Madison Mayor Moves to Limit Concealed Carry in City

Madison Mayor Moves to Limit Concealed Carry in City

Madison Mayor Moves to Limit Concealed Carry in City

A day after Dane County officials introduced a resolution that would ban concealed weapons in county buildings, Mayor Paul Soglin released a statement of his intent to enact an ordinance that would require written permission for gun owners to carry a weapon on private property in Madison.

“We will consider ordinances that give the property owners and lease holders a presumption that individuals may not bring firearms onto someone else’s property without their permission,” Soglin said in a press release.

The statement is a reaction to Senate Bill 90 which passed Tuesday. The bill heads to the Assembly next week and, if passed, would generally legalize concealed carry in Wisconsin unless property owners post signs indicating otherwise.

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  • Marktype1

    When I read about Madison and Milwaukee it boggles my mind the way they think compared to the northern part of the state its like a diffrent world. That’s just my opinion though.


      Agreed. They should take the Mayor and Alderman Lauren Cnare,tie them to a ship anchor and toss them in the lake.
      The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms Shall NOT be infringed.
      I had dealing with Cnare before over the gun debate. It was not a pretty or cordial discussion.
      Decorum prohibits me from printing the swill this politician tried to sell as fact.Suffice to say,she is yet another SHEEP sucking at the Obama teat.
      Good for you Wisconsin. Now if Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn would get his head out of his ass,we down here in Illinois would be able to enjoy our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

  • Anonymous

    It is obviously akin to a person bowling. The first time you ‘toe the line’, you are most likely not going to clean the alley. Picking up Spares may not be as glamorous, but the points do add up. Eventually the bowler with the assistance of his team, gets his planned results. Keep rolling that ball and you will gain experience and Power. May even attend the Nationals one day :>)
    Wisconsin loves bowling from what I remember.

    Now a resident of a ‘front line’ southern border state, where many (over 80,000), including members of our legislature and NM Governor Suzana Martinez (R) Carry. We also have easily over 350 days a year of…..anti-depressent, attitude improving, vitamin D… ‘Sunshine’ :>)

  • The mayor is a fool. Mayors are replaceable every four years. He is anti-self-defense. Become a one-issue voter: How does politician X vote on gun legislation? If anti-gun, vote HER or HIM out of office!