Self Defense Shooting in New Mexico

Shortly before 10:30pm Tuesday (02/22/11) 43 year old Wallace Roberson was pronounced dead.

He had allegedly attempted to break into the home of 70 year old Hobbs Resident Watson Green. Green fired one shot through the front door, fatally wounding Roberson.

The DA is reviewing the case and exact details are not yet known.

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Chicago Mad man

Many things work in the homeowners favor here. Age. Elderly person in imminent fear for his life. Forcible Entry. As under most Castle Doctrine Laws,he was “OK” to shoot. Where it might get sketchy is where he fired “thru the door” at the offender. We dont know if warning was issued,if door was breached(which would indicate Forced Entry)or if the offender was a “repeat offender”. In any event at the end of the day, the offender wont be bothering good people in the community again!



The should give the man a medal for civic improvement!


Justified shooting, no charges.
score one for the good guys!


Too bad for Mr Watson at his age he has to live with the fact that he had to defend himself. But got rid of a thug trying to do him harm.


The man deserves a medal. Who knows how many lives he saved by taking out this worthless, poor excuse for a human.