Oklahoma House Passes Open Carry Measure

Oklahoma House Passes Open Carry Measure

Oklahoma House Passes Open Carry Measure

Oklahomans with concealed handgun permits would be allowed to carry their weapons in the open if a bill that easily passed the House of Representatives becomes law.

But members defeated an amendment Thursday that would have allowed for the open carrying of handguns anywhere without a permit.

Senate Bill 1733 would allow anyone possessing a license to carry a firearm under the Oklahoma Self Defense Act to carry the weapon either openly or concealed. It passed 85-3 and is headed for a conference committee.

It also would allow a property owner to openly carry a handgun on his or her land. No concealed carry permit would be required.

“This makes sure that it’s very clear that someone can carry on their own property openly,” said Hickman, R-Fairview, the House author of the measure.

Rep. Joe Dorman, D-Rush Springs, said he is aware of rural landowners who have been questioned by local law enfor

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Oklahoma SB 1733

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  • Cobra

    “Let it be written . . . let it be done!”

  • Jethro

    I would like this in Tx too.  I would still carry concealed, but wouldn’t worry if it showed.

  • I belive Texas my state will be the last to allow this type of carry. Its a shame too

    • Midnightrider1100

       I know and I have to travel to Texas occasionally and if we get it in Oklahoma, it would be nice to not to have to figure out how to conceal a compact pistol in the 110 degree heat we can get in the Red River Valley.

  • Open carry with a permit is stupid. It’ll just give cops a reason to be able to harass you if they see you carrying.. to check you for your permit, even though that’s not really reasonable articulable suspicion of a crime.. they’ll do it anyway.

    • Kirk Surber

      What this law does is cover you if someone spots your gun and freaks.  Without it, I have heard of cases where people lost their permit over ‘flashing’ their gun, when it just printed under their shirt. 

    • Midnightrider1100

      What this is, is a step toward open carry without a permit, which is what I detect you prefer. I prefer open carry without a permit to be in line with the U.S. Constitution but we don’t have the support in the legislature so this is all we can get right now. What they have done is put in a measure that recognizes people from other states that can legally open carry in their home state, permit withstanding, so that in the future we can argue that Oklahomans should not need a permit in their home state if we allow out of state people to carry without a permit. The only way to get anything done, whether you are a liberal or conservative, is through incramentalism. The liberals have understood this for a long time and that is why they have gotten us so far away from what this country is founded on-one fragment at a time.

  • Wbhorton

    I really like this I wish that AR, would get this law.. I would like to be able to carry my two different guns with out worrying about if someone sees it..