30-page Terrorist Attack Manual from Uncle Sam

30-page Terrorist Attack Manual from Uncle Sam
30-page Terrorist Attack Manual from Uncle Sam
30-page Terrorist Attack Manual from Uncle Sam
30-page Terrorist Attack Manual from Uncle Sam

About two weeks ago, a Congressman from North Carolina released a 30-page manual called, “Preparing Your Home, Family, and Business For Terrorist Attacks.”

The manual covers how to deal with possible attacks such as chemical threats, an electromagnetic pulse, and a nuclear blast. It also includes a list of supplies that are recommended for every American to keep at home.

The manual is a beginners guide and basic, but I would encourage you to read it. Even if you get just one nugget of information from the manual then it will be worth your time.

The fact is, since September 11th, our country has been fortunate not to have any other major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. So far, the government has been able to thwart several attacks but they won’t be able to stop every single one and eventually it’s going to happen again.

As former CIA director James Woolsey says…

“ISIS, Iran, al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations are focused on destroying our way of life. We should recognize their unrelenting focus and determined intent to attack America. Making common sense preparations for a possible attack on our Homeland should be a consideration of all Americans.”

I’m glad to see the government releasing a manual like this because it’s their way of saying, “It’s going to happen and we can’t take care of you, so please prepare to take care of yourself.”

Unfortunately, most Americans will be unprepared for any type of attack. But that doesn’t mean you and I have to follow along with them.

One of the main things missing from the manual is the recommendation of having any self-defense items (guns.) I realize this is a government manual and they’re not likely to say, “buy guns” or “buy weapons.” However, common sense dictates that you’ve got to be able to protect yourself whether it’s from roving gangs of looters or the lone shooter in the mall.

Click here to download the manual (PDF Format). Just remember, this is a basic manual and a starting point.