Woman Claims Racial Profiling After Ammunition Purchase Inquiry

Woman Claims Racial Profiling After Ammunition Purchase Inquiry

Sim Sangha visited a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Fremont, CA to inquire about purchasing 8 boxes of ammunition commonly used in AR15-pattern rifles. Sangha, a certified firearms instructor preparing to apply to the LAPD, did not buy any ammo, and instead purchased an exercise mask.  On Friday, December 11th, she was surprised when two police officers showed up at her home to investigate allegedly suspicious behavior.  An employee from Dick’s contacted law enforcement concerned that Sangha might be involved in terrorist activity.

Ms. Sangha, an Indian American woman, feels Dick’s alerted law enforcement about her ammunition purchase inquiry due to racial profiling.  “I have tons of friends who are both law enforcement officers and normal  citizens here, and they purchase ammunition all the time in bulk, before the San Bernardino shootings and after that incident as well”, Sangha said. She assumes the decision to report her is based upon her appearance as a Sikh: “The singled me out. They singled me out because of the way I look.”

A spokeswoman for the Fremont PD said officers have been on high alert following the San Bernardino shooting, in which a Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik used AR-15 rifles to carry out a terrorist attack at a holiday party leaving 14 dead, and have a responsibility to investigate all reports of possible terrorism.  Upon learning there was nothing suspicious about the purchase inquiry, police officers issued an apology to Ms. Sangha.

At this time, Dick’s Sporting Goods has not issued a comment.

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  • Patty Williams

    If we see something, say something, as long as the something is not that we are concerned?

  • Mighty Fine

    Too bad. That’s the new America. A small inconvience to them is a small price to pay to live in this great country. Don’t like it? I totally understand. You’re always free to leave.

    • Vanns40

      So, let’s see if I understand you correctly. A small inconvenience is having the police show up on your doorstep to question you when you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong? A small inconvenience is now having store employees report customers THEY make a judgement call on for what THEY judge is suspicious activity?

      Well now, how about another small inconvenience, why not just haul them off to be questioned for an hour or so and, while that’s occurring how about a search of their house just to be sure? After all, it’s just a “small inconvenience”.

      As a retired LEO I can assure you that had it been me I would have told them to pound salt and come back with a warrant and talk to my attorney. I highly value my rights and never, under any circumstances, relinquish them.

  • DL Hancock

    I completely understand your feelings especially knowing that you didn’t even buy ammo. However, we are in a time like no other and whether or not someone profiles you or not, intentionally or not cant be helped. I would ask this, should they NOT report you just b/c you may look middle eastern or have a tanned complexion? If your answer is yes, that would also be considered profiling, so how does someone win in this situation? Good Luck either way
    Example- If the terrorist or whatever were described as Whites guys with a Mohawk and a beard, everyone including yourself would be looking at and wondering/reporting every white guy w/ a Mohawk and a beard going in to buy ammo, guaranteed.

    • cjsays

      I could not disagree with you more. Someone once said that those who are willing to give up there freedom and liberty so easily deserve neither. The white guy that you speak of with the mohawk might get looked at but, what about regular white guy. Regular white guy who shot up and killed several people at plan parenthood had weapons and ammo. You can not presume or assume based on what a person looks like or how they dress. At lease she got an apology.

      • MikeAustin

        Really? If you dress like a thug, what are the chances of you being a thug? Pretty dang high. The way the dress is one of many steps in identifying a threat. Dismissing one is idiotic.

        • JohnnyBoy

          Out of curiosity, how does a thug dress?

          • BillinDetroit

            If you have to ask, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Add 50 IQ points to what you see and that is how a thug dresses.

      • SoTxJoe

        Apparently you didn’t look at the pictures or read the stories. That was no “regular white guy” who shot up the baby slaughterhouse.

  • Mark

    Buying the mask probably made her look more suspicious. (Mask- bullets) I would think that was strange.

    • BillinDetroit

      Maybe I’m missing something here … since when do you wear a mask to exercise in Fremont, CA?

      Juneau, I could understand. Minneapolis I could understand. Bismarck, ND, I could understand. But Fremont?

