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Dardick Model 1100 and Model 1500

4 Strange and Unusual Firearms

We live in an era of relative conservationism in firearms design. The AR15 in its various forms dominates the semi-automatic rifle market, Mossberg’s 500/590 and Remington’s 870 represent the bulk of the sporting, tactical, and defensive shotguns out there, and while there’s more diversity in the handgun world, let’s be honest: most of you are…

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Practical Tips for 4 Unusual Handgun Concerns

Practical Tips for 4 Unusual Handgun Concerns

Some handgun and concealed carry students and readers have asked for my ideas about some practical solutions and tips for some different and uncommon concerns they have while carrying concealed and using handguns in general. Unusual concerns like what to do in the bathroom when carrying, how to store many holsters for easy access, a…

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