Missouri Town Votes to Expand Their Carry Rights

Missouri Town Votes to Expand Their Carry Rights
Missouri Town Votes to Expand Their Carry Rights

The Willard Board of Aldermen is considering an ordinance that would allow the mayor, council members, department heads and other specific employees to carry concealed guns on city property as long as they have a current conceal and carry permit.

“We’ve had threats,” explained Mayor Tom Keltner, who says he has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. “We’ve not had anyone show up yet, but we’ve had threats.”

Alderman Ed Simmons, a former police officer, proposed the measure. He said board members will vote on it July 11.

“I would hate to ever shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t unless I had to, but if we are cornered and I had to, I would. I’m not going to let anyone do me or anyone else harm just because they think they have a grievance.”

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that is great i wish other state would pick up on this too (like florida)!


Of course! Special privileges for special people.


and that too, did you know some state allow citizen to carry?


One of the big issues they mentioned is in the council meetings… which have an officer present and they wand people that come in anyway!…. My big beef with this new law is that it gives the local government more authority/permission; yet the ccw holders that have been licensed for years are excluded from the law. There are fanatics out there that will get their point across if the city officials carry or not; but why keep restricting CCW holders from carrying in city buildings. One of the many reasons I don’t go to the library or city council meeting in the Missouri city I live in (the police station and city councel meet in the same building; so carrying if illegal). How can my voice be heard during council meetings when they forbid me to express my constitutional right if I choose to attend to begin with?


i agree with u completly


All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. George Orwell, “Animal Farm”


Is a church who wants to allow ccw allowed to do so?