My 4 Everyday Carry Guns [POLL]

My 4 Everyday Carry Guns

Everyday Carry Guns

Right now, I have four guns in the rotation of what I carry on a daily basis. I don’t rotate these guns daily and some of them I carry more often than others, but throughout the month each one of these guns is likely to be with me at some point.

The first gun is a Ruger LCP and I find myself carrying this gun more and more often these days. I carry it in my front, right pocket in a kydex holster. The reason I carry this gun so often is because it’s easy and convenient to slip in my pocket when I’m heading out. I also carry this gun in a bellyband every morning when I go for my daily run. This gun carries 6 + 1 rounds of ammo, which I am completely comfortable with.

The second gun is another pocket pistol. It’s a Smith & Wesson model 642 snub-nosed revolver. I also carry this gun in my front, right pocket and I carry it in a Robert Mika pocket holster. This is a 5-shot revolver.

Both of these pocket guns aren’t the easiest to shoot and you definitely need to practice with them and get used to the long trigger pull. However, they’re both highly accurate guns and I’m confident carrying either of them.

The third gun in my rotation is the Glock 19.

The Glock 19 gives me 15 + 1 rounds of ammunition. It’s durable and reliable and it has never given me any problems over the years. I typically carry my Glock 19 in an inside the waistband holster at the four o’clock position.

The newest gun in my rotation is a full size Smith & Wesson M&P. The M&P gives me 17 + 1 rounds of ammunition and is Smith & Wesson’s version of the Glock. I like the sights on the M&P better than the Glock and the grip on the M&P feels better to me, too.

I carry the M&P two places on my body.

I either carry it in an inside the waistband holster at the four o’ clock position, the same way I do my Glock… or I carry it in an outside the waistband holster and I have my shirt over top of the gun to conceal it.

These four guns are obviously my personal preference and there are a lot of quality gun manufacturers out there these days. But whatever guns you decide to add to your carry rotation, first, make sure they are quality, and second, make sure you practice with them and that you develop the accuracy skills you need to stop a threat.

Note in the poll below and let us know what your Everyday Carry guns are in the comments below.

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  • USACarry

    My EDC guns are my Ruger LCP and Glock 26.

  • Manny Ramirez

    My first choice (I carry most often) is my Glock 27- .40 cal
    Second is my Colt New Agent 90- .45 cal

  • Martin Hruz

    My primary carries have been my XD 40 and my old school S&W M&P .38. Made before they even called it a k frame. I also have a Ruger P94 that has finally been relegated to a primarily desk gun; but even then I like it in a shoulder rig when I am out in the wilds or on a cold day.

  • David Seay

    EDC guns are my Springfield XDS 45 cal. and Ruger LCP

  • Legneck

    I don’t believe in pocket pistols. I carry full size Sig-Sauer P220 (.45) and P226 (.40). With the right holster, any size gun is perfectly comfortable all day. Oh, all right. I confess. I carry the P232 (.380) when I go on vacations. It’s easier to pack to take on a plane.

  • Recondobilly

    I am a slim guy and carry a Glock 32 in a Chaddo holster in the middle of my back. Cuban shirt is a must and yes I am always mindful of my surroundings when I bend at the waist.

  • BigUgly

    I switch between a Kahr PM9 in summer heat, a G19 Gen4 for utility carry, my usual daily driver is a Springfield Champion Operator and finally when I am feeling adventurous I will carry my TRP stainless.

  • Dom

    I prefer the LC9 to the LCP. I have a Beretta Nano and a Ruger SR9c.

  • Chief Snipe

    1911 Colt Govn., AMT backup 45 acp, Ruger security six 357 mag 6″, Speed six 357 mag 2 3/4 “.

  • James Van Valkenburg

    Smallest to largest – depending on season and weather

    CZ-50 32 acp (IWB)
    Bersa Thunder 32 acp (IWB)
    1911 Officers model 45 acp (shoulder holster or IWB)
    1911a1 full size 45 acp (IWB)

  • Brad

    M&P Shield or M&P 9c. Use to be Glock 26, but my wife has taken the Glock and left me her 9c.

  • ken

    Colt government 1911, Sig commander C3 commander 1911, Ed Brown EE commander 1911 & GLOCK 30. All 45’s

  • Corey Lewis

    My first is my Ruger SRC 9mm and my second is my Glock 23c with a CT Laser. Both at 4 o’clock. Need to get a smaller size for belly or ankle.

  • larrynmarla

    I carry my S&W .40. Gives me 14+1 its comfortable and packs a punch. Best of both worlds.

  • docmagnum357

    I disagree with you an this one. I carry one handgun, and Smith & Wesson Doug Koenig edition 1911. I carry it outside the waistband in a Blackhawk SERPA holster. I carry two extra magazines. The gun has Ambi safeties, adjustable target sights, full length guide rod, and is usually ( almost constantly ) loaded with H&G #68 bevel base semi wad cutters and Winchester 231. I do all this stuff (wrong?) because I hunt with this gun and load, I compete with this gun and load, I plink with this gun and load…..I can put two or three shots in a varmint’s eye socket with this gun and load from 50 feet before he can blink, be he a man varmint or a beasty varmint. I shoot over 500 rounds with this gun and load most weeks. I AM going to get another Carry gun, though…. Another Smith & Wesson Doug Koenig edition 1911…. My opinion is that I need to be intimately familiar with anything I trust my life to. No switching ball bats in the middle of the game for me. Is the pistol or the load ” the best” for every situation? Absolutely not! It does cover the most bases for me, though. And that is what I look for. If something comes along that covers more bases, I will look at it. Until then, no changes.

    • Eli

      I love my S&W DK 1911 and use it to qualify yearly as a retired LEO for HR 218, national carry. I would love to carry it every day, since its the most accurate gun I own, but its so gorgeous its mainly a safe queen. I feel better beating up my G27, Taurus 738, or Shield .40.

