Illinois Concealed Carry Finally Passed

Illinois Concealed Carry Finally Passed
Illinois Concealed Carry Finally Passed

On July 9, 2013, the General Assembly of Illinois roundly rejected the amendatory veto of their concealed carry weapons bill by Governor Quinn. The Governor had returned the bill to the Assembly with several suggested amendments which gun rights advocates claim would have severely restricted the bill and rendered it virtually meaningless. Rather than consider the Governor’s amendments, the Assembly wasted little time in overriding the veto, as they were up against a July 9 deadline imposed by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Many legislators feared that unregulated carry would become the de facto law of the state if they did not pass their bill by the Court imposed deadline.

There were numerous Democrats that choose to override Governor Quinn’s veto. They have been critical of his leadership style and governing abilities during his time in office. Many of the downstate Democrats claim that Quinn’s veto was a purely political move, saying that he was pandering to his base of voter support in Chicago and Cook County. But even some Chicago Democrats voted against Quinn’s proposals, mostly based on the aforementioned fear of unregulated carry in the state and cities. Democrats who are in favor of stricter gun control have vowed to bring up Governor Quinn’s proposals at a later date, and say the debate on concealed carry is not yet over.

Critics of the concealed carry bill say that it is the most restrictive law in the country. Gun owners who want to obtain a CCW permit must be at least 21 years old, already have a Firearms Owner Identification Card, undergo rigorous criminal and mental background checks, successfully complete 16 hours of training in the classroom and on a range, and pay a $150 fee for a 5-year permit. Any convictions or guilty pleas for misdemeanors of a violent nature will disqualify an applicant, as will a history of drug or alcohol-related vehicular offenses. Any person who has been adjudicated as mentally deficient, or has been treated for drug or alcohol addiction within the last 5 years will also be disqualified. The bill would require all law enforcement and health organizations to report anyone who has been deemed mentally ill to the State Police.

There is no reciprocity with any other state’s concealed carry permits. As such, any person who is not a resident of Illinois that wishes to carry concealed in the state will have to go through all of the same processes as state residents and pay $300 for a 5-year permit.

Some of Governor Quinn’s proposed amendments to the bill were to restrict concealed carry permit holders from carrying more than 10 rounds, limit them to carry only one gun and to prohibit carrying in any establishment that serves alcohol. The law stipulates that concealed carry will be allowed in restaurants as long as alcohol sales make up less than 50% of all sales. As the law is written there are already numerous places that carrying will not be allowed, including any government property, schools, mass transit, and large gatherings. These places will not be compelled to display signage denoting they are “gun-free zones” unless they chose to do so.

The Illinois State Police have 180 days to set up the process for granting permits and begin accepting applications. Once an application has been received, the ISP has 90 days to grant a license. Any law enforcement agency in the state has 30 days once an application has been received to file an objection. The ISP has 60 days to begin the process of licensing firearms instructors and approving training courses. They have set up a website with all of the information needed, and will continue to update it as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, gun owners cannot carry until they have obtained a permit, even if they already have a FOID card. Any gun owner caught carrying a firearm without a valid CCW permit will be arrested and prosecuted under the old laws. Current statutory code states that carrying a concealed weapon will result in a Class 3 or 4 felony, depending upon location.

Here at USA Carry, make sure to check out our Illinois Concealed Carry information page about Illinois’ new concealed carry permits. On this page you can easily find all of the requirements and qualifications for a permit. You can also see a wide variety of frequently asked questions. The page will be frequently updated as new information becomes available. A similar page is also available for every other state’s concealed carry information. You can also find our Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps that show reciprocity between the various states and where your particular state’s permit will be honored.

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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Still looks like Illinois will be a state I don’t spend any money in and try to avoid. Glad they passed a law that the bad guys still won’t follow!


Is there a law they could write that the bad guys would follow? Passing the law was to give those who truly desire to carry legally, the opportunity to do so; which they have not had the capability to do. It’s sad that they will not allow any reciprocity. Something needs to be done regarding reciprocity nationally; it needs to be like a driver license. Either all states accept each others permit for conceal carry or they all allow open carry; they are still infringing on our rights and rights of the National Constitution should not be allowed to be violated at any state border.


what a joke. i guess ill still have to go around that sorry ass state.


I got out of Illinois 13 yrs ago and moved to KY where I obtained a CCL. I just wrote to the KY legislature and KY State Police and asked them to prohibit any reciprocity to Illinois CCW until/unless Illinois accepts the KY CCL without KY residents having to move to Illinois for up to 3 days in order to attend a 16 hr Illinois gun course(at an unkown cost), obtain an Illinois FOID card and pay the state of Illinois $300 for an Illinois CCW card. My KY CCL is acceptable in 42 other states without cost or hassle, so I’ll have no problem avoiding or going around Illinois to go wherever I need to go, thus insuring that I do not spend even an old steel penny in Illinois and it’s brain-dead
sewer feeding politicians ! Illinois ! What a lot of wasted space !!!


