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How to Handle a Loud Thud at Night

How to Handle a Loud Thud at Night

A few weeks ago, I showed people an email from a fellow who thought he had an intruder in his house. It turned out to be his dog getting its leash caught in its cage, but the fact is, this gentleman didn’t have his gun loaded and it took him a while to get ready…

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Why I Don’t Worry About Home Invasions

Why I Don’t Worry About Home Invasions

The other night my wife woke me up about 2:00 in the morning. I was half asleep as she told me the helicopter had been circling our neighborhood for a while. Since I was half asleep and because I didn’t hear any helicopter, my only comforting words to her were “okay.” About five minutes later…

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Self Defense Shooting in New Mexico

Shortly before 10:30pm Tuesday (02/22/11) 43 year old Wallace Roberson was pronounced dead. He had allegedly attempted to break into the home of 70 year old Hobbs Resident Watson Green. Green fired one shot through the front door, fatally wounding Roberson. The DA is reviewing the case and exact details are not yet known.

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