Mississippi Law Changes in Limbo

Mississippi Law Changes in Limbo
Mississippi Law Changes in Limbo

A battle is shaping up between lawmakers who approved a law signed by the Governor, and the bureaucracy charged with enforcing it.

Problem is, critics say the Department of Public Safety wants to put its own spin on the law, and they claim that’s unconstitutional.

First of all, this law applies to gun permits and where qualified persons can carry concealed weapons.

Lawmakers seem to have made their intentions clear in the law, signed by Governor Haley Barbour, but the Department of Public Safety, charged with enforcement, seems to have a different view.

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once the statepasses the law the city  should not be allowed to change it


Sounds like some personnel changes need to be made in the Mississippi DPS. Im sure the governor and the Mayors know how to replace/reassign the heads of the DPS.