How To Carry A Concealed Carry Gun On A Motorcycle


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There’s no “one size fits all” approach to riding a motorcycle with a concealed carry pistol.  A lot of how you can learn to be comfortable riding a motorcycle with your CC pistol is taking a look at how you’re situated on the bike.

The three basic seating configurations (with a lot of varying extremes) are:

  • Forward leaning
  • Upright
  • Backward leaning

Depending on your motorcycle ride style, this will change where you can fit a concealed carry pistol in your waistband.  And overall, we do recommend you ride with an Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster that offers high-retention.  Wherever you wind up holstering, make sure it’s in a place that will stay with you no matter where the bike goes.

1. Forward Leaning Motorcycle Concealed Carry Styles (Racing, etc.)

Forward Leaning Motorcycle Concealed Carry Styles (Racing, etc.)

Motorcycles that require you to maintain a strong forward leaning position can make it tricky to keep it on an Inside the Waistband (IWB) concealed carry holster.  For these situations, if you’re able to get a pocket holster and fit it to the inside chest of your jacket, you can reasonably guarantee it’s secured.


The only other available space is behind the back in a radical 5 o’clock or 6 o’clock position.  In terms of concealed carry holster placement, this isn’t particularly ideal.  Unfortunately, it will print heavily depending on how you ride.  It’s also not in the most secure location for high speed and sharp maneuvering.
If you think you’ll be traveling at a fast rate of speed and making sharp turns, secure your pistol in a pocket holster secured within the chest pocket of a thick motorcycle jacket.[/nextpage]

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2. Upright Motorcycle Concealed Carry Styles (Touring, etc.)

Upright Motorcycle Concealed Carry Styles (Touring, etc.)

With an upright seating arrangement, you have a wide degree of choices.  Ideally, the most comfortable for an IWB holster will usually be within a 4 to 5 o’clock (around the kidney) or strong-side carry (3 o’clock).  Because of where your legs are aligned, appendix carry isn’t much of an option.


If you’re bringing a passenger along for the ride, have them straddle you as they normally would and just give them a heads up as to where your firearm is situated.  No matter where they are, they shouldn’t be situated in any way, shape or form so their body crosses the muzzle of the gun.  That shouldn’t be too difficult given the above recommendations.

3. Backwards Leaning Motorcycles (Custom Choppers, etc.)

Some motorcycles can put you almost in a fully reclined position.  Th

Backwards Leaning Motorcycles (Custom Choppers, etc.)

is allows you to reasonably attempt an appendix carry depending on the size of your gun.  If that’s not comfortable, try a strong-side carry.  For this riding style, that’s the ideal position for an inside the waistband holster.
Alternate suggestions are like the forward leaning motorcycle tips – pocket holster within the chest pocket of your jacket.  If that’s not possible, always ensure it’s locked into a high retention holster.

4. Final Considerations For Motorcycle CCW

Final Considerations For Motorcycle CCW

Your riding style, your motorcycle, your gun – your rules.  That said, whenever possible always try to ensure that your firearm is kept in either a pocket holster within a zipped coat pocket OR a high-retention kydex or leather IWB holster.  This ensures positive pressure is applied to the firearm in a safe manner.

Here’s a few other brief suggestions:

  • Always secure the trigger guard inside a holster of some kind.
  • Always keep the firearm on your person unless you plan on locking it in a cargo box.
  • Never wear a holster that lets your gun flag other drivers (or your passenger).
  • Ankle holsters aren’t helpful for motorcycle rides.
  • Try out different positions until you find one (or two) that work best with your riding style.

If you have any other suggestions for motorcycle concealed carriers, tell us in the comments section below.