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Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun

Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun Review

In the beginning In mid-2004 Beretta released the Xtrema 2 semi-automatic 12 Gauge shotgun in the United States. A buddy of mine showed me a YouTube video of the Beretta pro shooter demonstrating it. I was floored by his obvious skill, but also immediately intrigued by the almost complete absence of apparent recoil and how…

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My 3 Favorite Tactical Flashlights

My 3 Favorite Tactical Flashlights

Last week I was in Tennessee. I didn’t have a car and the only restaurant close to me was McDonald’s. At night, I kept telling myself I was going to call a cab, but let’s just say I ate a lot of McDonald’s and never want to go there again. While I was walking to…

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The Ka-Bar TDI – Tactical Sense for Self-Defense

The Ka-Bar TDI – Tactical Sense for Self-Defense

In the "Old West", carrying a large fixed-bladed knife in a sheath was a matter of course. You might find the sheath carried on the belt or shoved into the belt or sash. The knives were large, sometimes had a full-tang, and were usually bone-handled. From skinning hides or scalps, the fixed blade knife was…

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