Better re-check that. USA Carry resiprosity maps says 37.


37 out of 57, with only 20 left to go


57 states? That’s Obama math. There are only 50 states.


I only see the KY permit as good in 36 states. Either way, a far cry from 42.

Ridgeway Boy

You only need a permit in Kentucky if you desire to carry concealed, otherwise open carry is legal. A permit gets you off the hook with other states.


The article is about carry conceal, the KY permit is only good in 36 states of 50. Open Carry is a whole different issue, and not all towns in all states allow Open Carry. Texas & Florida for example, Do Not Allow Open Carry. There are only 12 Truly Open Carry States and another 16 Open Carry Friendly. There are 15 that require a license to Open Carry and 6 that Do Not Allow Open Carry; California has it’s very own unusual Open Carry policy.


Tony, my wife I and never travel to any anti-gun state. Why should I have to give up my constitutional rights when I travel. Nor do we shop in any store or restaurant that posts.

No longer flies to Chicago

So will travelers whose connections through Chicago still be arrested when they try to check in with a handgun in their luggage? I no longer fly through Chicago.


I have flown out of O’Hare airport many times with rifles and pistols(AR, AK variants as well as pistols with those scary high capacity mags) and have never been questioned or arrested when declaring them in my checked baggage. Nor have I ever heard of it happening.


I know of a Minnesota resident that flew into New York with a checked hand gun but was arrested when tried she tried to check her gun when she flew out because it is illegal to have a gun in NY. She spent the whole time in Philly, Delta said it was her responsibility to know the laws of each state. Police took her down town and booked her, she maid bail and has to go back to NY for trial(she was traveling with her baby). The gun belong to her husband who was on leave from Iraq, he had her bring the gun to Philly for protection.


That is a travesty of justice, based on un-Constitutional laws put in place illegally by a state!! The Second Amendment trumps all!! How about her Civil Rights, obama and holder??

Cathy McDowell

That’s good. Not saying I plan to ever go there but in case I do I can carry.
I think every state should follow suit. Makes it hard to travel!


You cannot carry there unless you get a license for $300. They’re still infringing on your non-resident rights.

Cathy McDowell

Okay! Good to know even though I won’t be going there any time soon or ever probably.
You just don’t know when traveling where you might end up.
I guess the handgun will have to go in the trunk if we pass through there.
Thanks for the info.


I would even drive thru that state or New York State with a firearm, even in the trunk. If you park at an airport and fly, your car can be searched by the TSA at the airport.

Joe Sobotka

Passed without Quins amendments,, Great! However a fee of $150 that some won’t be able to afford, who probably need a permit for good reason, is really high. And $300 for out of state people is simply rediculous! I’m glad it has finally passed, but still VERY restrictive. I’m so very glad I moved out of the Republic of Illinois 6 years ago. And I certainly won’t be going back anytime soon,,, if ever. Which is a shame because I do have family there.


“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor
prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively,
or to the people” – 10th Amendment

“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” – 2nd Amendment

As I recall, all 50 states agreed to said contract (The Constitution) which unites them, on the North American continent; a Tax is an infringement-bottom line. Any state with any amount of money associated with permission to exercise your god-given right to self defense by any means you find necessary is clearly breaching said contract upon which was ratified by them at an earlier time. Doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.


I’ve been saying the same thing for years!! Glad to see someone else understands that No Infringement means anything proposed or passed by any federal or state entity!! No Means No, not maybe!!


About time! Now watch them subvert it into something unobtainable


Poor old Illinois, Land of Lincoln. Still remembers being taught every detail about Al Capone and his guns. After all of these years, you would think they would have moved on. Violent Gangs still ‘carry’, Law or no law. The police know, but are wise enough to pay little attention, If half way intelligent. A lone officer knows better than to bite off more than he/she can chew, against people that have little to lose. They also like to return home at night. Far easier for a totalitarian state to tax and harass law abiding citizens, they are so compliant, morally responsible… and have much to lose.


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I wish everyone would stop applauding this law.
1. The list of where you can’t carry is mind boggling. They even list private property such as doctor’s dentist’s and lawyers offices.
2. The background check is Obama’s “universal check” that failed to pass the senate and you literally give up all rights to privacy.
3. Ever been on a medication that lists any kind of psychological side effect, such as Ambien for sleep, or Chantix to quit smoking, you WILL be denied. Now in most states that would be all, a denial, but in Illinois you must have an FOID to own a gun. Once they deny your CCW permit the gun hating ISP will then void your FOID and will then confiscate your firearms.
4. A CCW denial in any state will make you ineligible for a permit in any other state.
5. In most states, minor infractions are treated as traffic ticket like misdemeanors. Here ANY minor infraction is a FELONY making you ineligible to own a gun.

