Colion Noir Predicts Future: Scotland Requires Air Rifle Registration

Colion Noir Predicts Future: Scotland Requires Air Rifle Registration

In 2015 Colion Noir made a video that featured a future where air rifles were regulated. Well, it is 2016 and that is exactly what is happening in Scotland. Starting December 31, 2016, you will be required to have an “airgun license” to own an “airgun”. To obtain said license, you will have to go through similar hoops that you need to go through to obtain a firearm certificate. One website stated that it may in fact BE EASIER to get a shotgun certificate than an air weapon certificate!

The details of the requirements and cost are yet to be determined but you will apply for them through the police. The cost is said to be cheaper than a firearm (£88.00) or shotgun (£79.50) certificate and will last for 5 years. The information they will ask for is the same information they ask when applying for a firearm certificate, which includes personal information as well as a “good reason” for possessing an airgun. You are also required to allow the police to access your general practitioner as well as visit your home or place where the “weapons” are stored.

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Green Hornet

or New Jersey, previous article has actor going through hell in NJ for air/BB gun prop
we should ban tourism to countries with these rules, ok I’ll stay home!!!


Nazi’s but no different than MD and NJ or NY, governed by idiots who only want the plice and the hood rats to have arms. Forget about protecting your self or family.


[email protected]$.ing believable… speechless