Intense Debate in Wisconsin Over Carry Law

Intense Debate in Wisconsin Over Carry Law

Intense Debate in Wisconsin Over Carry Law

The battle over a proposed concealed weapons law continues to heat up in Wisconsin.  There has even been infighting among different law enforcement agencies.  On a personal note, I found it amusing in this article when the Chief is talking about this shootout.  Does he seriously think criminals are about whether carrying a gun is legal or not?  It seems to defy logic.  Have these people never looked at gun violence in (former now!) banned cities like Chicago, DC, etc?


The chief of Wisconsin’s largest police department issued his most scathing criticism of the state’s proposed concealed-carry bill during a news conference Thursday.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn urged Gov. Scott Walker to “provide some adult supervision” and ensure that the final version of a concealed-carry bill outlines a strict permitting process for carrying guns and stipulations including basic training and not being a “criminal, drug abuser or insane.” He also called for changing the charge of carrying a concealed weapon from a misdemeanor to a felony.

The news conference came after a gunfight Wednesday night between Milwaukee police bicycle patrol officer Jose Viera and a 21-year-old armed suspect in the Sherman Park neighborhood. The officer escaped unharmed despite a chase during which the two exchanged gunfire. The suspect was shot multiple times and arrested.

“I also want to take this as an opportunity to call upon Gov. Walker to exhibit statesmanship and provide adult supervision over the chaotic legislative process that seems bent on inflicting a reckless and foolish concealed-carry law on the citizens of Wisconsin,” Flynn said. “This is not a political talking points issue. This is an officer safety issue. This is the second time in less than a week my officers have been in a gunbattle with armed, reckless assailants. We cannot afford a reckless bill.”

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  • Elca1986

    ok so this assasailant was he a law abiding citizen or a criminal ? it seems to me that the police officer making the comment has a skewed opinion on the matter lets see the facts criminal or what ? im from iowa so i feel for the people of wi. lets get it signed sealed and delivered for wi.

  • Xdshooter911

    Ok,lets get this straight  a criminal shoots at an officer and somehow that CRIMINAL represents law abideing citizens also in this cheifs mind. When will these big city chiefs get it straight criminals are going to dis-obey the law, thats what they do hence the name criminal. As an individual who could possibly be moving to WI in the near future I hope they pass the carry law. As someone who has worked in law enforcement I can make the distinction between a law abiding citizen and a criminal prety easy, and support the right to carry.

    • Gallarn

      Whether you’re a law abiding citizen or a criminal is not
      the point concerning a lot of law enforcement agencies.  They seem to
      believe everyone is a criminal it’s just a matter of time.  But if the law
      does not exist it cannot be broken and therefore cannot be illegal.

      In the USA today according to the 2009 census there are over 300 million
      Americans, and according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) there are
      2.5 officers per 1000 citizens.  Law Enforcement is overwhelmed by sheer
      numbers of population, not withstanding visitors, and illegal’s.  

      If the police can’t protect us we MUST have the right and ability to protect
      ourselves. The protection of innocent life must be the focus of law

      Because a chief wants his officers protected, he is willing
      to put the rest of us at risk.  He is making the choice that his officers
      are more valuable than the population he is supposed to be serving.  This
      is just wrong.  Police are supposed to be the experts in their
      craft.  This is what we as a society commission them to do.  They go
      through several months of training and are to be proficient prior to becoming a
      professional officer. By the way Chief, this is not an officer safety issue it’s
      a citizen safety issue. This is the real adult supervision.

  • The whole point of the Right to Bear Arms is in that it’s a protection not only against Criminals, but more especially against CRIMINALS IN GOVERNMENT.

  • Dave

    No guns are needed since the police are only 8 minutes away.

    • Jjtreefarm

      In those long long 8 minutes; you; your wife, and kids have just been killed.  Your piece was seconds away, and now you, your wife, and kids have another day to spend together.