Missouri Lowers Carry Permit Age to 21

Missouri Lowers Carry Permit Age to 21
Missouri Lowers Carry Permit Age to 21

Younger Missouri residents will be allowed to get a permit for a concealed gun in Missouri under legislation signed yesterday by Gov. Jay Nixon, but he rejected other bills dealing with elections.

In all, Nixon signed 22 bills into law and vetoed seven.

Among the highest-profile bills signed into law was the concealed gun measure.

It sets the state’s minimum age for getting a concealed gun permit at 21, eliminating the previous age limit of 23 set by the General Assembly in 2003 when lawmakers overrode the veto of then-Gov. Bob Holden and enacted the concealed-carry law.

Most states allow residents to carry a concealed gun, and Missouri’s age requirement had been the highest in the nation, according to the National Rifle Association. Many states also have an age limit of 21, though others allow permits to be issued to people as young as 18, and a few allow concealed guns to be carried without a permit.

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