Woman Drops Purse, Gun Goes Off, Grazes 2 Year Old

Women Drops Purse, Gun Goes Off, Grazes 2 Year Old

Women Drops Purse, Gun Goes Off, Grazes 2 Year Old

[PSA] Women may not have as many carry options as men do but PLEASE, do not carry a loaded firearm in your purse without a proper holster.

In Jackson, MS, a woman and her daughter were in Merit Heath Central Medical Center yesterday morning when she dropped her purse and the loaded firearm inside her purse went off and grazed her 2 year old daughter.

Thankfully, her daughter will be fine but this could have turned out A LOT worse. It is also unclear if the woman had a permit to carry a concealed firearm yet but firearms are definitely not allowed in the hospital as they are a gun-free-zone.

It is unclear if she will be facing charges or not yet.

While we don’t know all of the details around this news story yet, we can only assume that this woman was carrying a loaded firearm in her purse without a holster. When the purse was dropped, something inside her purse most likely hit the trigger causing the gun to fire. Generally, firearms just don’t go off by themselves. Yes, there have some some cases where this has happened and companies have recalled those firearms.

If you are going to carry a firearm in your purse, make sure you get a proper holster or even a purse designed for concealed carry. Our writer, Hannah Dustin, has also written up a great article, How To Safely Purse Carry, that anyone that will be carrying in their purse should read.

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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Hannah Dustin’s article is very good, however, looking back it was dated August 2015 which wasn’t too long ago. Point being that since last August I must have read a hundred articles on holsters, seen as many videos and recieved thousands of emails trying to sell me the perfect holster but I don’t recall one anything on carrying a pistol in a purse.
With the exception of an news article from Florida reporting how a child in a car seat had retrieved their mothers pistol from her purse and shot her in the back four times and now this incident in Mississippi.
CCW is a good thing, but, for a lot of folks, other than basic training for handling a firearm they never recieve any follow on or advanced training due to either time or monetary reasons.
Looks like theres a real need out there for more information on how to properly carry and deploy a firearm in/from a purse or a man bag and the line of products available. Also I might add that the initial basic curriculum taught to gualify individuals for CCW permit for the most part does not include “basic” carry knowledge. It is all about “SAFETY,” Isn’t it???


I would question the veracity of any article that says a child shot their mother FOUR times. Once, I can see, maybe twice, but FOUR times? Nope, not buying it. Unless the weapon was an automatic, which I also highly doubt.


Well, add in the fact that it was a 45 acp. Look it up, Palatka, FL. Wasn’t just a local story it went national. She also lived and was charged for not properly securing the gun from a child. This story is an outlier but it’s also a fact.


I agree with Bdpenn that we cannot get too much education. In this case, it goes to the discussion of whether or not one should carry with a live round in the chamber. In my case I cannot/will not. The reason is the specific design of my firearm. I carry a beautiful 98 year old Colt Semi-auto model 1903. It has both a manual safety and a squeeze grip safety, but what it lacks is any safety mechanism that renders the firing pin immovable. History has proven that this model Colt has fired when dropped, killing the owner. Initially I theorized that any handgun when dropped would flip and hit the ground grip-first due to the weight. I was wrong. Before I purchased my first holster I carried my Colt tucked into my pants. And the inevitable happened. I must have stooped over or something and somewhat dislodged the handgun and when I straightened out the gun fell from my waist. I’m here to tell you that it struck the floor MUZZLE-FIRST, the perfect position to cause an inertial movement of the firing pin and thereby a NEGLIGENT discharge of the firearm. There was no discharge, again because there was no round in the chamber. But had I not read up on my Colt I would not have known about this design flaw and I could easily have become another uneducated victim.
While I’m on the subject of carrying empty-chamber let me add this: shortly after I purchased my first holster (IWB) I was having a little trouble getting the Colt back into the “stiff” new holster and eventually I managed to rack my semi-auto accidentally as I was inserting it in the holster. Suddenly I am carrying with a live round chambered. I have yet to read any warnings about this so those of you who intend to carry with an empty chamber, please take note.


I would love to hear a followup on what kind of gun this was.


As former LEO and military, I STRONGLY advocate AGAINST ANY off body carry except in the most extreme circumstances! (Inconvenience or mild discomfort is NOT extreme circumstances.) If there is a gun in the vicinity, I want to know where it is at all times and to have it completely under MY control!


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