My 4 Everyday Carry Guns [POLL]

My 4 Everyday Carry Guns
My 4 Everyday Carry Guns
Everyday Carry Guns

Right now, I have four guns in the rotation of what I carry on a daily basis. I don’t rotate these guns daily and some of them I carry more often than others, but throughout the month each one of these guns is likely to be with me at some point.

The first gun is a Ruger LCP and I find myself carrying this gun more and more often these days. I carry it in my front, right pocket in a kydex holster. The reason I carry this gun so often is because it’s easy and convenient to slip in my pocket when I’m heading out. I also carry this gun in a bellyband every morning when I go for my daily run. This gun carries 6 + 1 rounds of ammo, which I am completely comfortable with.

The second gun is another pocket pistol. It’s a Smith & Wesson model 642 snub-nosed revolver. I also carry this gun in my front, right pocket and I carry it in a Robert Mika pocket holster. This is a 5-shot revolver.

Both of these pocket guns aren’t the easiest to shoot and you definitely need to practice with them and get used to the long trigger pull. However, they’re both highly accurate guns and I’m confident carrying either of them.

The third gun in my rotation is the Glock 19.

The Glock 19 gives me 15 + 1 rounds of ammunition. It’s durable and reliable and it has never given me any problems over the years. I typically carry my Glock 19 in an inside the waistband holster at the four o’clock position.

The newest gun in my rotation is a full size Smith & Wesson M&P. The M&P gives me 17 + 1 rounds of ammunition and is Smith & Wesson’s version of the Glock. I like the sights on the M&P better than the Glock and the grip on the M&P feels better to me, too.

I carry the M&P two places on my body.

I either carry it in an inside the waistband holster at the four o’ clock position, the same way I do my Glock… or I carry it in an outside the waistband holster and I have my shirt over top of the gun to conceal it.

These four guns are obviously my personal preference and there are a lot of quality gun manufacturers out there these days. But whatever guns you decide to add to your carry rotation, first, make sure they are quality, and second, make sure you practice with them and that you develop the accuracy skills you need to stop a threat.

Note in the poll below and let us know what your Everyday Carry guns are in the comments below.

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Sig Sauer P365 9mm Pistol 12 Rd RTT Tacpac, Coyote

Sig Sauer P365 9mm Pistol 12 Rd RTT Tacpac, Coyote

The award-winning P365 has redefined the micro-compact pistol category, quickly becoming one of the most coveted firearms in the industry.

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Smith & Wesson M&p Shield Ez 9mm Pistol With Manual Safety, Black - 12436

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm Pistol With Manual Safety, Black

The next evolution of the M&P Shield EZ pistol, the M&P9 Shield EZ encompasses all of the M&P Shield EZ features, now in the powerful 9mm caliber.

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3 Pack Of Blem Psa Stealth Ar-15 Lowers

3 Pack Of BLEM PSA Stealth AR-15 Lowers

These forged lowers are quality made using material is 7075-T6 and are marked "CAL MULTI" to accommodate most builds. The finish is Black Hardcoat Anodize per MIL-8625 Type 3 class 2.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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My EDC guns are my Ruger LCP and Glock 26.

Manny Ramirez

My first choice (I carry most often) is my Glock 27- .40 cal
Second is my Colt New Agent 90- .45 cal

Martin Hruz

My primary carries have been my XD 40 and my old school S&W M&P .38. Made before they even called it a k frame. I also have a Ruger P94 that has finally been relegated to a primarily desk gun; but even then I like it in a shoulder rig when I am out in the wilds or on a cold day.

David Seay

EDC guns are my Springfield XDS 45 cal. and Ruger LCP


I don’t believe in pocket pistols. I carry full size Sig-Sauer P220 (.45) and P226 (.40). With the right holster, any size gun is perfectly comfortable all day. Oh, all right. I confess. I carry the P232 (.380) when I go on vacations. It’s easier to pack to take on a plane.


I am a slim guy and carry a Glock 32 in a Chaddo holster in the middle of my back. Cuban shirt is a must and yes I am always mindful of my surroundings when I bend at the waist.


I switch between a Kahr PM9 in summer heat, a G19 Gen4 for utility carry, my usual daily driver is a Springfield Champion Operator and finally when I am feeling adventurous I will carry my TRP stainless.


I prefer the LC9 to the LCP. I have a Beretta Nano and a Ruger SR9c.

