Ohio Senate Passes Restaurant Carry

Ohio Senate Passes Restaurant Carry
Ohio Senate Passes Restaurant Carry

Good news for Ohio residents!  Bills are on the way to the Governor’s desk to strengthen your rights:

Concealed weapons could be coming to bars, restaurants and outdoor sports stadiums near you.

The Republican-dominated Ohio Senate passed a bill 25-7 Wednesday to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry weapons into bars, restaurants, and open-air sports stadiums serving alcohol. However, those packing concealed heat could face felony charges if they are caught boozing it up.

The bill also would wipe out Ohio’s laws about where concealed carry license holders must keep weapons while transporting them in their car. Currently, concealed-carry permit holders can travel in their vehicle with a loaded weapon as long as the weapon is holstered or kept in a glove compartment, console, or box.

Source: Clevland

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The Bay Village Chief of Police has nothing to worry about,there are no bars in Bay Village !!!


This is good for restaurant employees who are typically paid in cash tips at the end of their shifts. Carrying large amounts of cash on a regular basis demands a more “tactical” approach to person security.