[POLL] Find Out What Type Of Concealed Carrier You Are

[POLL] Find Out What Type Of Concealed Carrier You

[POLL] Find Out What Type Of Concealed Carrier You

In between all the fun and informative articles we generally offer, we’re curious about how concealed carriers think about different situations and ideas relating to carrying concealed. Below is a quick poll and feel free to post your comments in the comment section below. You may skip any questions you don’t want to answer.

Hope these questions were fun and got you thinking. We have our own style of humor so please take it in the manner it was offered. Hope your concealed carry experience is fun, safe, and regularly occurring. Once we have enough responses, we’ll tally them up and let you see how everyone answered.

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Bryan Carosi

There was one question without the correct answer for me. I carry at least 2 extra magazines on me and at least 4 extra in my vehicle.

One thing that I will never allow to happen is running out of ammo if, god forbid, I have to use deadly force to protect myself and/or other people. 1 loaded and 1 carried isnt enough for me when ive had to defend myself from more than 6 aggressors at once. This was before I turned 21.

Jim Lagnese

You’re optimistic.


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I’m like you . . . I always have my Kimber Ultra Carry Compact with one extra magazine on my hip and two more magazines in an ankle pouch, along with a couple of spare magazines in my vehicle.


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Shane Pierce

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Pete Ramirez

I carry one loaded and 2 more in my back pocket in a pocket mag carrier, but they didn’t have an option for that. I did think it was a little extreme of this quiz to go from one+one to seven.


Can’t carry at work. Carry on off days. New to carrying. Running holster down for repairs, using unit it replaced; still have non-IWB drop holster for open carry.
Depending on the situation dictated how to react to loud voices; ie: comming from sporting events, non-threats can be louder than planned.
I’m single again, so ex-person of romance can be done without.
Clip vs Mag argument is used for funning around.
Also, tend to do research before a purchase, while saving up funds.
1 , in-da-pipe, w/full mag, 3 spares in pouch, 8 in vehicle w/3 50rd boxes.
45aCP 230Gr +P 3rd Gen HP in 8Rd mags for a full size singlestack

john northrop

I ‘head right to buy my favorite brand’ simply because after 10 years of concealed carry and 25 years of shooting regularly, and a lifetime of guns passing thru my ownership…probably about 100 handguns alone…I am what I am. For me…that’s a Glock guy…I own way too many to put down here, lol!

Jim Lagnese

I’m old school. I don’t care for double stack pistols as they aren’t as ergonomic and the trigger reset is annoying. John Browning had more wisdom in gun making than Glock as a company will ever know…JMO. Nothing wrong functionally with the most of the polymer stuff though, just not my bag. The nice thing about a 1911 is that if you do run out of ammo, you can always bludgeon someone with the gun. Or hammer nails with it. 🙂

john northrop

haha… I hear Jim. While I have no prob’s with my double stacks (I own a G43 but don’t like the thinness to be honest) on my wall is an ARCOM medal I got for running an arms room for a US Army Infantry unit in the 80’s. It’s sorta like you might get sick of steak every day…I kept maintained/serviced the /1911’s for the entire batallion (amoung all the other 50’s, 40 cal’s, M16’s, M 40’s, etc…but honestly if I never see another 1911 in my life it will be just fine with me! Of course it’s all about perspective isn’t it? Carry on, friend – heck, it’s all about having a gun on you if you need it. Glad you have something you like and trust!

Jim Lagnese

If I was going to get polymer pistol, I’d probably get a MP Shield in 45 or a XDs in the same. The MP is made in the US and can be had without a safety and holds an extra round.

Green Hornet

Nice! Condition One!

Jim Lagnese

Yeah, I have a Commander, stainless frame, blue slide. Condition one is the way to go. I also have a FEG R9. It’s a cross between a S&W 59 and a Hi Power. It’s flawless in terms of reliability and very easy to shoot as it’s all metal and the recoil is light. If I use something like 185 +P @1150 in the commander, it kicks a little. Not like a 357 or bigger, but it lets you know it’s working hard.

Green Hornet

Sorry you feel Glock is your gun after all that time shooting, I won’t own a Glock if giving one!
1911 condition one! I do like the SA/XD

john northrop

Good for you, GH! The cool thing is there are lots of choices – you gotta find what works best for you, of course. Most inmportantly…we ARE carrying – and that serves a lot of good for our world.


I am also a big fan of the entire SA line, but the most important thing is to carry everyday, and practice with it.


I wasn’t much help here as I cannot carry concealed yet. I still have to get a class.


Just as a note there has to be more options. For mags I carry one in the gun, and two on the hip. Spare mags in my concealed carry briefcase and boxes of ammo in each caliber I shoot, and a med kit in the vehicle. No one has ever said they have too much ammo.
I own a holster store so I have more than I need, and access to more than that.
Too hard to talk on most ranges, I will save the magazine vs. clip discussion if I remember for coffee later.


the questions about a new gun and holster wasn’t as good as it could have been.
they assume you only have one of each and not several backups.