Maxpedition Jumbo EDC

Maxpedition Jumbo EDC
Maxpedition Jumbo EDC

The Maxpedition Jumbo EDC is yet another outstanding bag in a long line of products produced by Maxpedition. This bag could fit everything up to and including the kitchen sink it in, while still leaving room for more gear. I will break this review down into pros vs. cons starting with the pros of the bag. The biggest pro of this bag is the storage room for gear. When you first look at this bag you have no idea the room it holds on the inside. The bag is a total of seven compartments (eight if you count the water bottle holder). The two biggest compartments are the main compartment and the CCW compartment. The main compartment is  9” x 8” x 3” and the CCW compartment is 9” x 8.5” with 7” x 8”loop velcro field for holster attachment.  Front compartment  7” x 6.5” x 1.5”, Side A:  7” x 3.5” x 2”, Side B:  7” x 3.5” (water bottle compartment) top of lid compartment  6.5” x 3” x 1.”  I carry everything I need for EDC in this bag and I still have compartments unused. Side B can hold up to a 32oz water bottle. The waist strap can fit up to a  48” waist, the shoulder strap has a padded cushion that can be removed. The shoulder strap also has a D ring attached to it for keys or any other gear you may need to clip to it. I find this very useful when I need to keep my keys within reach(carrying in the groceries).

Now for the cons on this bag, it was very hard to find any cons for this bag but I did find a few. The front of the bag has a velcro field on it for patch attachment, for some reason, Maxpedition decided to attach their logo right in the middle of the field. The logo is about 1 1/2” it’s not small at all seeing as how the total size of the velcro field is about 6.” It really takes away from the ability to use the field for patch attachment, unless you attach it to the left or the right of the logo.  If you have a big patch you can apply it over the logo (as I have done with my 3” subdued American flag patch).  Another con is the placement of the one and only drainage hole, they placed it in the middle of the main compartment. I would have liked to see it placed on the bottom of the water bottle compartment. Or better yet for them to have added two, one in the main compartment and one in the water bottle compartment. The removable shoulder strap pad can be very annoying for two reasons, the first being that it does not stay in place and it tends to slide all around. The second reason is the velcro that holds it on the strap digs into your neck and really rubs it raw on hot days. The waist strap also tends to get in the way when not in use, it is removable but it takes time to do it.  The last two cons that I could find is single stitching in places that should have double stitching. Most of the bag does have double stitching but in places, you would think they would have put it there is only single stitching. Second would be colors, as of now it only comes in three colors black, od green and khaki.

Overall even with the few cons, it has I would still give this bag a 10/10 the pros more than make up for the few cons it has. Take advantage of the USA Carry discount code (5UC610) and swing over to Maxpeditions website and pick your self up a bag.

Measurements were taken from Maxpeditions website NO OWNERSHIP IMPLIED.

$599.99 (Reg.$ 799.99)
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I love my Jumbo EDC! I wanted a more masculine diaper bag and found one from Maxpedition. I also found a Tactical Diaper Exchange Kit patch that I attached to to the velcro up front and have been getting a few comments from everyone! Seems to have enough room for some diapers, wipes and a bottle.


i have one and love it..great bag and rests against my hit comfortably ..and my friends dont give me a hard time about this bag…so it doesnt look that tactigay