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Shooting with Eyes Open or Closed?

Shooting with Eyes Open or Closed?

Depending on which firearms instructor you talk with, you’ll either hear insistence that you’re supposed to shoot with both eyes open or that it’s alright to shoot with one eye open while the other eye is closed. So who is right? Well, it all depends on you. Just like every one of us has different…

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Oklahoma Open Carry HB 1647 in Trouble

Oklahoma Open Carry HB 1647 in Trouble

Rep. John Bennett's (R-Sallisaw) open carry bill was severely damaged in the Oklahoma House of Representatives late last night.  Apparently Rep. Emily Virgin (D-Oklahoma City) had her amendment approved which adds the language "“if the person has filed an emergency protective order, or if a protective order has been granted by a district court".  This…

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Open Carry

Open Carrier Arrested After Scuffle

Sunday afternoon John Garcia and his family were having lunch at Garcia's Restaurant. Mr. Garcia was open carrying a handgun inside the restaurant. A man now known to be Mr. Christopher Torres, who has an alleged history of "mental issues" walked in to the store. Mr. Torres observed the firearm on Mr. Garcia's hip, then…

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