Intense Debate in Wisconsin Over Carry Law

Intense Debate in Wisconsin Over Carry Law
Intense Debate in Wisconsin Over Carry Law

The battle over a proposed concealed weapons law continues to heat up in Wisconsin.  There has even been infighting among different law enforcement agencies.  On a personal note, I found it amusing in this article when the Chief is talking about this shootout.  Does he seriously think criminals are about whether carrying a gun is legal or not?  It seems to defy logic.  Have these people never looked at gun violence in (former now!) banned cities like Chicago, DC, etc?

The chief of Wisconsin’s largest police department issued his most scathing criticism of the state’s proposed concealed-carry bill during a news conference Thursday.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn urged Gov. Scott Walker to “provide some adult supervision” and ensure that the final version of a concealed-carry bill outlines a strict permitting process for carrying guns and stipulations including basic training and not being a “criminal, drug abuser or insane.” He also called for changing the charge of carrying a concealed weapon from a misdemeanor to a felony.

The news conference came after a gunfight Wednesday night between Milwaukee police bicycle patrol officer Jose Viera and a 21-year-old armed suspect in the Sherman Park neighborhood. The officer escaped unharmed despite a chase during which the two exchanged gunfire. The suspect was shot multiple times and arrested.

“I also want to take this as an opportunity to call upon Gov. Walker to exhibit statesmanship and provide adult supervision over the chaotic legislative process that seems bent on inflicting a reckless and foolish concealed-carry law on the citizens of Wisconsin,” Flynn said. “This is not a political talking points issue. This is an officer safety issue. This is the second time in less than a week my officers have been in a gunbattle with armed, reckless assailants. We cannot afford a reckless bill.”

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