  • mandel7172

    It’s nice to different options based on what type of clothes you are wearing. Always I the Kel-Tec 380, in my pocket or ankle. I recently picked up a Kahr CM9, it’s not much bigger then the 380. When clothing permits I prefer to carry my Colt Talo night Defender .45, it’s not much bigger then the Kahr. Finally I use a Taurus 38 snubby. All just depends on what I am wearing

  • ChuckD

    I have an M&P9c, an M&P45c, and a Springfield XDs.

  • Joe

    My EDC is my Glock 19, in a G-Code INCOG with mag caddy in the appendix position.

    When I go running, or am wearing gym attire, I carry my LCP in a I.C.E./Crosbreed modular belly band. I also carry this if I’m in a specific situation where I have to dress a certain way that won’t allow me to conceal my G19, which is extremely rare. For the most part, when I’m not running, it stays in my center console.

  • JMoriarty

    Taurus TCP (PT738)
    easy back pocket holster
    fits two full fingers on grip
    holds open after empty
    Trigger pull shorter then Ruger LCP

    • Jim Glunt

      Agree on the TCP. Much better trigger than the LCP and just as accurate. Mine has been reliable with no issues. I use a pierce grip extension to get a three finger grip.

  • WB9IIE

    I believe that it is best to be MOST proficient with your primary carry gun, and quite proficient with whatever else is your secondary, tertiary, and quad choice. I also feel that regular rotation of carry weapons is a questionable practice as at a time when reaction time is critical, memory of what piece you have in your hand should not be your primary concern. My attitude when I leave the house is that the MOST important objective of the trip is to come home for dinner.

    • m444ss

      While agree in principle that it is better to carry only a single sidearm with which one is proficient, this is not always practical. For eaxmple, one might prefer to normally carry a full size 1911, but also carry a compact 9mm on certain occasions when wearing light clothing. Further, when out for a jog, the compact 9mm might be impractical and a sub-compact .380 might be carried. And when afield, one might carry a .357 on the hip with some shot shells on hand for snakes or a .44 mag for the larger fauna.
      Unless your preferred carry is a sub-compact .22 WMR magnum revolver – which seems pretty risky, you’d be hard-pressed to cover all of the above with a single side-arm. (Well, I guess you could go for a jog with your full-sized .45 or .357, but won’t it won’t be much fun.)

      • m444ss

        Actaully, noting a post below…I guess a sub-compact .45 ACP could cover all bets if you don’t mind the recoil. Also noting another post below, you can buy a single brand in multiple calibers, such as the M&P or XD series, in order to have variety in size, weight and punch while maitaining operational consistency.

        • sheila752

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    • Ornette Coleman

      It’s unfortunate that this can’t just be a fun article discussion about the pistols people like most without Tactical Timmy pontificating about his vaunted values “

    • zrick01

      I agree with you, especially about rotation of carry guns. My main carry gun is a Springfield XDS in 45 cal. I have some severe back problems, and the XDS is small and light enough that it does not affect my back. I plan on getting the XDS in 9mm if I ever get rich enough. It is a fantastic gun for me.

    • Legneck

      How can you not know what piece you have in your hand? You shouldn’t even have to think about it. Your hand should know if your brain doesn’t.

  • IdahoCary

    My EDC is a USP Compact 9mm usually at the 4 o’clock position.

  • Brew

    Springfield XDM .45, Ruger SP101 .357 mag. If I shoot, I want it to count.

  • David Woodruff

    1911 .45ACP, Ruger SR9, Walther PK380

  • Brian

    I’m one of the 11+ carry guns. All of them have custom leather holsters, some OWB, some IWB and some Pocket. XD’s 45, Snake Slayer 45lc, XDsc 40, PPS 40, PX4sc 9mm, Shield 9mm, PF9 9mm, LC9 9mm, PPK/s 380, Bodyguard 380, Tomcat 32, P32 32, those are all the sub compacts I usually carry the PPS or the Bodyguard but have carried all at one time or another.

  • RoyR

    I carry the Glock 17 and the Glock 23. The G 23 was my first everyday Carry until about two years ago when I bought the G 17. Now I find that I am carrying the G 17 more often although I do still carry the G 23.

  • Hamilton

    I usually have these five in my rotation. SW bodyguard .380 auto, Tarus 44 spl revolver, glock 26, tarus judge public defender, and Springfield XDS 45.

  • Happy Gary

    We are from just outside Chicago and I carried a 38 smith snub for close to fifty years.
    Most of those years my pants were getting lowered SO now retired and with shorts on daily I have a model 25 Bretta~22. This was the mobs favorite piece so I have copied.
    Inside holster and very light.

    • blogengeezer

      Suburb outside Chi. Dad carried concealed daily to work. S&W snub .38. Dad was principle and a teacher (several teachers cc’d) of the district …’School’. For some reason, that school (including any others similar) was Never threatened by a ‘Lanza’ type, or ever had any issues with ‘workplace violence’.

  • Connie

    My everyday gun is a Walter PPK Pre 1965 issue from Germany. I love the way it shoots and feels. I would count on to protect me any day. Has been my favorite for many years.

  • Robert Bruce Webster

    My primary carry is the Ruger SR9-C I like the 17+1 as I don’t like to reload. Also the LCR and LCP, and once in a while my new SR-22

    • m444ss

      I think the SR9c with the full-size mag is a great combo. (I have the same, although I sometimes carry the LCP when I just want to shove something in my pocket for no-muss/no-fss protection.)

  • UnkaDave

    #1- Kimber Super Carry Pro
    #2- Kimber CDP II
    #3- Sig P938
    #4- Sig P238
    Or… Maybe at least 2 of these at any given time.

  • SCfromNY

    Four of my rotation are all the same type: H&K’s; P2000, P2000sk, P30 in .40 and a HK45c. If I just run to get a paper or such I will throw my PM9 in pocket.

