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Getting Intimate with Violence: Part II

Getting Intimate with Violence: Part 2

Violence is a tool. That's it........Thanks for reading....... OK, I’m just kidding. Just as a gun, which is a tool, is praised and demonized for the results of its use; so goes the reputation of violence. A mother hawk brings food to the nest to feed her young. "She is so beautiful and caring. How…

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Getting Intimate with Violence: Part II

Getting Intimate with Violence: Part 1

There is a lot of discussion on the subject of tactics. That word, tactic? It’s used A LOT! A tactic is a plan, procedure, or expedient for promoting a desired end or result. Tactical is the word used to describe the nature of something used in a tactic or set of tactics. This can range…

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Defensive Intelligence - Connecting The Dots (Continued)

Defensive Intelligence™: Connecting the Dots (Continued)

A laboratory rat was subjected to electric shock accompanied by an audible tone.  Very soon, after repetitive tone/shock cycles it displayed obvious fear to the tone, even without the shock.  This is a simple example of an auditory association.  But even after the auditory cortex was removed from its brain, effectively rendering the rat absolutely…

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Defensive Intelligence: Connecting the Dots

Defensive Intelligence: Connecting the Dots

I had just come to a stop when they pulled into my driveway directly behind me.  Their headlights were set to high beams and I couldn’t see them for the glare in the rearview mirror.  Chris was always showing up in a hurry, vehemently telling me to “get ready, we’re going out”.  By the time…

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Defensive Intelligence, The Foundation

Defensive Intelligence, The Foundation

If you “Google” self defense in your given city, you’re probably going to see a list of martial arts schools. Rarely will you see a school that blends unarmed and armed tactics with a firearm. I know you can get training at a dojo for nunchaku, swords, etc. But those are not things you are…

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