Kentucky High Court: Guns in Car Legal on Campus

Kentucky High Court: Guns in Car Legal on Campus

Kentucky High Court: Guns in Car Legal on Campus

Students and staff members at Kentucky universities may keep guns and other deadly weapons in a car, but the schools may continue to regulate them elsewhere on campus, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

The high court in Frankfort found that while two Kentucky laws conflict on the issue, lawmakers “expressed a strong public policy” in favor of exempting a person’s vehicle from the restrictions on deadly weapons on campus.

Under Kentucky law, universities have a right to control the possession of deadly weapons on property under their control. Another law allows concealed weapons permit carriers to store the weapon in a vehicle’s glove compartment.

Justice Wil Schroeder, writing for the court, said the law is “clear and unambiguous.”

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  • Unfetteredmight

    This is quite inaccurate. The law allows anyone who may legally possess a firearm to have it in any factory installed compartment, with or without a lid, with or without a lock, no CC permit is needed. In fact, in Kentucky, the only place youd need a permit now to store a firearm in your car would be under the seat and thats if its not one of those vans with a drawer under the seat.

    • Osok308

       This law was passed about a year ago. A weapon may be carried in any factory installed compartment without CC permit.Used to be only in the glove box. If not in factory installed compartment weapon should be in plain view if one doesn’t have a CC permit. On the seat, dash. If it’s on the seat and covered up by , say, a newspaper, then one must have CC permit.

  • This case did nothing for the gun owner/carrier in Kentucky as we’ve always carried our weapons in our vehicles, especially if we’re employed at the post secondary institution.  All this case did was clarify for the school’s that we can and will keep a weapon in our vehicles.  The real issue is being able to carry concealed while on campus for self defense but that was of course not discussed.

  • Guest

    I don’t see any good in this. It’s a huge announcement just for criminals and a way for the anti’s to try and screw us harder.