Ohio “Guns in Bars” Law Not Really About Bars

Ohio "Guns in Bars" Law Not Really About Bars

Guns in bars? No, not really.

As Ohio lawmakers debate legislation that would allow licensed citizens to carry a concealed, holstered handgun into restaurants that serve alcohol, opponents of the bill continue to reject an intellectually honest discussion of the facts. They’ve morphed the “restaurant carry” discussion into a campaign of fear.

This legislation simply never mixes alcohol consumption and handgun possession, period, regardless of what you’ve read or been told.

Ohio’s concealed handgun licensees already can carry into nearly any burger joint. But if they try to have a hamburger and Coke at a Max & Erma’s while armed, they commit a crime. The only difference between the lawful and criminal act is the presence of a liquor license at a particular restaurant.

That’s the simple problem that “restaurant carry” legislation is designed to fix.

Read more at Lancaster Eagle Gazette


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Ohio football teams have already come out banning their customers from defending themselves.


Ohio has a lot more work to do. They have a screwy definition of loaded firearm and impairment that in some people’s opinion requires all persons in the vehicle to have a Concealed Carry Permit since they could be determined to be “in control of the firearm” and it is considered loaded even if there is a clip loaded anywhere in the vehicle.

I feel more need to have a loaded gun in my car which is accessible to me when driving in Columbus Ohio than I would while inside a restarant such as Max and Erma’s. I had my wife take the concealed carry class with me so she could apply as well just to prevent any issues for her of me having a loaded gun.

There are many shootings in the streets of Columbus right now in all parts of the city and it is amoung the top 2% of most violent cities in the US. Columbus Mayor Colement  tried to ban handguns and it was deemed unconstitutional recently. Thank god for that.