Where Do You Keep Your Gun While You Sleep? [SURVEY]

Where Do You Keep Your Gun While You Sleep?

Where Do You Keep Your Gun While You Sleep?

We’re genuinely curious: while you’re asleep, where do you keep your home defense handgun or shotgun?

In this article, we’ll discuss what we think about various locations and then ask you for your opinion in our survey. Feel free to give a more detailed explanation of your response in the comments section below. We look forward to reading what you have to say on this subject.

Places Used To Stow Handguns

Around the home, there’s plenty of places to stow a home defense handgun so that it is accessible and ready at a moment’s notice. Because we can’t always predict when and where an attack may occur, we’ve included some interesting locations that we feel both cover the bedroom and the home in general.

Gun safe

A gun safe is a good choice to keep unused guns however, in a life-changing event like a home invasion, having a gun accessible and ready can be extremely important.


Accessible, close by and ready at a moment’s notice. The nightstand is a “go to” for homeowners looking to react quickly. If you haven’t already, consider posting a flashlight in the same drawer. This will give you the option to instantly illuminate a dark hallway or crawlspace. Kudos to you if you get a flashlight attachment or laser sight for your everyday carry pistol.

Under the pillow

This is the least advised place to keep your personal security handgun because of the lack of security there is under your pillow. A fully loaded handgun is perfectly safe until the trigger is pulled. The last thing you want to deal with is wondering where in the crease between your mattress and your headboard a loaded gun lies waiting.

Master bathroom drawer

While we tend to think of home invaders breaking in during twilight hours, home robberies can occur at any hour of any day. Who says you’re not in the shower when a home invasion takes place? Stowing a handgun in the master bathroom drawer may make the difference between life and death.

Locked gun case under the bed

For those homes that have young, curious children, storing an unsecured firearm may not be an option. Yet, home defense is always a priority. Some people choose to keep a lock box under the bed or in a nightstand that can be unlocked at a moment’s notice. There will be a delay between detecting a home break-in and being able to take out the gun, but some folks prioritize daily safety over immediate emergency response time.

Hidden drawer

There’s some master craftsmen out there who have devised all sorts of ingenious hard-to-spot places to store a loaded handgun in the home. Some of those craftsmen have made secret drawers or pull-outs that quickly reveal a pistol for home defense purposes. Whether it’s a fake compartment in a bookshelf or a drawer in your dresser, a hidden compartment should not be confused with securing a firearm. It’s simply making it harder for others unfamiliar with your home’s layout to spot. But, it can make a handgun more accessible without the fussing of a lock or combination associated with a safe or lock box.

Okay, so you’ve gotten our opinion on the matter. Where do you store your home defense handgun when you get ready to hit the hay? Take our survey and tell us about your reasoning in the comments section below.