  • Jack

    Glock 17 – 60%of the time. Glock 26 – 30%, SP-101 – 10%

  • mercdragon

    Daily carry, .45 Springfield 1911, Colt .38 Super, Combat Commander depending on where I might be traveling. DeSantis IWB, CrossBreed Super Tuck for the .45. DeSantis on the belt for the .38 Super.

    I carry to be comfortable, the holsters allow comfortable carry.

    Y’all take care and be safe

  • Roy Creiglow

    My wife and I carry Ruger LCR in 38spl+P for our every day carry. We do this as this is her choice of guns, and she is familiar with what I am carrying. We use the same ammo,so there are no surprises if she needs my gun. If I am going out for the day by myself, I will carry My RIA 1911A1 in .45 ACP with 2 extra mags. I ALWAYS have one or the other gun on my person unless in the shower or in bed, and then they are within arms reach. Love My RIA 1911

    • m444ss

      Ensuring ability to share tool & ammo with the spouse is a great idea!

  • Dual Wings

    I always carry my 92FS in my fanny pack (since I am over 64 years old I don’t give a damn about making a fashion statement) and some times I will carry my Ruger LC9 in my ankle holster.

    • Bigg Gunn

      that’s a fine pistol, I have one myself and love it. I’m with you on the fashion.

  • ECinKY

    My 1st choice is my Sig P938. I carry it in my front pocket in a DeSantis holster. I will also carry my Glock 26 in a 5.11 carry shirt.

  • Hal K.

    My ed carry is a S&W M&P 40 Shield. I use a VersaCarry IWB at the 4 o’clock position 90% of the time. If I have to tuck, I go with the Tactipac Fusion, but it’s not as comfortable.

  • Ralph

    I carry my Keltec 380 on my ankle holster at all times and I carry my Glock 27 in midback with a factory clip mount . More comfortable ,less bulk

  • rath150

    JUST ONE: Springfield XDS 45 – suits me well.

  • jdr

    LCP with CT in right back pocket most of the time. 45 Kimber with CT at 4 oclock IWB or with OWB. 9mm Kimber with CT (see 45)

  • Tony Kammerer

    Glock 19 almost always, Bersa Thunder .380 if I feel the need to conceal better. Either carried IWB.

  • Tina59

    I am a 5 ft woman and have had a lot of trouble concealing on my person. After trying a variety of pistols, I carry the Bersa Thunder with laser grips, the Sig P250 subcompact (love the night sights) and sometimes the Rugar SR22, but typically as a back-up. I also own the Walther P22, but don’t typically carry that. I may look into the Pico when it’s more available. I am also experimenting with fanny packs now.

    • Scout10

      Take a look at the S&W Shield 9mm

      • Tina59


    • Seano

      Have you checked out the new Flashbang Holster? If I was female, I’d get one. Great way to tuck away a .380 acp and head out to town

  • Felicia

    EDC GLOCK 23

  • txlarry

    In the summer, when clothing is lighter and concealment is more problematic, my M&P Shield 40 or my Smith & Wesson snub-nosed 38 revolver are my go-to carry pistols. When clothing is heavier, I am more comfortable with my M&P 40 or my M&P 45.

    • Wildman

      The M&P Shield is a really nice, compact, well built pistol for a very reasonable price. That it’s made in the USA is icing on the cake. Excellent choice.

  • Wildman

    I carry an LCP exclusively, because I usually wear khakis and a polo or shorts and a t-shirt in the Florida heat. It’s small and light enough to fit in my back packet in any pants, or front pocket of loose clothes. I stagger Gold Dots and Golden Sabers in the mag to ensure both penetration and expansion, and I use a DeSantis Nemesis holster that’s perfect for your pocket. It’s slick inside, grips outside, and has a square bottom to keep the pistol upright. I also have an M&P Shield .40 with Truglo TFO sights, which is a totally awesome little pistol. However I find it uncomfortable to carry in an IWB holster, and it’s too big for pockets IMO. I like it and would carry it if I wore Hawaiian shirts or a jacket. I get consistent hits in a 4″ circle to about 10-15 yards. Admittedly a higher cap midsize 9/40 would be best if you wear a jacket. Lastly is the Ruger SP101 .357 which is too heavy to carry concealed for my preference, but it makes a great reliable defense piece for a nightstand, glove box, or anyplace close by. I shoot the Shield the most because I like it. I shoot the LCP a few times a year and can hit most within a 6″ circle, and all on an 8×10″ sheet of paper out to 7-10 yards. I certainly wouldn’t want to try to take on a bad guy with a hostage though, it’s not that accurate in my opinion. Strictly close range last resort and the largest caliber I’ll actually carry consistently.

  • Chris Cliff

    my 1 every day carry gun is a CZ 75 P-07 Duty 9mm. it is a great mid-size gun with good capacity. love it to death (no pun intended).

  • randyn1531

    Normal carry is a Springfield XDS or a Glock 26, both 9mm IWB Cross Breed holster for the Glock and Old Faithful for the XDS. Occasional carry is a Browning Hi-Powed 9mm in OWB DeSantis.

  • harrya

    I had to laugh as I read your article.
    I carry two guns most often. A S&W 642-2 with Golden Sabers in +p’s IN MY RIGHT FRONT POCKET in a leather pocket holster and once in a while at 4:00 o’clock in a OWB holster. I also carry a S&W bodyguard .380 with 102 grain Golden Sabers. One of my favorite, which also fits in my front pocket and I am carrying it more often is my Taurus 617t with 110 grain .357 mag. I love this 7 shot pistol and it is very accurate with only a ported 2″ barrel. It still carries a lot of energy. My other two guns are a Glock 19 Gen 4 with Federal HST 124 grain +p which I also carry in my Ruger SR9c.
    I guess I have 5 guns in rotation but more often than not, I carry my snubby. It is very accurate gun and carries enough power if ever I need it. When I go into the city I will most often carry one of the 9’s with an extra mag.

