USA Carry Mailbag #2

USA Carry Mailbag

USA Carry MailbagThis is the second edition of the USA Carry Mailbag where we answer questions sent in from our readers. We hope everyone else can benefit from some of the answers we usually provide via email. At the end of this article will be a form you can submit to send in your questions. We’ll answer them to the best of our knowledge and may include it in the next USA Carry Mailbag.

So to get this started off, here are some questions and answers that were sent in to Jason Hanson.

From Karl Z: I am looking for a new EDC (everyday carry gun). I have carried a variety of pistols over the years and know that you are a big fan of the Glock 19.  What primary reasons did you choose the 19 over the 26 and the M&Ps (or others, like the XD series (including XD(M) Springfields)? Thank you for your time and for all you do.



I carry the Glock 19 and M&P. I carry these guns because they’re reliable and simple to operate (no external safeties.) The Springfield XD series are solid guns I just don’t like the trigger and how the grip fits my hand. The Glock 26 is a fine gun, but too big for pocket carry, which is why I don’t own one.



From Brandon B: I just wanted to say thank you for the “If I Were Trayvon Martin” article that I finally had a chance to read. I had come to the same conclusion as you but it seemed like I was the only one. Everyone I have talked to about it either thought Zimmerman did the right thing confronting him as he did or that he was completely wrong in using deadly force in the end. It’s unfortunate that in modern America we let JUDICIAL INTERPRETATION and POLITICAL CLIMATE decide our court cases instead of FACT and THE LETTER OF THE LAW. Thanks for all you do, keep up the good work and may God bless you and your family.


I absolutely agree with you. It’s scary how much the political climate affects certain court cases.




From Doug K: Continuing the “attacker wearing body armor” theme: What’s it like to take two 9mm rounds to chest when wearing Class III armor? I know the bullets aren’t going to just bounce off the chest, Superman-style. Would it not be similar to a one-two from a pro boxer? Follow-up question: Does the potential for body armor-wearing attackers not support using what the Department of Homeland Security call a Personal Defense Rifle for home defense?


The best way to get training is to take a full day or multi-day defensive pistol course. Obviously, I recommend my courses but Gunsite and Massad Ayoob are other good sources of training. The instructors who are worth the money typically have some type of law enforcement or government background and have plenty of student testimonials. Unfortunately, there are times you take a course that isn’t worth the money and if the instructor is a stand up guy they should offer a refund.


From Austin S: I am looking for a good trigger lock for my home defense 12 guage. I know you have recommended safes in the past. Any ideas on a trigger lock?



For my Remington 870 I use the Breechvault made by the Gun Vault company.




From Adam S:

I’m cycling my old defensive ammo (9mm JHP), and my friend needs to run defensive ammo through her new XD9sc. Can I have her run my old ammo through her pistol to check for malfunctions if it’s the same weight and style of her own defensive ammo, or does she need to shoot what she has loaded in her pistol?


Yes, your friend can use your ammo since it’s also a 9mm firearm and shoots the same ammo.




From Phil H: Jason what do you think about bringing a gun with you on a first date?




I always carried my gun on dates when I legally could, which meant I carried when I went on dates in Virginia and didn’t carry in Maryland. My only suggestion is this: If you think your pants will somehow become separated from you on your date then I would not carry a gun because you want to be in control of your gun at all times.



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