3 Situations, 3 Concealed Carry Choices — Are You Ready?

3 Situations, 3 Concealed Carry Choices -- Are You Ready?

In this article, we’re going to give you three actual situations that have occurred.  We’ll give you the outcome of those events on the last page so you can see how the person actually responded.  Your job, as a concealed carrier, is to answer for yourself what you would have done and then compare it to the actual conclusion.

SITUATION 1:  Reckless Driver Almost Slams Into You In Pursuit Of Another Vehicle

We’ve all seen it.  Driving through busy city streets, there’s inevitably the drug deal gone wrong.  You’re focusing on the road but you notice two groups of people rush out of a house.  The first group hops in a silver Chevy Malibu and almost slams into the car in front of you trying to get away.  A second car pulls out behind you.  You watch the first car slide onto a side street and gun it.  Despite the heavy tint, you see the occupants of the car behind you have weapons out.  On a two-lane road, they go into the flow of traffic to skirt around you.  Slamming on their breaks to go down the street the gray car went, you almost run into them.  They come to a complete stop.

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  • The Dude

    Last guy cited for shooting wild. Wow the police cite themselves when they do that? Forgot there above the law.

  • Cyberats

    Get company name & phone number without opening the door, legitimize the visit with landlord or management, if not legitimate call the police. Any escalation on their part you have a right to protect yourself by any means.

  • Cyberats

    1) Despite what you witnessed you are likely not their concern but that does not mean you should fall victim to their intentions, prepare to defend yourself, but call the police & tell them what you witnessed.

  • Cyberats

    3) By all means grab your weapon, aim well & open fire, these are not your neighborhood boy scouts. Be mindful of spraying out into the street.

  • Some Rabbit

    Scenario #4: You’re minding your own business when some guy walks up and asks you an innocent question like “Do you have the time?” or for directions. You take your eyes off him for an instant to check your watch or to look off into the distance and point… That’s when he makes his move.

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