  • Bozate

    Ruger LCP, Sig P290, CZ75 9mm Compact, CZ 82, CZ 2075, 40 S&W

  • jar1807

    Carry Guns: Ruger SR9c (never used a gun I handle as well) 2) Ruger SR1911 big, but OK with the right clothing 3) SIG P229. Backup any with Walther P22 (Bianchi 105 for Rugers and SIG but, Galco Yaqui slide can work for all 4)

  • joerocket

    I have the LCP for hot days and shorts…the PM9 as the primary choice and a Walther PPK/S for rotation. I rotate based on weather and situation rather than proficiency.

  • Robert graham

    Glock 26 /black talons/Nate 2 squared holster(the best) kel-tec 32 cal fluffed and buffed with hard cast flat nose +p buffalo bore ammo

  • Bill Morgan

    Usually a G27 backed up by a Ruger LCR .357 or an LC9.

  • AlwaysWatching

    Sig P226 .40 IWB (sometimes OWB) about 4 o’clock.

  • Bobby

    I carry a 3″ Kimber Eclipse II .45 in a Fobus paddle holster over my right rear hip. My back-up gun is a S&W Air Lite PD in 38 spl carried in a pocket holster in my right front pocket. I carry both guns in the same place any time I go out. Most of all I practice with both guns on a regular schedule. The best carry gun in my opinion is the one you have with you when you need it.

  • SEARogue

    I carry my Glock 17 on my right hip in a Blackhawk holster, and my Colt 1911A in my shoulder harness, each of which I carry at least 2 extra clips for at all times. I have a second Glock 17 which I usually keep in the house, trunk or glove box, depending on where I am and what vehicle I’m in / on.

  • Craig Guinn

    spriingfield xd-s in .45acp most of the time. I also keep a .380 colt government in which ever car I am driving at all times. when in the woods I carry a para .45 acp 5″ in a shoulder holster plus the xd-s.

  • navyseadog

    I carry a Kimber solo 95% of the time and with gym clothing a keltec 380. Love both.


    Firearm 1 is a Ruger P90DC, full frame .45 ACP 8+1 with 2 spare Mags
    Firearm 2 is a Ruger P95DC 9mm 15+1 with 1 spare Mag

  • bg18566 .

    Glock 19, 26. Ruger LCR .357

  • Just one- Ruger SR40c. I use the small flush mag when I CC and the larger full-size mag when I OC. 2 set-ups; one gun.

  • ProjectThor

    Springfield XD Tactical .45 or S&W SD40….

  • Aragorn

    I have 3 to choose from depending on the seasons
    and what I am wearing and/or going with at least 2 spare

  • Georgia 1911

    I have one EDC, a CCO size 1911 in an IWB holster, and a J frame for the rare occasions when the 1911 will not work and I need to pocket carry. I do have other options, and have carried some of those, but they don’t really qualify as being in the rotation.

  • RogTMD

    G23, 1911, Sig P238, and Sig P938. Depends on what mood I’m in, and the P238 frequently rides on my ankle when one of the others sits on my right hip.

  • Maverick

    A North American Arms Guardian .380 in right rear pocket. Springfield Armory 1911-A1 inside the waist band at 4:00 or outside the waist depending on attire. And finally an M&P40 in a Blackhawk Serpa holster

  • Alan

    My three carry guns are the smith & Wesson shiel which I carry inside the waist inthe 4 oo’clock position. A smith & Wesson air weight 5 shot revolver in the pocket or a block 19 in the 4 o’clock position if I feel the need for the high capacity. I have a smith & Wesson m&p 45, full size for on duty and have been concidering getting a smaller version for carry. I like the way the m&p shoots and love the 45. Plymouth, MA

  • Christopher

    I carry an early side latch 1910 German Mauser. It holds 9+1 25 cal. If I’m in hostile territory I carry a Glock 17 9mm it holds, with a plus 3 ext., 20+1

  • ThinAir

    3 pistols in my daily rotation: Springfield XDS .45, Springfield XDm Compact .45 & Springfield XD subcompact 9mm. For all of my carry guns I exclusively use IWB Old Faithful Holsters. I carry the XDS with an extra 7 rd. mag in my pocket virtually every weekday because it conceals very well when wearing slacks and a tucked in shirt. Otherwise I go with the XDm or XD and an extra mag that ups my total rounds available anywhere from 22-29.

  • redhead

    in my area of calif. you can only have 2 guns on your CCW.
    they are kimber CDP2 45 acp, and sig 238 .380, both have IWB and pancake holsters.

  • Scout10

    1. Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm 70%
    2. Walther PPK/S .380acp 20%
    3. Sig P229 . .40cal 10%

  • preacherjeffro

    Ruger SR9c. Ace cases iwb tuckable holster most of the time. Desantis thumb break leather holster for owb. Backup is a HiPoint C9 (yes I did say that). Fits great in the ace cases holster. Just a little bulky.

  • Bear

    XDs .45 with extended mag. 7 + 1 of stopping power.

  • dond

    My primary edc is the Ruger SR9c w/CT in an owb holster that securely holds the gun with or without the laser. My bug is the LCP which I carry in a holster that wears both, owb or in the front pocket. I make my own holsters to assure comfort and function.

  • Karl Jackson

    I alternate between a Kahr CW40 semi and a Charter Arms Pitbull revolver (snubnose, 5 shot). Both shoot .40 S&W. Carry the Kahr at 4 o’clock in an Old Faithful hybrid holster, and the Pitbull at 4 o’clock in a custom leather OWB slide holster (Side Guard Holsters, excellent products).

    My pocket gun/BUG is a Ruger LC380 in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster.

