Pro-Gun Bill Fixed Utah Gun-Free School Zones

Pro-Gun Bill Fixed Utah Gun-Free School Zones
Pro-Gun Bill Fixed Utah Gun-Free School Zones

We need to get this pro-gun bill passed by the House, and then passed by the Senate.

Here are some important points about this bill –

HB 75 won’t affect colleges or universities.  It doesn’t allow “guns in schools.” It’s a common sense step that brings our definition in line with surrounding states and protects honest gun-owners.

Utah’s current definition of “on or about school premises” is far too broad. Under the current definition, you may have unintentionally violated Utah’s gun-free school-zone act many times.  The federal law is limited to K-12 schools, but Utah law adds day-care centers, pre-schools and vocational schools. Utah law includes a 1,000-foot “gun free zone” around each of these “schools.”  Thus, for example, under state law you’re on “school premises” if you get within 1,000 feet of a day-care center that’s operating inside a private residence, or if you get within 1,000 feet of a small cosmetology school located in a strip mall.

This bill will cease turning well-meaning gun-owners into inadvertent criminals. It
brings the definition in line with what everyone considers to be schools: K-12 and colleges or universities.

This bill can be called up for a vote by the full House any time, probably Friday.

Full text and status of the bill at:


ASK ALL HOUSE MEMBERS TO VOTE FOR HB75 Dangerous Weapon Amendments. Please email, fax or call as soon as possible as they could vote on this very soon.   Use the following message.   (Contact info follows the sample email) House FAX number for all members is (801) 326-1544

Subject:   VOTE FOR HB 75 Dangerous Weapon Amendments

Dear Representative ___________
I am asking you to VOTE FOR HB 75 (1st Substitute) “Dangerous Weapon Amendments,” sponsored by Representative Curt Oda.

This bill continues to ensure the safety of K-12 schools and colleges or universities.

Utah’s current definition of “on or about school premises” is far too broad and should be brought into line with surrounding states and common sense.

Currently it is impossible for gun owners to identify all the “school zones” where guns are prohibited around day cares, pre-schools, vocational schools and the like.  Even worse, school field trips create an invisible almost half-mile wide “roving gun-free school-zone.”

This bill is needed to protect well-meaning gun-owners from being turned into inadvertent criminals by simply passing through invisible restricted areas.

Please VOTE FOR HB 75.


[insert your name, and when contacting your own Representative, your address so they know you are in their district]


Contact YOUR REPRESENTATIVE and as many others as you can right away.

Use this easy tool to identify your Utah Representative District  and find   your representative’s email address and phone number-

Just enter your address, and then click on the name of the REPRESENTATIVE and then click on their email address to open a form where you can cut and paste the message above.

If you know your district or your Representative’s name you can go to the House roster and click there for the email addresses for all Utah Representatives

USSC WEBSITE- includes daily updates on gun related bills during the Legislative Session. You can sign up for our Alerts, or remove your name, or change your email address (add the new one and delete the old one).

Thanks for your time!


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Let me start by saying I stand by the second amendment. Those for gun control are not going to give this one up. I say find a compromise that both sides can work with to defuse some of this. Yes i know not all the kinks have been worked out so lets call this a concept. Starting with the schools. Just go with it and kick this around a bit.

1. Teachers train with and carry tranquilizer guns.
2. All doors, hallway and corridor enter sections equipped with automatic roll down steal storm doors. ( other bullet proof materials could be used like teflon, or tight chain mesh, something to block off these areas to trap intruder)
3. Harmless smoke sprays to reduce visibility in hallways and corridors.
4. Each room with windows equipped with escape slide ( inflatable or netted, easy to deploy in case of emergency )
5. Rooms with no windows have safe rooms. ( bullet proof pop up tents )
An intruder enters a school and starts his assault. An emergency button is pushed setting off an alarm, notifying police and closing roll down doors. Harmless smoke is released to reduce visibility. Locked down classrooms immediately start to evacuate classrooms or put students in safe rooms or bullet proof pop up tents. Teachers are armed with tranquilizer pellet or dart gun. 

The idea is to make it hard as hell for these nut jobs to succeed with most any weapon of their choice. They would be crazy to enter if there is a chance they would be trapped in.
Any feedback on this concept?