Oregon Bills for Reciprocity and Removing Carry Permits from Public Records

Oregon Bills for Reciprocity and Removing Carry Permits from Public Records
Oregon Bills for Reciprocity and Removing Carry Permits from Public Records

Please contact your state senators and ask them to support House Bill 2787 and House Bill 2792.  HB 2787 removes concealed carry permits from public record and HB 2792 allows for Oregon to have reciprocity with any state that issues concealed carry permits.

HB 2792 text

HB 2787 text

CHL information is currently part of the public record, but Thatcher said she thinks it should have been exempted from the beginning. “Recently, it’s been more of a target for public records requests,” she said. “People misguidedly think that if they know who has a concealed handgun license, they’ll know who’s carrying a gun, and that’s just not the case.

A frequent champion of expanded transparency in the state — she was behind creation of the state transparency website and has championed improved public records laws — Thatcher said removing CHLs from the public record does not go against that mindset.

“Public records laws, ‘Sunshine’ laws, they came about around the Watergate era to shine some light on government actions,” she said. “These licenses have to do with private individuals.”
She said the bill, submitted at the request of the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association, has generated a lot of interest from the public, and those who have contacted her are “overwhelming for it.”

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As it is now, people from Washington can take a class and get a concealed handgun license in Oregon in some counties. The problem being they can get a permit but we are not contacted when they get a restraining order or are arrested. If they had their Washington CHLs and were arrested or had a protective order their permits would be revoked so they would not be carrying in Oregon. As it is now…they have an Oregon permit, we don’t know they have issues, so they carry here but are not allowed to carry in their own state. Let the other states take care of their own offenders. We have enough of our own to deal with.


I understand what you are saying here, but you’re telling me that in the age that we are in now… with the Technology that we have today. We can’t figure out that some chuckle head from another state is crossing the border just to get a license so he can carry? Don’t get me wrong here but you would think that the state that they are trying to get a permit from would have something in place denying someone from getting a permit without having one from their home state. It would be like a huge red flag to the issuing state saying that “I am and IDIOT and don’t deserve a permit!” How hard is it to do the background check with that home state?

Richard Holloway

So, I have my CCW from kansas.  If I want to be covered by all the states oregon has for Reciprocity  I can get a Oregon license?  Sorry just a little confused.