  • Jim_Macklin

    I bought my EDC about 1985 sure that someday, Kansas would pass concealed carry. In 2007 the State began issuing licenses. A Colt all carbon steel Officer’s ACP has been my EDC. It was modified by Richard Heinie with sights and a new recoil system that uses a reverse plug, getting rid of the weak recoil spring cap. The leather is home-made.

    If I was going to open carry, a Ruger P95 works fine. It was purchased back in ’85 also in case there was an ammo shortage.
    That can be backed up with a full size 5″ 1911.

  • JC

    Mostly carry my XD Subcompact 9. Every now and then switch it out with the Beretta 9000s

  • JRPilot

    For over 25 yrs I’ve CC the 1911 45 acp with an extra Mag. as a primary defense pistol in an” inside the belt holster” at the 2 o’clock position; as a LEO I had the opportunity to train a lot to achieve a 0.678 of a second draw and fire from the hip with an impact to the intended target…..(repeat; A Lot) *These days is like second nature. ** I recommend Lots of practice; someday it will save your Life !! That extra training
    saved mine in multiple encounters with “bad guys”.
    My back up ? a Glock 9mm with 2 mags. in an Ankle holster (with the two extra Mags ) originally was a little uncomfortable until I got used to it.

  • CCSO280K9

    Forget the LPC & go with a P-380 / Kahr ~ S&W 642 it is “IDIOT PROOF” ~ Best of all Para “C7-45” DAO / 1911 / 45ACP ~ North Carolina Sheriff

  • Davy Boy

    My Glock 21 may not be the easiest to conceal or carry everywhere but it was available in dealer’s inventory when Gun Seller in Chief motivated many of us to protect our selves. It has grown on me to feel more comfortable every day that passes. Observers continue to seem oblivious to “the cannon’s” presence. Thanks to USA Carry, your readers and other helpful blogs for helping me adapt to “the gun that I have.”

  • Bigg Gunn

    I only carry one pistol. If I expect a war I go the other way.
    I’m 65, too old to fight, too fat to run too smart to get hurt. I do not fuss.
    My Glock 20, 15+1 keeps me from doing any of that. I use a high ride holster. I never leave home without it. I must say that I’m that I’m good. I will say that I think it’s a shame to have to carry. On the other hand . I’ve carried for about 15 years. Before things got the way they are now. It’s a part of me. I thank God that I haven’t had to use my pistol. But I work with it every day of my life. Encase I’m ever tried.
    Use your head and stay safe. It’s not about how many you have
    but what can you do with what you got.

  • Ronny Moreland

    My everyday carry is a Ed Brown Special Forces with Gen3 coating full size. It is the most accurate pistol I have ever shot. It’s pretty worn in spots but it amazes me how accurate it is.

  • ALB529

    I switch up between my two Springfield Armory which include my Subcompact XDS 45 & Compact XDM 45…

  • rp

    I carry a Beretta PX4 Storm Inox in an Ace Case IWB tuckable holster. Also a S&W model 60 with in the pocket holster or tuckable IWB

  • Ornette Coleman

    Ruger SR40c, 1911 10mm, Taurus 617 .357, or taurus 24/7 OSS .40

  • Doug R.

    I carry 380’s 99% of the time. I have a Bersa Thunder and a Llama 380 and i always have two back up magazines with me. I like to carry the Llama as it is more easily concealed and shoots great and hits what I am aiming at.

  • Matt Muelver

    My EDC is my Glock 39, I currently carry it at 3 o’clock with a Versacarry clip holster. I have two backup guns that I will carry occasionally. The first is a Kel-Tec P-32 with either a frame clip or a index pocket holster. The second is my Glock 38 which used to be my EDC before I got the 39, I carry it the same way as the 39.

    I’ve been considering trying out appendix carry. Years ago I used to carry in a belly band and I actually carried a Glock 37 in it for about a year. I’m shopping for either a higher quality belly band or an AIWB holster for the 39.

  • Likes 1911’s

    Xds 9, xds 45, EMP 9mm 3″, sig .45 3.3″

  • 2ThinkN_Do2

    The top carry choice for me: Kahr MK40, SA EMP40 or M&P Shield 40. The MK40 is still my favorite and carried most often (always carry at least one extra magazine).

  • Gary

    I live in Florida, which is hot most of the year. Rarely wear a jacket, even in the winter. I carry a Ruger LCP w/CT most of the time, in the front left pocket of shorts or jeans. (I’m left-handed) I also carry a S&W 38sp Body Guard almost as much, however it is slightly more difficult to fit in some clothing. (I think the S&W is more menacing looking, and might deescalate a problem, without firing.) I have a S&W Shield that I love, and I’m working on the best way to carry it. Usually IWB at the 8 o’clock position (left-handed, remember) Some days I find it to be very comfortable, and some days, not at all. I don’t know why! I hope to make the Shield my “always” gun. I’m confident in the caliber, and it points naturally for me. The grip is perfect for me as well. BTW, as a left-hander, I’d like to say that the availability of holsters is terrible. I get really angry when I see nothing but right-handed holsters at stores. I especially hate it when I see a holster I’d like, but they don’t even make it for a lefty!

  • nuck&futz

    I think that practice with all my carry weapons the ones I m most proficient wit depends on where I m going , plus from practice when my hand touches the grip I know whats in it and how it shoots. that comes from shooting long bows ,recurves, compound and crossbows .

  • jetmech7

    I carry a Kahr , 9mm , Kahr 45 cal, Glock 19 , 9mm and a Ruger LCP 380 cal. In the winter with heavier clothing I carry a 1911 colt 45 and a Smith and Wesson 40 cal.
    Hopefully I’ll never have to use them.

  • KenInMontana

    Sig 2022 (soon to be upgraded to a 226)
    Kahr K9

  • Jimbo

    My everyday carry gun is a S&W Bodyguard 380 with an Insight laser. The ammo is Speer 90 Gr. GDHP. I carry it in a belly band with a loose T-Shirt and barely know I’m wearing it. Depending where I go on the weekend, I also carry my Taurus PT40 on the left side of the belly band just in case I need a backup to my 380. I’ll probably never have to draw either (I hope) gun but, I’ve got them if I DO need them.

