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Learning from the NYPD Shooting

Learning from the NYPD Shooting

You've probably heard about the shooting that took place on August 24, 2012 in New York City. In short, a former employee killed his co-worker and was then killed by two New York City Police Officers. One officer fired his gun 7 times and the other officer fired his gun 9 times. During this hail…

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High Capacity Magazine Ban

NYPD After Your Legal “High Cap” Magazines

NYPD's License Division is sending letters to handgun permit renewal applicants suggesting their pre-ban standard capacity magazines may be in violation of the law. The letter uses the date 11/1/2000 as being the date of New York's assault weapons ban and magazine limits.  However, any capacity magazine possessed prior to 9/13/1994 is legal.  The letter…

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