Weekend Shootings in New York City Prove Bloomberg’s Gun Control Failure

Weekend Shootings in New York City Prove Bloomberg's Gun Control Failure
Weekend Shootings in New York City Prove Bloomberg's Gun Control Failure

At least 46 people were shot in New York City over the Labor Day weekend, prompting the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to ask Mayor Michael Bloomberg how this could happen in a city with some of the toughest gun laws in the nation; laws that he would spread across the county.

“Mayor Bloomberg has advocated New York-style gun control for everyone, everywhere,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “This included a 24-hour period from Saturday morning to Sunday morning during which 24 people were shot. That’s a pitiful demonstration of the abject failure of Bloomberg’s anti-gun policies.

“We will probably see Mayor Bloomberg adopt the ‘Obama protocol,’ blaming someone else, or the gun laws in other states, when the sad truth is that New York gun control laws have failed consistently,” he continued. “After this weekend, Bloomberg is going to have a hard time pandering his gun control agenda.”

According to the New York Post, the Labor Day weekend saw an “epidemic of shootings” including one that occurred not far from where he was marching in the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn.

“Michael Bloomberg’s blood-spattered anti-gun agenda is not simply wrong for New York,” Gottlieb observed, “it is wrong for the country. No better evidence of that can be found in the Big Apple’s Labor Day weekend shooting statistics. Maybe it’s time for members of Bloomberg’s ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ to wonder just where his philosophy might take their cities, if they continue listening to his siren’s song of restrictive gun control.

“New York’s mayor is the Pied Piper of Prohibition,” Gottlieb stated. “Nearly four dozen shootings over a three-day weekend is proof positive that Bloomberg’s tune is seriously off-key. It is time for Mayor Bloomberg and other gun control extremists to admit that their strategies have failed. He has been running around the country blaming gun laws in other states for his city’s crime problems, but it is the laws of his own jurisdiction that have failed miserably, and he knows it.”

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With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States. The Citizens Committee can be reached by phone at (425) 454-4911, on the Internet at www.ccrkba.org or by email to InformationRequest@ccrkba.org.
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pastor t

One of the weekend shooters killed some innocent people and shot two Leos.  Bloomberg blamed guns(naturally) and called for stricter national gun control.  I’ve never seen a gun load it’s self and shoot it’s self!  Yet nutty liberals like Bloomberg continue to place the blame on guns just so they can sell their anti gun message.  The guy who killed these people and shot the Leos had an “extensive”  criminal history!  Instead of controlling guns, why not control the criminals?  We’ve got liberal politicians, law makers, and judges putting these criminals back on our street to offend over and over again!  If he was in prison or the grave yard where he belonged,(and now is thank God) the shots would have never been fired!   American needs to start holding these liberal fools accountable for failing to do their jobs!…and get rid of them!!!!!!


In the Southwest United States, we have to control the mexican!! Period. No “political correctness” about it. No worries,though,because after SHTF there will be mexicans begging to get over to THEIR side of the border. I mean- I’ve just heard it from the movies and stuff. Yeah. Their will be mexicans and blacks doing what they do best- looting and rioting and raping and burglarizing- and they will be BEGGING to be let into FEMA camps or else they know they will be shot. I heard about it from a screenplay from the interweb. And the rest of my neighborhood.

Dick Lange

Guns are no more to blame than the pencil is for failing a written test. Face the facts. The liberals are reaping what they sowed. Idiots


I agree 100%, I live in NY and we have crazy gun control laws. Stringent laws do not help anyone, it keeps guns out of responsible citizen’s hands and the “bad guys” can still get them very easily. All it does is make sure good citizens arent armed.

pastor t

Here’s an idea…NY could take guns away from the police too so that they can show criminals how “bad” guns are and that there is a better way! 

Thank God we have police”men” and not “bobbies”


What are the chances that Bloomberg is aware that some psychologists believe that people with an irrational fear of weapons are actually projecting their own sense of inability to control their violent impulses on others and want everyone disarmed because they understand at some level that they themselves cannot be trusted to behave responsibly?