  • Don Green

    I use to carry my Taurus .45 PT 24/7. I personally can not give enough praise to my XDS .45 I purchsed back in December. For a 3″ weapon mine is highly accurate and I can hit targets effectively no problem at fifty yards. This weapon is the most comfortable and concealable weapon in a .45 as far as I’m concerned. Five of my fellow workers feel the same way also went with the xds. If you have not tried one give one a try

  • C

    Glock Model 33, cant beat the .357 SIGs power and accuracy and in the Glock sub-compact frame it is just as powerful and accurate. You can also ge the .40 S&W barrel for the Model 33, magazines stay the same.

  • Bond1973

    I’m new to the whole conceal carry scene. Have been around guns throughout life, but never a constant. Recently decided to start carrying with the world going to shit and all….bought a Ruger P95PR15 due to the low cost and I figured…it’s a Ruger, so why not. It’s a little bigger than I’d like to be carrying, so I am now selling some other toys to possibly pick up a M&P Shield (40 or 9…not sure yet). Carry the P95 in the “small” (6’2″, 275lbs…can there be any small?) of my back in a cheapie holster from Ebay. Looking to get a nicer holster so maybe it will be more comfortable to carry.

  • Eli

    Depends on what I’m wearing. I carry either a Taurus 738, .380 in a Bulldog case it came with. Looks like a Blackberry case, fools everyone but true gun people, or in a Nemesis pocket holster. A M&P Shield .40 in a Crossbreed Supertuck, or nylon ankle holster, and Glock 27 .40 in an ankle holster. The G27 is always closeby or in the car if I’m not wearing it. Many times I’ll wear the .380 in the Bulldog case AND the Glock or Shield on my ankle.

  • WEED

    I live in the peoples republic of Illinois and the state po po say I can’t carry but if I could it would be a Kimber Solo loaded with Hornady Critical Defense in a pocket holster.

  • Roguemedic

    While I agree you should be very proficient with your EDC, I do have 3 I rotate through. #1 is Sig P229 .40 S&W. I carry this sweetheart OWB between 4 & 5:00. This is my go to weapon. Some days I load up my ATI 1911 Officer .45ACP, usually OWB at 4-5 but occasionally IWB for quick runs to the corner ice house. When I need small or a good BUG, I have my new S&W M&P Shield .40. Sweetness. it goes IWB or cargo pocket or in my boot. Always carry at least a spare mag between 7-8 or cargo pocket. I have developed a mindset where I am deeply conscious of what I am carrying and where at all times.

  • Tor Johnson

    Sig P-225 and Ruger LCP 380. Sig most days, Ruger when it’s 90° plus in my pocket.

  • michael summers

    I carry an old Ruger P91-dc every day inside the waist band. Sadly it is big and heavy but straight shooting and very accurate I have had this gun for 23 years and it has never failed me I have shot over 3000 rounds thru it and only ever had 3 mis-fire’s all do to bad reloads.. sad this was only made for 3 short years

  • Bob Purcell

    I have 4 EDC guns. Each depends on the weather and the clothing I am wearing at the time. I have an LCP which I carry either in my back pocket or I’ll use an ankle holster. An M&P Shield either IWB or OWB, a CZ 2075 RAMI IWB, and an STI Escort .45 IWB with a Crossbreed SuperTuck or OWB using a Galco holster. The only time you will find me not armed, is when I am in my employers office. I practice and shoot competition with each and every one of these guns (LCP and Shield) during BUG (BackUp Gun) gun matches. And the CZ and Escort for indoor IDPA style matches. I am proficient with all of them and not concerned with any of my choices when leaving the house.

  • Dano McConnell

    Primary: KAHR P-45
    Secondary: KAHR P-40
    Tertiary and Quad: BERSA .380 CCW
    I do sufficient practice drills with each to maintain a high level of proficiency with each. I don’t have to think about what is in my holster…my hand knows.

  • Free in my Mind

    I live in hot, humid, Southeastern Virginia. When I am “unarmed” (shorts, T-shirt, sandals) I carry either a S&W 642 Airweight Centennial or a standard S&W Model 60. Usually these are accompanied by two or more speedloaders in the cargo pocket of my shorts. On occasion, I carry both, one in each front pocket in Desantis pocket holsters. When I choose to “wear” a belt gun, it is almost always my Glock 32 in .357 SIG loaded with 125 grain Gold Dots. My other primary belt gun is a Glock 22, with a .357 SIG conversion barrel. As I can’t carry a firearm at work (I work in a defense plant), I keep an EAA Witness .40 and 5 magazines in a “get home” bag in my vehicle. The ‘Witness’ is a completely serviceable weapon; if it were stolen from my vehicle I haven’t lost as much, monetarily, as I would if other of my guns were stolen. I park on the street, to avoid the ‘no weapons’ policy enforced on company property. I have a number of different guns that I carry sometimes; everything depends on circumstances. When I am planning to switch from one of my “primary” systems, I spend time re-familiarizing with the particular firearm(s) I intend to carry. If, for instance, I was going on a back country camping trip in bear country, I would carry one of my two S&W .44 Magnums. I am a firm believer in the old “brace of pistols” concept, where one has more than one of any given type of sidearm that he may choose to carry. As such, I have a pair of K Frame .357s, two N Frame .44s, two Hi-Powers, more than two 1911s, more than 2 Glocks, two J Frame .38s, 2 EAA Witness (,40 and 9mm); etc. I believe the ability to switch to another firearm that operates identically to that which you are carrying regularly can greatly your ability to remain ready to defend yourself in a dangerous world. Always remember: If you are involved in a self defense shooting, no matter how “righteous” it may be, your firearm will be confiscated and held as evidence until a final determination about charges is made. Yes, you may be able to give up our Glock and go home and get your 1911, but being less familiar with that tool may slow you down at a time when you least need it.

