Why You Need Guns Now

Why You Need Guns Now
Why You Need Guns Now
Why You Need Guns Now
Why You Need Guns Now

Even though I’m writing this on Christmas and hopefully you’re relaxing, I’d like to quickly remind you why you should have your guns now, as proven by the reactions by both the left and the right after the horrific Connecticut shootings.

In short, the aftermath of these shootings has shown that far too many people lose all rationale and do crazy things after a “disaster.” For instance, it’s no surprise that the liberals want to ban AR-15’s, ban the number of rounds that a magazine can hold, and our favorite New York mayor even talked about confiscating all of the guns in New York.

But the liberals weren’t the only one’s losing all rationale, so were some gun folks.

For example, the website Cheaper than Dirt stopped selling firearms and essentially committed business suicide. Whatever gutless executive made that call ought to be fired and there’s nothing that ticks me off more than people without conviction.

One of the biggest handgun trading websites in the nation is on KSL. It’s a Utah website where people buy, sell, and trade guns. Well, last week I was getting ready to do some advertising on the website and the KSL ad rep I was working with sent me an email and said they were temporarily taking down the entire firearms section. Again, some gutless executive has no idea who his customer is and made a bonehead decision.

The fact is, it’s sad when people can’t stand by what they believe.

But enough about corporate executives being wimps, let’s talk about other irrational things that have happened since the shootings. The popular website Brownell’s sold as many AR-15 magazines in 72 hours as it usually does in 3.5 years.

And pretty much every gun store in the nation was jam packed with lines going out the door and people dropping as much as $7,000 on merchandise. And when my wife was in Walmart last week I asked her to take a look at the ammo section for me and she said it was almost empty and basically the only ammo left was .22.

My point of telling you all this is: first, you ought to be prepared before a disaster takes place. I haven’t bought any guns or ammo or any accessories since the Connecticut shooting because I already have what I need. And if you don’t already have an AR-15 don’t go and buy one now and get ripped off (I saw listings where people were selling a $1,000 AR for $4,000.) Wait until things die down and then go buy one.

Second, keep your head cool during a disaster and the aftermath. While people from both sides make foolish decisions and take irrational actions, try and keep your wits about you. Lastly, the aftermath of the Connecticut shooting is far from over, so please stand by your convictions and don’t buckle like many people already have. In other words, stand by what you truly believe in.