  • Ruspert

    The store should not act like the gestapo towards their customers. Merchants think that they are above the status of their customers and every one else. The merchant in all reality has violated some laws on their own.

    • BillinDetroit

      Wouldn’t you feel crappy if the next woman with her complexion to buy bulk* ammo at that store stopped by the local movie theater on the way home and, to cries of Allayou Fapnars, emptied a couple magazines into the crowd waiting to buy tickets for Star Wars?

      *Just how much ammo is “bulk”?

      • Ruspert

        That store is in the business to sell ammunition and not an authority to question their customers.

      • Vanns40

        Good question, how about an answer?

        I buy anywhere from 1K-6K rounds at a time. Enough to meet your definition of bulk?

  • Spoon

    She went fishing for a pot of gold.

  • RMD

    In this day and age, racial profiling has become a must to protect our country. Seems the Government doesn’t want to protect us so we have to protect ourselves.

    • YaRt

      “In this day and age, racial profiling has become a must to protect our country.”

      If that were the true you wouldn’t have TSA agents putting their hands in the underwear of 5 year old’s (at least not at work). Israel has successfully used profiling at their airports by observing and asking travelers questions.

  • robert57Q

    So, if you see something, say something, unless the ‘suspicious person’ might feel profiled for some reason. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  • MikeAustin

    So what. You were profiled. Get over it. Profiling is really statistics. How many old chinese women are causing issues? How many need to be profiled… None. Stop whining and playing the victim card. That attitude alone should dis-qualify you as an LEO applicant.

  • Dave Ricker

    I will never step foot in a Dicks sorting goods! Remember when they canceled all orders for ARs because the Libs were trying to ban them? Screw them

    • That was my thought. Dick’s has shown itself to be no friend of gun owners (their prices are more like gouging, too!).

      The real headline in this story is of a gun owner still trying to purchase firearm-related items there!

  • SoTxJoe

    So if the store employee suspects something but DOESN’T report it and another mass shooting by a muslim occurs, the seller would be crucified for it. Today’s climate is different for a reason. And there is a resemblance between middle eastern muslims and Indian sikhs, especially where they are not familiar as a group. It seems like everybody gets so butt-hurt over practical reaction no matter how small. Maybe Ms. Sangha should move up to big-girl panties.

    • YaRt

      Please….some lady who is already uncomfortable around guns to begin with sees you at the gun counter and she sees your jacket moves as it reviles your legal carried concealed weapon. Not knowing or caring that your are a legal carrier (or maybe a LEO for that matter) she runs to the bathroom and calls 911 (after pooping herself) and you are greeted by SWAT at the door, and nervous Jimmy a local cop who just graduated from the police academy in October shoots you by mistake.

      This is much more likely than catching someone with an accent or dark skin before they commit a terrorist act. Either way, the gun grabbing Left applauds and advances their agenda.

      • SoTxJoe

        And you being the rational person that you are, this scenario has happened exactly how many times?

        • Ragnarok68

          Las vegas, see killing of Army vet Erik Scott at Costco back in 2010.

  • Bob P

    Not enough information in this article or related articles to determine why the sporting goods store employee was concerned or why Sangha felt the incident was profiling. (From the news interview Sangha appears and sounds American to me) Bottom line is the process worked and apparently police apologized to Sangha for her inconvenience.

  • Boyd Bud VanderLaan

    Thank you Police for doing your job. Political correctness has killed enough. Unfortunatly a sign of the times.

  • Jim Matthews

    simple way to avoid the police….don’t answer the door. You are under no legal obligation to open the door for police. And of course you don’t have to answer any questions.

  • Green Hornet

    Couldn’t we give California back to Mexico?

    • BillinDetroit

      It’s been tried … they won’t take any more unless we throw in Barbara Streisand. And, after her endorsement of HRC, I’m tempted to do the deal.

    • David

      Really! With that logic the USA will need to “give back” lots of states to Mexico or whoever. No way buster!

  • David

    Profiling, racial or otherwise, is a proper police tool in my opinion. However, a clerk at a store has no business calling the cops just because a customer buying ammunition looks middle eastern. The police should not have interviewed this women on the basis of race alone and should have known better. Looks like a case of paranoia.