    • oldcoyote

      Ruger SP101 357 mag. or S&W 9mm.

  • john northrop

    Glock 26 has been my EDC for years except for work hours. Used to be a G27, but as I started to shoot more and more….40 had to be replaced by 9mm for ammo costs. I also have other Glocks…but they are too big for me to carry.
    a LONG, LONG process of small guns for my work (dress slacks, dress shirt ties, and a need for complete concealment) I’ve currently found happiness with my Ruger LCP. It’s got the same workings and manual of operations as my Glocks, strips about the same, etc… and my particular LCP has been 100% accurate so far – and I’m happy with it for what it is. I’m in board rooms not back alleys from 9-5.

  • John

    I carry my only gun: a Bulgarian Makarov PM, appendix carry. Doesn’t print even when I wear my tightest shirt. 8+1. Very accurate. Never jams. Mag change down to a couple seconds without accuracy loss. 5″ group at 20 yrds. Carry 25rds of HPs daily. One in the tube with safety on. 2-3 seconds from draw, to safety off, to accurate shot.

    I want a Kahr CW45 for my next carry piece/bug.

  • Geno

    S&W 340PD .357 Mag, Ruger LC9 9mm, Kel-Tec P3AT .380, and a Seecamp .32. These all fit in my front pocket nicely.

  • William C. Brooks

    Sorry, I can’t get your form to work on listing my four (4) Daily Carry weapons. So, I’m listing them here!
    1. Smith & Wesson .40 S&W, with 4.25″ Barrel, Mag. w/13 Shots.
    2. Glock 23 .40 S&W with 5.25″ Barrel, Mag with 13 Shots.
    3. Hi-Point .40 S&W with 5″ Barrel, Mag with 11 Shots.
    4. H&R 922 .22LR with 6″ Barrel, 9 Shots.
    William C. Brooks
    NRA Member
    [email protected]

  • Tom

    My everyday, usually in the warmer months is a Ruger LCP. It fits in my right front pocket very well, and is a very reliable gun overall. My choice when I can wear a light jacket to cover is between my Ruger LC9, or my, you guessed it Ruger SR40c. I like Ruger mostly because they are a medium priced, high quality, durable weapon. I could pay 2-300 more for a Glock, but in the end? I could pay 100 less and buy Kel-Tek , but they just don’t have the fit and finish of the Ruger.

  • hijinx60

    I have two carry guns. In my truck.. where it stays locked when parked.. is a 9 mm Hi-Point. It is not an attractive gun, but very proficient. The second, I carry on my person when outside and in the woods. It is a Browning Challenger II that I claim proficiency with up to 350 yards. That is a long shot for a pistol, but I feel very comfortable with it. I have a few others that I shoot at times also. I live in the country and my shooting bothers no one. I love it.

  • Doug

    #1 is a Glock model 27 and is
    my normal carry.
    #2 is a Kel-Tec P3AT for when I’m wearing hot weather clothes.

  • Rarbb

    I have a Taurus 5 shot 38 revolver I carry most, then a Ruger SR9C. Both in waistband 4 oclock

  • Mike

    EDCs; M&P9 or XD-9, both in paddle holsters at 4 o’clock w/spare mag at 8 o’clock.

  • shermr

    What I carry depends on where I’m going and what I’m wearing. When it’s cool enough I normally carry a Glock 19, occasionally and XD40, and a S&W 686 while hunting. Warm weather I like my S&W 37, but am considering either a .380 or an ultra compact 9 mm.

  • Tim from MD

    Wish I could answer the poll. My state allows 0…

  • Tunderdome

    Sig P938 in a Crossbreed MiniTuck at 8 o’clock. In my opinion, the best small frame 9mm with ambidextrous safety.

  • Blockian

    I OC with a Glock 23 when I can. For concealed carry, my 23 goes in a kydex IWB around 3:30 position. I also carry a Ruger LCR in .357 which either goes in an under-the-shirt shoulder rig or in a pocket holster on my right side.

  • Dan

    CZ 75 in 9mm. 16+1 capacity of 115 gr JHPs and strong side OWB belt slide. always there, always ready.

  • demjones

    Ruger LC9, Glock 30, Glock 23, Ruger SR1911 Commander. All IWB. Used to pocket carry S&W BG38.

  • Sig_Sauer

    If I’m dressed, I’m armed. When my wife and I go out for the evening she will carry our Sig P239 9 mm.

    and I’ll carry our Sig 1911. Both firearms have crimson trace grips. Our schedules allows me to practice every week, my wife twice a month. We also practice “home invasions” and “carjackings” at home. Yes, all weapons are unloaded.

  • Chained

    Carrying more than 1 or 2 different firearms could be detrimental to your health unless you constantly practice with all guns. If they are all different makes then each has it’s own unique qualities good and bad which could confuse the brain in an emergency situation but say you had a Kimber full size, Kimber pro-carry, Kimber ultra-carry and a Kimber Solo then it might not matter as much. Just knowing where to aim with each is all that is needed.

  • Jim Stivers

    For the area I primarily carry in the shooting distance is only from 20 to 30 feet,and with innocent others around. So my choice is a 9mm Makarov jhp. I think a stronger round would endanger others besides my target.

  • Chris DuBois

    My EDC is a Walther PPQ M2, IMHO, one of the most underrated handguns on the market today.

  • Steve Rosen

    I believe that you are the first to go on record describing the Ruger LCP and the Smith & Wesson 642 as highly accurate. Are you truly that ignorant or do you have so little respect for the intelligence of the people on the site that you can feed them this kind of nonsense and have it accepted as gospel?

  • PopsBdog

    What to carry?
    The most powerful gun you can shoot accurately more than
    once. A gun left at home is useless.

