Oklahoma Open Carry HB 1647 in Trouble

Rep. John Bennett’s (R-Sallisaw) open carry bill was severely damaged in the Oklahoma House of Representatives late last night.  Apparently Rep. Emily Virgin (D-Oklahoma City) had her amendment approved which adds the language ““if the person has filed an emergency protective order, or if a protective order has been granted by a district court”.  This means only people with protective orders could openly carry under the house bill.

The senate version of the bill, SB 129, is still unmolested.  Please contact your state representative(s) in the House and let them know you want the bill passed without restriction to people with protective orders.

Oklahoma 2011 HB1647

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  • Blaine Lippe

    First and most importantly, HOW on Earth did a Democrat get elected for anything in Oklahoma? After the blatant lies and discontent from the Odrama administration, Democrats should NEVER be elected for office, especially in Conservative states. Next, why did Oklahoma representatives approve any bill that detracts from Americans’ Second Amendment? This is the perfect example of why Democrats shouldn’t be in office and how liberal morons are continuing to ruin our great country that many soldiers and veterans like myself have fought to protect.

  • Anonymous

    It is obviously a poison pill attempt. If this passes as is, it isn’t a big deal. Bump this comment thread after the fact, and I’ll point out the loophole.

  • Anonymous

    The simple fact appears to be that Emily Virgin is an enemy, therefore, everybody should just fil;e for a protective order from her ;-))

    Many states in fact provide for emergency issue of a CCW to a person who has been threatened. Maybe this Virgin simply has not had sufficient life experience to fully appreciate the rights of an American citizen.

    Seriously, poison pill amendments are common, But the Senate can strike the amendment and maybe the Oklahoma Governor has line item veto power that is not limited to spending?

  • Mallardx

    These are the most corrupt group I have seen in this state. A pack of white collar criminals who need to be voted out of office.

    I believe, despite the governor’s promise to sign open carry, there is a behind the scenes deal to make sure it never gets to her desk.

    One was caught sleeping with a lobbyist that he just gave an enormous state contract to. The AG couldnt find anything wrong in all this.

    I am sorry, the R’s sold us up the river. Makes me miss the D’s.

  • Scott

    I guess the only people who need to defend themselves in Oklahoma have crystal balls so they can know who they’re attacker is going to be and get a protection order against them. At the top of the protection order put “The Government” where you put the persons name that you want protection from.

  • Docbooks1

    The republic can survive a barak obama, but not the fools who put him office———-

  • CaliforniaGunner

    Maybe she’s not really a Virgin and that’s how she got the amendment passed?

    Pretty girls do know how to get what they want, ya’ know.