Tennessee Market Shootout Highlights Need for Training

We’ve written before about the need (duty?) of training when you decide to carry a gun whether is concealed carry or open carry.  Stressful situations where your life is in danger can impair your normal mental condition.  Check out this video of a March 16th shootout at a convenience store.  Nobody was actually hit with a bullet, if you can believe it.

Some content on liveleak is NSFW.

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Nice to see someone defend themselves and not be a victim…if this were in NJ, MD, IL, DC, NYC, WI, or any other place were the ridiculous laws prevent someone from defending their own, they would have been dead.


Need for training…seriously?? Who in their infinite wisdom said “Tennessee Market Shootout Highlights Need for Training”?

How about tougher criminal laws? What would the media have said if they were shot and left for dead?

Media answer: Well, 2 more thugs robbed and killed convenience store workers and the police are on the lookout. If have you have any information, blah, blah, blah, call…

DO NOT criticize THE VICTIMS because they did what they had to do to survive and luckily they had guns…a shootout is NEVER a perfect Hollywood scenario!

Did they catch the the thugs???? Never mind, I know the answer…


He could’ve just as easily hit the other store cutomer with that wild blind shooting. He needs better training. Period.

Ruger P944

Need for training? Looks to me like he actually did the smart thing and not run. In any training you receive the instructor will tell you that the closer you get to the offender, the better off you are. He closed the distance. Good job! Yes, there were some tactical mistakes made by the store employee, that does not mean that he was not fully trained with his weapon.


they need time at the target range. not killing these two armed robbers put the public at risk.


I’d say he was pretty successful. Those dumb thugs will think twice before robbing another convenience store!


Could he have drawn his weapon cleaner…..yes. Should he have made sure his field of fire was clear…yes…. But more training?……..Hmmmmmmmmm. He is alive because of his actions. Fighting through adreneline and fear to defend his live. Kudos!


wow. he didn’t get shot after a failed attempt to tackle the bad guy. not only that, he managed to drop his mag after drawing and trying to rack one in the tube. he definitely needs to review his carry methods..


I doubt that anyone in the media has ever had to even consider the idea of taking another persons life. Its not Hollywood, its not the range, your heart is beating at about 250bpm and you become all thumbs. Thats why for home defense I love my 870.


lmao…….this is why black people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns……it’s way to hard to hit a target with the barrel sideways. and the fatty store clerk should be pistol whipped for missing those two homeboys

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Im glad he defended himself, but good lord not very well. This isn’t a warzone, you don’t blind shoot. You dont shoot sideways standing up. He could’ve hit the customer as easily as hitting someone else. He needs better training.


I normally try not to put my two cents in regarding incidents like this. But I think the monday morning quarterbacking here needs to stop. I am ex LEO and I can state that highly and regularly trained LEO’s sometimes do not react any better than you see here in this video. This store owner did a few of things right, and he did a few things wrong. At the end of the day nobody was injured and the bad guys fled. I dare say that many of the critics here could very well have reacted much worse if they had found themselves in this situation.


The very best training that any one can get is only good if you practice, practice, prac….and that includes mindset and breathing. As for this particular vid he may have been out of practice but he did what he was supposed to do-not rid the population of a few scumbags: we pay LEOs to do that. He protected his own life the best he could. Isn’t that why we carry a gun?