How to Survive the Ammo Shortage

How to Survive the Ammo Shortage
How to Survive the Ammo Shortage
How to Survive the Ammo Shortage
How to Survive the Ammo Shortage

For the past two weeks the most frequent question I’ve been asked is “why can’t I find any ammo in my town and what should I do about it?” Well, there’s plenty of conspiracy theories out there, among them is that the government is buying up all the ammunition so the people can’t have it.

Other folks are saying that the ammunition manufacturers are purposely depressing the market to increase prices and make themselves more money (like the diamond industry.) But in my opinion, the ammo shortage is based on just one thing: fear.

When you have over 100 million gun owners run out and start stocking up on ammo because they’re afraid of the government, then ammo will quickly be in short supply. In fact, in the small town I’m in right now, not a single store has any rifle ammunition and you can’t find any popular handgun ammo such as 9mm or .380.

So what should you do about this?

Well, as I say anytime there’s a shortage, you should always stock up on items during the “calm” times so you have them when you need them. But if you need ammo right now and can’t find it anywhere you live, the best thing you can do now is to order it online.

A lot of sites are sold out but there are still plenty of them that have ammo. is one of those sites and they seem to have a good supply. The problem is that they don’t have the lowest prices and all of the “cheap stuff” you would use for training is sold out.

But if you’re in dire need of ammo then obviously don’t be foolish and definitely pay a few extra bucks to order some ammo online today. Also, another site you may want to check out is It’s a search engine for ammo and will give you a list of all of the places that have the caliber you’re looking for.

Another place to find ammo is your local gun show.

In many towns there’s a gun show going on every month and the vendors have plenty of ammo to sell. Again, the problem is that they’ve jacked up the prices so if you really need ammo you may only want to buy a few boxes instead of 500 or 1,000 rounds.

The good news is (I hope) that when none of the anti-gun bills get passed then things will calm back down and people won’t be in “hysteria” mode anymore and ammo will once again be easy to find.

And when that time comes, if you don’t already have a large supply of ammo, please stock up then. We only get so many chances to prepare for the truly dangerous times before it’s too late.