Chief Snipe

1911 Colt Govn., AMT backup 45 acp, Ruger security six 357 mag 6″, Speed six 357 mag 2 3/4 “.

James Van Valkenburg

Smallest to largest – depending on season and weather

CZ-50 32 acp (IWB)
Bersa Thunder 32 acp (IWB)
1911 Officers model 45 acp (shoulder holster or IWB)
1911a1 full size 45 acp (IWB)


M&P Shield or M&P 9c. Use to be Glock 26, but my wife has taken the Glock and left me her 9c.


Colt government 1911, Sig commander C3 commander 1911, Ed Brown EE commander 1911 & GLOCK 30. All 45’s

Corey Lewis

My first is my Ruger SRC 9mm and my second is my Glock 23c with a CT Laser. Both at 4 o’clock. Need to get a smaller size for belly or ankle.


I carry my S&W .40. Gives me 14+1 its comfortable and packs a punch. Best of both worlds.


I disagree with you an this one. I carry one handgun, and Smith & Wesson Doug Koenig edition 1911. I carry it outside the waistband in a Blackhawk SERPA holster. I carry two extra magazines. The gun has Ambi safeties, adjustable target sights, full length guide rod, and is usually ( almost constantly ) loaded with H&G #68 bevel base semi wad cutters and Winchester 231. I do all this stuff (wrong?) because I hunt with this gun and load, I compete with this gun and load, I plink with this gun and load…..I can put two or three shots in a varmint’s eye socket with this gun and load from 50 feet before he can blink, be he a man varmint or a beasty varmint. I shoot over 500 rounds with this gun and load most weeks. I AM going to get another Carry gun, though…. Another Smith & Wesson Doug Koenig edition 1911…. My opinion is that I need to be intimately familiar with anything I trust my life to. No switching ball bats in the middle of the game for me. Is the pistol or the load ” the best” for every situation? Absolutely not! It does cover the most bases for me, though. And that is what I look for. If something comes along that covers more bases, I will look at it. Until then, no changes.


I love my S&W DK 1911 and use it to qualify yearly as a retired LEO for HR 218, national carry. I would love to carry it every day, since its the most accurate gun I own, but its so gorgeous its mainly a safe queen. I feel better beating up my G27, Taurus 738, or Shield .40.


It’s nice to different options based on what type of clothes you are wearing. Always I the Kel-Tec 380, in my pocket or ankle. I recently picked up a Kahr CM9, it’s not much bigger then the 380. When clothing permits I prefer to carry my Colt Talo night Defender .45, it’s not much bigger then the Kahr. Finally I use a Taurus 38 snubby. All just depends on what I am wearing


I have an M&P9c, an M&P45c, and a Springfield XDs.


My EDC is my Glock 19, in a G-Code INCOG with mag caddy in the appendix position.

When I go running, or am wearing gym attire, I carry my LCP in a I.C.E./Crosbreed modular belly band. I also carry this if I’m in a specific situation where I have to dress a certain way that won’t allow me to conceal my G19, which is extremely rare. For the most part, when I’m not running, it stays in my center console.


Taurus TCP (PT738)
easy back pocket holster
fits two full fingers on grip
holds open after empty
Trigger pull shorter then Ruger LCP

Jim Glunt

Agree on the TCP. Much better trigger than the LCP and just as accurate. Mine has been reliable with no issues. I use a pierce grip extension to get a three finger grip.


I believe that it is best to be MOST proficient with your primary carry gun, and quite proficient with whatever else is your secondary, tertiary, and quad choice. I also feel that regular rotation of carry weapons is a questionable practice as at a time when reaction time is critical, memory of what piece you have in your hand should not be your primary concern. My attitude when I leave the house is that the MOST important objective of the trip is to come home for dinner.


While agree in principle that it is better to carry only a single sidearm with which one is proficient, this is not always practical. For eaxmple, one might prefer to normally carry a full size 1911, but also carry a compact 9mm on certain occasions when wearing light clothing. Further, when out for a jog, the compact 9mm might be impractical and a sub-compact .380 might be carried. And when afield, one might carry a .357 on the hip with some shot shells on hand for snakes or a .44 mag for the larger fauna.
Unless your preferred carry is a sub-compact .22 WMR magnum revolver – which seems pretty risky, you’d be hard-pressed to cover all of the above with a single side-arm. (Well, I guess you could go for a jog with your full-sized .45 or .357, but won’t it won’t be much fun.)


Actaully, noting a post below…I guess a sub-compact .45 ACP could cover all bets if you don’t mind the recoil. Also noting another post below, you can buy a single brand in multiple calibers, such as the M&P or XD series, in order to have variety in size, weight and punch while maitaining operational consistency.


