Philadelphia Open-carrier Harassed by Police with Audio

Philadelphia Open-carrier Harassed by Police with Audio
Philadelphia Open-carrier Harassed by Police with Audio

Mark Fiorino lives in Lansdale, PA and has a Pennsylvania concealed weapon permit.  While visiting his mother he was treated like a criminal by the Philadelphia Police Department merely for open carrying.  Please note that some localities in PA require a carry permit in order to open carry.  Here’s his story:

I have learned to always keep my recorder on me and recording when I am in public in Philadelphia, due to the over-zealous nature of the police, and today, I am glad I followed that rule.

As I walked down the street towards the store, I caught a glimpse of a Philadelphia Police cruiser out of the corner of my eye, traveling in the same direction I was.

A few moments later, I hear a vehicle’s transmission roughly slam into “P” very close by.

“Hey, Junior!” comes a voice from the other side of the squad car.

“Junior?!” I replied as I turned around. I thought to myself, that’s kind of a condescending way to greet someone, isn’t it? As I turned, I prepared to ask the police officer what I could help him with.

It was then that I noticed the officer had his gun trained on my chest.

At least seven officers, 5 squad cars, and a threat of a taser later, I found out what it was like to sit in the back of a paddywagon.”

There are 3 15 minute videos and a 4th that’s about 8 minutes so it’s quite a long listen.