    I have a Taurus TCP. It shoots the .380 ACP round.
    It’s got a great DAO trigger and is surprisingly accurate to shoot.
    I have a Walker Pocket Holster and a Tagua IWB holster for it.
    It is a small gun. I can tuck it anywhere.
    Inside my waist band or in a pocket it disappears.

    I also have a Sig Sauer P290. It shoots the 9x19mm Round
    It has a DAO trigger and is a very accurate to shoot gun.
    I have a Clement Belt Slide OWB holster and a modified Winthrop IWB holster for it.
    Because it is small enough and is a more powerful gun I find I carry it 95% of the time.

    Some people complain about the weight of the P290, I find with a good holster and belt setup weight is not an issue. I also find the weight to be a plus for shooting. Because of the mild recoil I find it a very easy gun to shoot.

    It is rare I need a more concealable gun than the P290, for those
    other situations I have the TCP. I feel confident with both, just one has a
    bigger bullet… eh?

  • dtc1530

    (1) S&W 4576, (2) Ruger P95, (3) S&W M&P Shield 9

  • major-tom12

    i also have a ruger lc9 and for the same reason i carry it it fits in my front right pocket and being new to carry i like carry chamber empty and not worry about a nerves mistake and if it fall out it will not go off.i do practice taking out of my pocket,

  • unwillingvictime

    I have three concealed carry and they are my “American Express” as I never leave home without one. Two of them are very close to each other, S&W M&P40 and 40c. My third is the LCP as well and carried when I absolutely can not conceal my M&Ps, which is not very often. That being said, there are times I have carried two, an M&P plus the LCP, but only when going in a very, very bad area. I am a firm believer that it is a huge personal responsibility to carry. As such I feel an obligation to hit the range at least twice a month. I have been carrying for over thirty years and sorry to say I have had to use it. Considering I am NOT LE, that is not good. However, suffice to say I have had some very good training. I will say that I am extremely happy with the training I had and I feel as I do about going to the range as adrenalin does some very funky things to you. Mostly I carry in an inside the pants holster with either of the M&Ps and pocket with the LCP. With any luck, I hope they pass the National Carry Bill sometime before I kick off this planet, but I am not holding my breath. Stranger things have happened now that Illinois has been mandated by SCOTUS to allow it, but not very many.

  • Javen

    i carry my rugger sr9c no problem!!!

  • Curtis Briggs

    “Beware of the Man who owns only one gun, because he knows how to use it”. I have three carry pistols, all 1911 .45 Comanders, “Cocked and Locked”.
    Cheers, Curt
    Briggs Custom Gun Works

  • Mike in Dallas

    Glock 23, with Crimson Trace LG-417 in Hoffner’s OWB or Old Faithful IWB, and Taurus 850CIA with Crimson Trace LG-185 Defender in Uncle Mike’s in other side pants pocket.

  • Richard Spalding

    Whether its concealed or open carry I only carry a glock 17. It firs my hands well and I know I can rely on it no matter what.

  • RangeMedic

    I EDC my Ruger SR40c iwb at the 4 or appendix. But I have been known to still my wife;s LCR or 709 for a quick trip to the road with the trash or just for shiggles going to the store along with my 40.

  • Joe R Gilbert

    My EDC is a S&W 642 IWB at the 4:00 position. I carry two speed strips in a pouch on my belt also.

  • Dave

    I carry a Sig 229 for my day to day carry as part of my job undercover…but I wouldn’t go out and say that it is the ‘ideal’ CC wpn.  Fact is, the high capacity Mag makes for a thick profile, meaning, it doesn’t lay too well against the body; It has a tendency to “print” on your outer-clothing.  An untrained person can easily pick up on your wpn status…not good.  Another consideration is the location with which you carry. It goes without saying the advantages of carrying your wpn in the same place in order to mirror your training, (muscle memory).  Just consider your comfort and conceal ability as well.  I would argue that a shorter barreled 1911 framed .45’s with its single stacked  “flat” mag well is more conceal able than say, the Sig I carry.

    Remember, 90% of gun battles are at 3 meters or 6 feet. stopping power is important and as you know adrenalin will carry a dirt bag through a lot of abuse before they realize they should die.  You want to illicit a mechanical stop by interrupting the structural integrity of the body, .45 is well suited for such performance.  You do not want to have to wait for a soft tissue bleed out to invoke shock! Sooo, .40 cal with good ammo or higher caliber is preferred for carry.  Remember, if you carry, it is always recommended to have an extra mag.  P=plenty! Be safe…
    Sights On Solutions

  • Rusty

    Straight Up! Great choices. I also have Ruger LCP, great up close protection. I often carry Glock 23, .40 cal. The Glock is the finest shooting handgun I’ve ever used. I carry the LCP , also in right pocket in similar holster. Glock is inside waist or paddle side holster, with shirt or sweater over it. Now, I always have a second, “Get off me gun”, and I recommend it Highly! Its my American Mini .22 mag cylinder, 5 shot. It has a belt clip/extended handle built in that folds out to give a grip. At 5 ft, a .22 mag will “mess a perp up”. If a lady happens to read this and is looking for a carry weapon, I recommend the Lady S&W .38 or an affordable Charter Arms Snub nose .38 revolver. Reason: Lightweight, very accurate, will not jam! just pull the trigger if a round happens to not go off due to primer misfire. Be Safe and Be Prepared! Practice !!!! don’t just have a gun and not be able to use it. God Bless the Real USA

  • Rusty

    Didn’t think about my Bersa Thunder .380! Great gun! Carry it small of back holster. Did my qualifying with that one, in 1996 or there about. Clean it regularly and use proper ammo, or it has tendency to jam. Cheap ammo can get you killed! Not necessarilly by another person, either! My Bersa jammed while I was standing over a big Copperhead. Luckilly the first shot hit him, wasnt wearing my snake boots. SC we look for copperheads and moccassins rather than worry about rattlers.