The Only Type of Gun Control We Need?

The Only Type of Gun Control We Need?
The Only Type of Gun Control We Need?
The Only Type of Gun Control We Need?
The Only Type of Gun Control We Need?

After the horrific Connecticut shooting, my phone began to ring from friends and family, as it always does after a tragedy involving firearms. Some were gloating and asking me “how do you defend your guns now?” and others wanted to know if they should buy an AR-15 this week in case they’re soon banned.

Well, I never have a problem “defending” my guns. Any person with common sense knows that evil people, since the beginning of time, have been murdering others. If it’s not a gun, the person might use a sword, or a pipe bomb, or a rock, or any number of devices to kill others.

We also know, as proven by history, that anytime guns are taken from the good guys, the only people with guns end up being the bad guys. After all, the bad guys never follow the rules, or go through background checks, so getting a gun is much easier for them than it is for law-abiding citizens.

With that being said…

I only believe in one simple type of gun control to keep guns out of the hands of those that shouldn’t have them. What I’m referring to is simply a (quick access) gun safe that only you and your spouse have the combination to.

But even as I say that, the Connecticut shooter was 20 years old, and I image when I have a 20 year old they will probably have their own guns and I will trust them with firearms in the house if I feel they are responsible enough to handle them.

And that’s one of the major questions about this shooting. Many news outlets have said the shooter was mentally ill and if his mother knew he was mentally ill, and showing signs of trouble then obviously she should not have allowed her son to have access to her guns.

Of course, as a parent, you probably don’t want to admit your child is mentally ill. I’ve never been in that position, but if I ever am, I hope I will see clearly enough to realize they shouldn’t have access to any guns.


I’m pretty sure Diane Feinstein and her fellow Democrats won’t think my measure of gun control is strong enough and I know she and others will put on a good show for their constituents espousing the evils of guns. But I don’t think AR-15s are getting banned and I don’t believe any tougher gun controls will result from the Connecticut shooting.

The reason being is because the gun culture in America is now too strong. In other words, there are now too many Americans who have the common sense that guns are needed to protect us in our homes (since the police will be there 9 minutes later, if we’re lucky) and that guns are needed to keep our government honest and to protect ourselves from other evils in this world.

By the way, as far as I know, Utah is the only state that allows concealed carry in schools. Obviously, I think that’s great because when concealed carry isn’t allowed in schools then there’s zero chance of a legally armed citizen stopping a madman with a gun in a school. But if concealed carry is allowed in schools, we have that chance.

My prayers go out to the family members of the victims and even as a parent I can’t begin to image the pain and suffering they are going through now. God bless them and stay safe.

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