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Shooting Around Cover: An Essential Defensive Skill

Shooting Around Cover: An Essential Defensive Skill

The average citizen that acquires a concealed carry permit spends dreadfully little time training with their weapon. But for those of you that do take your self-defense more seriously, this article will explore a subject worth considering and worth some effort in training: Shooting from and around objects of cover. While most armed citizens will…

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A Double Stack Gun Isn’t Really That Hard To Conceal

The modern era of handguns belongs to the single-stack compact poly striker gun, without doubt, and a whole lot of people have opined that a double-stack pistol - even a compact one - just isn't as good for concealed carry. Some go so far as to say a double-stack shouldn't necessarily be a first pick…

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Carrying a Reload: Concealability vs. Accessibility

Carrying a Reload: Concealability vs. Accessibility

Many concealed carriers don’t bother packing a reload for their handgun. Statistically it is exceedingly rare for a citizen to reload in a use-of-force situation so there is an argument for not bothering with a reload at all. However, I believe there is a convincing argument for being prepared for even the outliers. Personally, I…

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The Raven Concealment Phantom holster with a Glock 26 9mm Third Generation. This holster will never make it into any art museum, but since form follows function it has its own beauty.

Raven Concealment Phantom Modular Holster Review

If Edgar Allan Poe wore a holster, this would be it! There’s no such thing as the “best holster,” despite what many people say. There is a best holster for you, carrying a particular pistol, with your particular body type, wearing a particular type of clothing, in a certain type of environment. Beyond those circumstances,…

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