Pink Guns are Just the Beginning

Pink Guns Just The Beginning
Pink Guns Just The Beginning

Recently my friend Gracie, of Packing Pretty, posted an article about pink guns. As per usz, I agreed with all of her points. She has an amazing knowledge of guns, tactics and shooting. Gracie is one bad a** gunner girl and I respect her a lot, pink gun and all… But if there’s one thing I know, it’s color.

Not only do I hold a BFA in Interior Design, but I have always had an eye for mixing colors and materials. In a previous (career) incarnation, I worked as a consultant and used this skill for many types of design projects. Be that as it may, I’m not an especially girly girl. I don’t prefer pink; It’s not even in my top three. I have been accused of having “more tools than a dude” and could live in jeans and T-shirts. (Then again, I do enjoy donning a fabulous pair of high heels now and then.) But I digress.

Once I began shooting, I went looking for colorful range gear and was intent on bedazzle every inch of it. This must have been my body’s attempt at balancing all the manliness suddenly surrounding me. What I found is part of what inspired ArmedCandy to grow into a retail business. Most of the gear available had obviously been created to be as functional as possible with little regard for aesthetics. I don’t say this to belittle these products or their creators. Functionality is key & I respect the need for it, but women just need more. I did notice that some gear manufacturers had taken their black gear and cloned it in pepto pink (a term I coined for that “breast cancer ribbon” pink, when it is used on products unrelated to the cause). Men of the gun industry, thank you for this effort. I understand that sales of the pink stuff are good but when it comes to satisfying the lady gunner, you’ve barely scratched the surface. So to those of you who are bothered by a little pink in the gun shop, hold on to your hats!

Packing Pretty's Pink XDMy customized and personalized earplugsNeed an example? As you can see, Gracie’s gun is not even close to pepto pink, and thats no accident. Under that coat of hot pink, is the gunsmith’s first attempt. It was much closer to a “Silly Putty” pink. After a second crack at it, he found Gracie’s preferred shade.

My gear? I’m more of a light blue kind of girl, and I like some sparkle too. Hence my ear plugs. Why did we both go out of our way to not use the available options? Because those options didn’t properly express each of us.

Many people see a girl with pink or sparkly gear and assume that she’s not serious about shooting, but that’s simply not the case. Everyone expresses themselves through their clothing or their accessories, some even use their vehicle or home. It’s just that women tend to be more aware of this expression. If you’ve ever heard a woman say that her clothes can impact her mood, that was a prime example of what I’m talking about.

If you want to argue that a guns color doesn’t affect it’s “function”, first tell the Marines that you’re taking away their OD green and tan. Once you’re done with that, consider that, to women, aesthetics are part of a gun’s function. If we are going to carry an item every day, we will consider its functions just as we select our purse, our shoes & our underwear. Looks are a factor.

(A note: I realize I’ve made some generalizations in this article. If you’re a guy who likes color, or a lady who likes black, I meant no disrespect. Personal preference is what it’s all about, and each of us is entitled to our own.)

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3 Pack Of BLEM PSA Stealth AR-15 Lowers

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Gabby ArmedCandy is humbly honored to be the first female writer at USA Carry. Compared to the site's other writers, Gabby's interest in firearms, yesterday, but once introduced, she fellinstantly in love with the gun world. With her new passion ignited, she began a female-focused blog and community called ArmedCandy. Gabby hopes to inspire others to learn and explore as she shares her growth and experiences. You can also find Armed Candy on Twitter and Facebook
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Great article! I love seeing a little color in the gun shop and at the range, if it gets more women shooting and more importantly protecting themselves then it is a wonderful thing indeed.


That’s the spirit!


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Da Kingfish

Maybe they can encourage the wussie men to man up.


I am a dealer in Utah. I am experimenting with changing an older Sig from
original blue to purple (dark purple not lilac). This is my favorite color and
as it turns out my adult daughter likes this particular make and model as well
as purple. We’ll see how well this goes over.


True story: I took my wife to our local gun store we were goint to get matching LCP’s. My wife picked out a “Rassberry” Ruger. I did not say a word but, I choose black with stainless slide. When we got a good price we went to pay the guy behind the register asked why do you want a pink gun her reply was so my husband will not shoot it. We get home and I asked really a pink gun she them opened her black purse with her black wallet and slid it in. it stuck out like a sore thumb. To find it faster she replied. I have not said a word since.


As more than 75% of my students are women, I make it a point to explain that many color and design choices are now available. Many of my students want something more than ‘black’.

Scott Atherton

Pink gun or black gun, either way it is going to hurt to get shot by one.


Because I am married, I understand and agree with the idea behind this article. I just don’t like the idea of lightening the fact that guns are weapons, not toys, or purses, or shoes. OD green is used on guns so they are more likely to achieve their purpose which is to kill. The only thing a fancy colored gun is good for is for showing off and attracting attention which in my mind isn’t part of being a responsible gun owner. In addition, I also don’t like the youth 22 rifles that you can buy in pink. They are to similar to a toy. This cause problems for children and both guns have the potential to cause problems for law enforcement.


Gabby, I think there is something you could have added about the about the usefulness of a custom colored firearm – the decreased risk of being wrongly identified as brandishing your concealed firearm. Working in law enforcement, I’ve seen this happen before.

Imagine someone calling the police to report a gun that was drawn, most likely after an argument, when in fact they only saw the printing of the firearm. Imagine the police respond, question the witness what the firearm looks like. The witness says, “I don’t know what kind because I don’t know much about guns, but it was black colored.” The police say to the witness, “Wrong, it was pink.”