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Ornette Coleman

It’s unfortunate that this can’t just be a fun article discussion about the pistols people like most without Tactical Timmy pontificating about his vaunted values “

William T. Wade III

It is an article posted on a forum that allows people to post their opinion. If you don’t want to see people’s opinions, don’t read articles, or pay attention to the opinions posted afterwards. WB911E’s point is valid. Experience with firearms in the people that carry varies greatly. The author is required to be experienced with firearms. The ability to carry concealed does not.


I agree with you, especially about rotation of carry guns. My main carry gun is a Springfield XDS in 45 cal. I have some severe back problems, and the XDS is small and light enough that it does not affect my back. I plan on getting the XDS in 9mm if I ever get rich enough. It is a fantastic gun for me.


How can you not know what piece you have in your hand? You shouldn’t even have to think about it. Your hand should know if your brain doesn’t.


My EDC is a USP Compact 9mm usually at the 4 o’clock position.


Springfield XDM .45, Ruger SP101 .357 mag. If I shoot, I want it to count.

David Woodruff

1911 .45ACP, Ruger SR9, Walther PK380


I’m one of the 11+ carry guns. All of them have custom leather holsters, some OWB, some IWB and some Pocket. XD’s 45, Snake Slayer 45lc, XDsc 40, PPS 40, PX4sc 9mm, Shield 9mm, PF9 9mm, LC9 9mm, PPK/s 380, Bodyguard 380, Tomcat 32, P32 32, those are all the sub compacts I usually carry the PPS or the Bodyguard but have carried all at one time or another.


I carry the Glock 17 and the Glock 23. The G 23 was my first everyday Carry until about two years ago when I bought the G 17. Now I find that I am carrying the G 17 more often although I do still carry the G 23.


I usually have these five in my rotation. SW bodyguard .380 auto, Tarus 44 spl revolver, glock 26, tarus judge public defender, and Springfield XDS 45.

Happy Gary

We are from just outside Chicago and I carried a 38 smith snub for close to fifty years.
Most of those years my pants were getting lowered SO now retired and with shorts on daily I have a model 25 Bretta~22. This was the mobs favorite piece so I have copied.
Inside holster and very light.


Suburb outside Chi. Dad carried concealed daily to work. S&W snub .38. Dad was principle and a teacher (several teachers cc’d) of the district …’School’. For some reason, that school (including any others similar) was Never threatened by a ‘Lanza’ type, or ever had any issues with ‘workplace violence’.


My everyday gun is a Walter PPK Pre 1965 issue from Germany. I love the way it shoots and feels. I would count on to protect me any day. Has been my favorite for many years.

Robert Bruce Webster

My primary carry is the Ruger SR9-C I like the 17+1 as I don’t like to reload. Also the LCR and LCP, and once in a while my new SR-22


I think the SR9c with the full-size mag is a great combo. (I have the same, although I sometimes carry the LCP when I just want to shove something in my pocket for no-muss/no-fss protection.)


#1- Kimber Super Carry Pro
#2- Kimber CDP II
#3- Sig P938
#4- Sig P238
Or… Maybe at least 2 of these at any given time.


Four of my rotation are all the same type: H&K’s; P2000, P2000sk, P30 in .40 and a HK45c. If I just run to get a paper or such I will throw my PM9 in pocket.


Glock 17 – 60%of the time. Glock 26 – 30%, SP-101 – 10%


Daily carry, .45 Springfield 1911, Colt .38 Super, Combat Commander depending on where I might be traveling. DeSantis IWB, CrossBreed Super Tuck for the .45. DeSantis on the belt for the .38 Super.

I carry to be comfortable, the holsters allow comfortable carry.

Y’all take care and be safe

Roy Creiglow

My wife and I carry Ruger LCR in 38spl+P for our every day carry. We do this as this is her choice of guns, and she is familiar with what I am carrying. We use the same ammo,so there are no surprises if she needs my gun. If I am going out for the day by myself, I will carry My RIA 1911A1 in .45 ACP with 2 extra mags. I ALWAYS have one or the other gun on my person unless in the shower or in bed, and then they are within arms reach. Love My RIA 1911


Ensuring ability to share tool & ammo with the spouse is a great idea!

Dual Wings

I always carry my 92FS in my fanny pack (since I am over 64 years old I don’t give a damn about making a fashion statement) and some times I will carry my Ruger LC9 in my ankle holster.

Bigg Gunn

that’s a fine pistol, I have one myself and love it. I’m with you on the fashion.


My 1st choice is my Sig P938. I carry it in my front pocket in a DeSantis holster. I will also carry my Glock 26 in a 5.11 carry shirt.

Hal K.