Oh joy Illinois has CCW!!


The private property you list was part of Gov. Quinns’ attempt to create tighter restrictions; those were not put into law. Private property and business owners can post signs that deny carrying, but they are not automatically off limits. Yes, there is an extensive list of off limit places, mostly public (libraries, parks, museums, stadiums, hospitals, court houses, etc…) that many states are more lenient about. Glad I no longer live in ILL – inois . . . . It does appear however that you can legally pass through the state with a firearm in your vehicle as long as you have a license from your state and are not in violation of any Federal Law. Again, the weapon must remain in your vehicle. Read Section 40 (e) in Public Act 098-0063 HB0183. Sadly, they have 6 months to put together their now ratified program into place and then 90 days to approve your license. So, one could be looking at another 9 months!


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I think they should have not passed this bill. I have waited so long for Illinois to get the CCW and then they pass this awful CCW bill. They still can prohibit cities like Chicago from having handguns, just this week they outlawed shotguns. They absoluely do not want the law abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves. Kirk, a RINO Republican goes along with all of this as well as does the other Republicans in Illinois. No bill would have had a better result.

About the only place you are going to be able to carry is from your car seat to the trunk to place your weapon in a container.


Please cite your source on item number 4, because I know of few states where that is the case.

Patrick Gong

sure is better than the alternative…its a start yeah its far from perfect but its better than nothing…and illinois is at least a shall issue state for both residents and non residents


Oh one last thing. No reciprocity with ANY state. If you want to carry here as a non-resident you must get 18 hours of additional training and pay $300.

Karl Jackson

Wonderful news, Congratulations Illinois!
Oh and make sure that Governor of yours takes his Amendments with him when it’s time for him to clear his desk. Along with the .357 in his top drawer.


First of all, I wish the concern about medical care or feeding poor children was as intense. As a former Chicago police office and retired federal agent, I feel strongly that most of you (general) don’t have the experience or judgment to carry a concealed weapon ..especially a firearm. The constitution does not prohibit rules and regulations. Just stop wining and pay the fees…..its probably less than you spend on bullets in a month or helping the NRA execs stay in those million dollars house.


I do believe the “right to bear arms shall not be infringed” implies that you cannot deny me the right to do so. Your rules and regulations do just that. By the way, an awful lot of officers of the law have accidentally shot themselves or been responsible for deaths that have occurred in their own families, directly and indirectly. Being an officer of the law doesn’t necessarily make one more responsible or law abiding for that matter.


Whump, there it is! The old “only ones” argument. LEOs (some of whom are the worst firearms handlers on the planet) who claim that they are the ONLY ONES who “have the experience or judgment to carry a concealed weapon” are showing their ignorance in abundance. Lose the attitude, Ed. You ain’t all that. And your further comments show you to be just another Chicago Obama shill, anyway.


So you think it is OK to saddle law abiding citizens with a cost of around $1,000 depending on gun purchased for the “privilege” to protect ones self and family?

What about the poor people that cannot afford it? But at least they don’t have to show an ID to vote because that is an undue burden.

I feel Strongly that you, as a Former Chicago LEO says it all. You have the special right to limit the rights of everyone else, especially downstate citizens. The Constitution does limit tyranny by the elitist such as yourself, imposing YOUR SPECIAL will on the rest of us.

Speaking of Judgement what do you think about the LEO in Central IL that grabbed a special needs student by the neck and lifted him off the ground? That is your idea of good judgement ? I could go on and on showing very poor judgement of some LEO, but I choose not to lump everyone into the same pot, unlike yourself, (general) of course.


“OK to saddle law abiding citizens with a cost of around $1,000” Maybe we can get Congress to enact a Tax Deduction or an Aid Program to help fund our right to secure a license to carry . . . . maybe we can even get them to supply us with ammo through the Ammo Bank, similar to a Food Bank?


What a pompous ass, and a Feral Gov’t Agent too! He’s just looking out for your safety, sheeples!


Ed needs to look at the stats from other states that have had CCW’s for a while.


Hey Ed, what are the nine most terrifying words in the English language? Google it if you don’t know.

Also, don’t talk about other people’s million dollar houses. I’m sure you are drawing two pensions from the teat of the American Taxpayer.

Rahm Yourmother

Suck a big fat horse cock, Ed.

