Online CCW Applications Come to North Carolina County

Online CCW Applications Come to North Carolina County

Online CCW Applications Come to North Carolina County

Beginning on June 13th, residents of Pitt County, North Carolina will be able to apply for concealed carry permits via an online application. The goal of the new application is faster turnover times and a reduction in cost and paperwork.

”It has always been our mission to provide the greatest customer service to the citizens of Pitt County,” said Sheriff Neil Elks in a statement to the press. “This is another service that we can offer to make it less time consuming for the customer.”

While the application itself will be online, many of the other requirements will have to be fulfilled in person. Applicants must make appointments to be fingerprinted, complete a state-mandated concealed carry course from a certified instructor, and pick up their application in person.

Pitt County is the most recent in a number of counties across the nation to adopt an online permit process. Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, and other states have adopted state-wide online permit applications over the last several years.

For its part, Pitt County’s online applications come as part of a series of CCW-friendly policy changes. In December 2015, the county commissioners voted overwhelmingly to allow those with CCW permits to carry in some county buildings. Commissioner Glenn Webb, who introduced the ordinance, said more permissive laws regarding concealed carry increased safety:

“I don’t think it will increase the chance for workplace violence. As we’ve seen throughout the country, it’s not people who have conceal carry permits. Again, these are people who have gone through extensive background checks, they’re people who have gone through extra background checks, mental health checks.”