My ed carry is a S&W M&P 40 Shield. I use a VersaCarry IWB at the 4 o’clock position 90% of the time. If I have to tuck, I go with the Tactipac Fusion, but it’s not as comfortable.


I carry my Keltec 380 on my ankle holster at all times and I carry my Glock 27 in midback with a factory clip mount . More comfortable ,less bulk


JUST ONE: Springfield XDS 45 – suits me well.


LCP with CT in right back pocket most of the time. 45 Kimber with CT at 4 oclock IWB or with OWB. 9mm Kimber with CT (see 45)

Tony Kammerer

Glock 19 almost always, Bersa Thunder .380 if I feel the need to conceal better. Either carried IWB.


I am a 5 ft woman and have had a lot of trouble concealing on my person. After trying a variety of pistols, I carry the Bersa Thunder with laser grips, the Sig P250 subcompact (love the night sights) and sometimes the Rugar SR22, but typically as a back-up. I also own the Walther P22, but don’t typically carry that. I may look into the Pico when it’s more available. I am also experimenting with fanny packs now.


Take a look at the S&W Shield 9mm




Have you checked out the new Flashbang Holster? If I was female, I’d get one. Great way to tuck away a .380 acp and head out to town




In the summer, when clothing is lighter and concealment is more problematic, my M&P Shield 40 or my Smith & Wesson snub-nosed 38 revolver are my go-to carry pistols. When clothing is heavier, I am more comfortable with my M&P 40 or my M&P 45.


The M&P Shield is a really nice, compact, well built pistol for a very reasonable price. That it’s made in the USA is icing on the cake. Excellent choice.


I carry an LCP exclusively, because I usually wear khakis and a polo or shorts and a t-shirt in the Florida heat. It’s small and light enough to fit in my back packet in any pants, or front pocket of loose clothes. I stagger Gold Dots and Golden Sabers in the mag to ensure both penetration and expansion, and I use a DeSantis Nemesis holster that’s perfect for your pocket. It’s slick inside, grips outside, and has a square bottom to keep the pistol upright. I also have an M&P Shield .40 with Truglo TFO sights, which is a totally awesome little pistol. However I find it uncomfortable to carry in an IWB holster, and it’s too big for pockets IMO. I like it and would carry it if I wore Hawaiian shirts or a jacket. I get consistent hits in a 4″ circle to about 10-15 yards. Admittedly a higher cap midsize 9/40 would be best if you wear a jacket. Lastly is the Ruger SP101 .357 which is too heavy to carry concealed for my preference, but it makes a great reliable defense piece for a nightstand, glove box, or anyplace close by. I shoot the Shield the most because I like it. I shoot the LCP a few times a year and can hit most within a 6″ circle, and all on an 8×10″ sheet of paper out to 7-10 yards. I certainly wouldn’t want to try to take on a bad guy with a hostage though, it’s not that accurate in my opinion. Strictly close range last resort and the largest caliber I’ll actually carry consistently.

Chris Cliff

my 1 every day carry gun is a CZ 75 P-07 Duty 9mm. it is a great mid-size gun with good capacity. love it to death (no pun intended).


Normal carry is a Springfield XDS or a Glock 26, both 9mm IWB Cross Breed holster for the Glock and Old Faithful for the XDS. Occasional carry is a Browning Hi-Powed 9mm in OWB DeSantis.


I had to laugh as I read your article.
I carry two guns most often. A S&W 642-2 with Golden Sabers in +p’s IN MY RIGHT FRONT POCKET in a leather pocket holster and once in a while at 4:00 o’clock in a OWB holster. I also carry a S&W bodyguard .380 with 102 grain Golden Sabers. One of my favorite, which also fits in my front pocket and I am carrying it more often is my Taurus 617t with 110 grain .357 mag. I love this 7 shot pistol and it is very accurate with only a ported 2″ barrel. It still carries a lot of energy. My other two guns are a Glock 19 Gen 4 with Federal HST 124 grain +p which I also carry in my Ruger SR9c.
I guess I have 5 guns in rotation but more often than not, I carry my snubby. It is very accurate gun and carries enough power if ever I need it. When I go into the city I will most often carry one of the 9’s with an extra mag.


Ruger LCP, Sig P290, CZ75 9mm Compact, CZ 82, CZ 2075, 40 S&W


Carry Guns: Ruger SR9c (never used a gun I handle as well) 2) Ruger SR1911 big, but OK with the right clothing 3) SIG P229. Backup any with Walther P22 (Bianchi 105 for Rugers and SIG but, Galco Yaqui slide can work for all 4)