availability of the ammo you require., buy the maximum they allow. You’ll eventually have enough, maybe.

  • marcelo gita

    There have been shortages of many things over the years. The biggest one other than ammo that was not too long ago was with the Nintendo Wii. Do you remember when that first came out and you couldn’t find it in any stores? Then people were selling them for 2 to 3 times as much as they normally go for, that lasted a little longer than 1 year. So, was there a government conspiracy for that shortage as well? Aster the demand went down Nintendo was stuck with a huge inventory and that is bad for a company to have to much unsold merchandise. I have been looking everywhere for .22lr, .22WMR, 223 & 5.56, but I haven’t been able to find more than 1 box of .22lr over the past 6 months. It is simply people, businesses, & government buying all the ammo and hoarding it. Ammo manufacturers don’t want to turn up production past a reasonable point to be left with inventory after demand drops. They have turned up production, but I feel they should be able to increase production a little bit more, without passing the line of too much. If takes time for increased production to reach the consumer level as well. The price gouging done by many is ridiculous, the places online & at guns shows are doing it the worse. Many booths at my local gun show was selling 500 round boxes of .22lr for $80 to $130 per box. You would see the normal Walmart value packs that are normally $ $20 to $30 per box for that much, and they would say it with a straight face and act like that is what should get for them. The only booth with a nowadays decent price sold out of all there ammo, but the gougers left with out selling a box, I wonder if they will get it through their heads and drop prices back down. I see no conspiracy in the ammo shortage, but will remain open to see how this progresses.

  • Titleguru

    One thing that’s not been mentioned is a relatively plentiful supply of 7.62 x 39 ammo. Usually used for AK-47’s typical prices are in the high .39s or low .40-.45 per round. The AK-47 is a rugged weapon that can fire even the dirtiest ammo. The Feds don’t make extensive use of the caliber. The AK-47 is usually available at a better price point than the AR-15. I won’t tell you that I didn’t consider the POTUS’s plans when selecting a weapon, but I also bought an AR-15 in case I was wrong…..LOL.

  • Art

    Cabela’s seems to have more ammo in stock lately.