Corrupt lazy pigs like you are why I moved out of Shitcago years ago. Too busy lining your own pockets to do the job you were hired to do.


About what I expected. I figured they’d get it with some crazy conditions. I haven’t been there in a long time and really have no reason to go there. In the words of my Grandfather, “A half a loaf of bread is better than no bread at all”.


Well, it’s nice that the honest gun owner in Illinois finally has “something”. However, it’s a shame that ANY of us have to resort to an endless game of “Simon Says” and licensing with the government in order to receive what our Constitution says is a fundamental human and civil right. We don’t need a license or permit for our First Amendment rights of speech, religion and assembly (at least not yet . . . that’s probably coming as well if politicians have their way). We are losing our basic American freedoms in this country. When people fear the government, that’s called tyranny. When the government fears the people, that’s called liberty.


In the 9 months it might be to secure an Illinois conceal permit, Chicago proper might be under Marshall Law with Homeland Security and the Illinois Guard patrolling the neighborhoods. That would negate your right to Carry if I understand the rights Obama has taken away from us with his pen that is mightier than a sword . . . .


I suppose even a thimble of water is appreciated by a thirsty person in the desert. I would never live in those communist demoncat states, and if the country goes communist demoncat then we have a problem…..


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Concealed carry permits issued here. If over 80 years of age, and accompanied by grandparents.
The law as proposed does not make Illinois a concealed carry state anymore than New Jersey can call themselves a concealed carry state..Unless much of what is proposed is changed, it’s a lot like when I was a kid. Another kid says let me borrow fifty cents, and I’ll pay you back Friday. When you go to collect the other kid smugly looks at you and states, I said Friday, but I didn’t say which Friday.

Todd Ellis

as a resident of SOUTHERN Illinois, I can say that i will NOT be applying. the list of restrictions overwhelms where you CAN carry … IF you pay the exorbitant fees, jump through the idiotic hoops and attend & pay for the SIXTEEN hours of training. by the way – local law enforcement can also deny a permit for … whatever reason so don’t vote the wrong way for county sheriff.


@ USA Carry, i do believe that is as of July/ 02/2013 Wisconsin CCL Permit is now honored in the state of Virginia, you may want to check and update if i`am right…….


I don’t understand what all the hullaballoo is about! As described, this new law is almost identical to nearly every other state, excepting that IL requires 16 hours of training rather than 8; prevents carry resiprosity, (which wouldn’t apply to almost every carry state anyway— because most signify that they accept permits from states with equal or higher standards than their own. In other words, IL would reject AR permits, but AR will accept IL permits because of the higher IL training standards.) Remember IL states that NON-RESIDENTS can still get an IL permit. Sure it irritates me but I can avoid traveling through there.

William C. Brooks

I was born in Gary IN and moved to Michigan City IN, 65 miles southeast of Chicago and have made many trips into Chicago throughout my life. Crime was evident on the streets — in fact, everytime I have gone to Chicago for any reason, I have seen the cops arresting people on the streets, during all of my visits there. For the governors to deny Gun Rights throughout the years, has allowed disaster upon disaster, and the loss of many lives over the years. I am 68 now, and finally the citizens of Illinois, but especially those in Chicago, where it is dangerous to even appear on he streets, have the right to bear arms and protect themselves! As gun owners protect their lives, the bad guys will learn the hard way that the “good guys” now have GUNS and the bad guy rule of the streets will be brought to an end. Where’s a cop when he’s needed??? But an armed and ready gun owner will solve that problem! Hooray for the victorious GUN OWNERS!!!


I am an Illinois resident that holds multiple other state’s CCW permits. I travel throughout this country regularly. What always has AMAZED me is that many Illinois residents didn’t know that every other state had some sort of conceal permit. There are so many sheep that believe in the “Wild West” theory here. I try daily to educate people about the truth. All of the local media has, for far too long, instilled that fear in our citizens. Ignoring the fact that there were plenty of people already carrying concealed weapons around them every day… Unlawfully and for ill intent. This “New Right” we have been “granted” is a huge step in the right direction. Though not a perfect law, it is more than we have ever had. The fight is not over. We will have to continue the battle as we have in the past to attain any freedoms that have been torn from us. This war is not over… But, we did just win one hell of a battle (Against the ajenda of the Chicago politicians)


The Il. law is a POS. We’ve waited this long and I would have gladly waited longer for something better. I don’t think I’ll bother to apply.

John Oscar

Looking at the training requirement, coupled with trying to remember where and where you can’t carry, I think getting a TS security clearance in the military was easier.
We sorely need national reciprocity.


simple solution: stay out of Illinois. Don’t spend money there. Same for Colorado.