What are the chances that Bloomberg is aware that some psychologists believe that people with an irrational fear of weapons are actually projecting their own sense of inability to control their violent impulses on others and want everyone disarmed because they understand at some level that they themselves cannot be trusted to behave responsibly?


Bloomberg – always with his hand out blames and points to
Washington DC (the epitome of dysfunction), the true sign of a socialist

He cannot control his own back yard and points to the
unsuccess of the London “ring of steel” as an example of power and control
through pictures and personal intimidation.

Next hot wind from MB : New Yorkers are forbid watching Mad
Men because of smoke content.


Hey Gottlieb!  Nothing to say about the shooting in AZ where a lunatic was allowed to buy a gun and three fat right wing cowards with CCW went and hid?  You sound to me like you would have been with them.


Dem, they did not hide. If your life is not in danger and you place yourself in danger and kill the bad guy then its not self defense. If you seek out danger and kill someone then you will serve time for murder. Imagine that you put yourself in danger and then one of your stray bullets killed a bystander. Kiss your money and your freedom goodbye. What those CCW’s did was smart. Do you fantasize about running into a fight and being a hero?


No surprise here!

If Bloomberg, Schumer and the rest of the NYC/LI political drones that run Albany really had their way, the only way to “come & go” in & out of the Gulag would be through militarized Border-Crossings and only with an almost impossible to obtain “NYS Only” issued passport…U.S.A. Passport being deemed insufficient & NG!

Fed up with all the NYS BS & rampant corruption, especially worsened since 911, I voted with my feet a few years ago and will NEVER EVER go back!

Eric Younkin

Sometime ago bloomberg was snooping around our gun show’s here in Phoenix trying to point his finger at our gun law’s, and advocating the gun law’s in NYC, that those poor NYC citizen’s have to endure on a daily basis. Shortly after a report came out stating that despite the recent sale’s of gun’s being on  a National upswing and in the pro gun state’s the violent crime rate’s falling, NYC’s violent crime rate went up 15%. michael bloomberg like’s to put on a cape and fly around the stage as some kind of superhero for NY, but the truth is that he treat’s his NY citizen’s like convicted felon’s just for trying to have the same basic human right’s of self defense given to most other American’s. bloomberg has recently been accused and is currently being sued over charging the  citzen’s in NYC, over $300.00 per year just for keeping a firearm in there home’s. Not for filing or processing fee’s. Thus far there has been no reasonable explanation given, and I don’t believe there ever will be. The Labor Day figure’s are simply more egg on the face of bloomberg, and it is going to be more and more difficult any more for bloomberg to sell his anti gun agenda, with a straight face. 


Bloomberg, Schumer, Gillibrand, Cuomo, all the Reps & the whole Legislature are drones…It’s time the peeps take back their state (what’s left of it after Irene & Lee flushed the Catskill Mtn. towns) and sh-t can these incompetent & corrupt “Pubic Employees”…they work for the peeps, the peeps do not work or bow down to them!


bloomberg and schumer are both cwp holders, cuomo has state police armed bodyguards guess they figure they are entitled to more protection than we are


i like yoyr ideas but what is with all the   ‘s on words that are not possesive


Bloomberg should be so very proud of how well his anti-gun polices are keeping NYC safe. Well done, Bloomberg!


46 innocent people in New York City? Am I reading this correctly? Nevada’s tragic mass shooting  only had 8 people killed in a random shooting who has,by the way- been confirmed as a mexican. Period. Why don’t we lock down our borders and stop flooding the mexicans with illegal and untraceable guns and stop blaming the American people for purchasing any number of any kind of firearms as they wish- according to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. The Stars and Stripes still wave in the air-but for only those anymore who are willing to cut down the mexican flag above it on US soil.November the 5th- Remember November the 5th…




Time and time again it has been shown that places that allow guns to be carried have far fewer criminal activities than those who ban guns!!!!  Some criminals are certainly dumb (or psychotic or drugged!) but most know that if the house or person that they are about to threaten is a threat to themselves, they will not risk their own life.


Except in Canada or England or Italy and many others?  But other than all of those many countries that have lower guns AND crimes.  Far fewer!