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Springfield XDM 9mm Compact 3.8"

The Springfield XDM 9mm Compact 3.8″

"My daddy can beat your daddy!" exclaimed the young boy to his friend. "Oh yeah!" his young friend retorted. "Bet I can beat you! That is when the fight started. When I heard that the Springfield XD series of pistols betters the Glock series of pistol, it reminds me of the situation above. We can…

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Springfield 1911 - Range Officer

Springfield 1911 – Range Officer Review

So you looking to rid yourself of unwanted pest, are you? There is a product on the market that allows you to rid yourself of unwanted pests without the mixing of chemicals (pre-mixing is provided), no shaking of a can, is capable of pinpoint accuracy, and comes in its own container. That product is the…

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Springfield Armory EMP .40 Review

Springfield Armory EMP .40 Review

Here's a review that my dad wrote up and emailed me on the Springfield Armory EMP .40. My dad was in the Navy for 24 years and retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer. John Browning made the prefect pistol when he made the, 45 caliber 1911. (My opinion) It may not be as “sexy”…

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